Is Luffy’s attack the strongest in the series?

Gomu Gomu no Bajrang Gun is one of the strongest attacks in the entire series, according to One mouthful Chapter 1049.

The scale and scope of this move must be seen firsthand. After clashing over the previous few chapters, Luffy finally knocked Kaido down with one punch. To achieve this goal, the Straw Hats used their most powerful Gear Fifth technique. One mouthful Chapter 1049 ends not with a whimper but with a bang.

Bajrang Bali is an alternative to Hanuman, the Monkey God in Hindu mythology. It’s fitting that Luffy’s finishing move is named after him.

Luffy’s attack is strangely strong One mouthful Chapter 1049, but to what extent?

This is just funny for someone who purposely decided to take Luffy’s blow to be defeated by that same attack. #ONEPIECE1049

The Straw Hats have been called the “Fifth Yonko” for quite some time. Some might argue that it’s not particularly worthy of returning to Whole Cake Island. Of course, Wano Country is a very different story. One Piece Chapter 1049 makes a very convincing argument.

Bajrang Gun is easily in the top 3 strongest attacks

Bajrang Gun is Gear Fifth, King Kong Gun is Gear Four. Luffy’s giant fist was created with the powerful combination of Busoshoku and Haoshoku Haki. The fist itself is roughly the size of Onigashima. Luffy can destroy an entire island with his latest technique.

One mouthful Chapter 1049 made it clear that Luffy’s attack is stronger than Kaido’s Shoryu: Kaen Hakke. To accomplish this, Kaido enhanced his power with Kaen Daiko, which formed a giant fire dragon around his already large body. The extreme heat can melt anything it touches.

Luffy can not only withstand the heat, but also overpowers Kaido and breaks his dragon’s horns. He even sent the Emperor crashing to the ground below. Remember that Luffy does not need to be in direct contact, as he has already mastered the ability of Busoshoku Haki.

With that said, there are some more powerful attacks

One Piece 1009 Spoilers

During the early stages of the Onigashima Raid, Kaido and Big Mom fought the most powerful Supernovas on the rooftop. They unleash a devastating combo attack known as Hakai. Both Emperors swung their weapons, creating an explosive wave that destroyed everything in its path.

Zoro broke many bones in his body just to block it for a second. If it weren’t for Trafalgar Law to teleport him, Zoro would have been killed.

Will return One mouthful Chapter 1049, Luffy and Kaido struggled for several moments during their clash. That means they are relatively evenly matched in strength. It can be safely assumed that a combined attack from Kaido and Big Mom is stronger than Luffy alone.

The strongest possible single attack is Whitebeard’s


Come back Marinford arc, Whitebeard demonstrates the terrifying power of Gura Gura no Mi. Some people believe it can destroy the entire world.

Shima Yurashi can shake an entire island with its tremendous power. Whitebeard can tilt both land and sea using this technique. One can only imagine what it looked like in his early years.

Even so, Luffy deserves to be the main props for One mouthful Chapter 1049. The Bajrang Gun is actually a vicious attack that can seriously injure the Emperor.

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