It’s not too late to get ‘summer body ready’ – my 5 easy tips will transform your figure in a month

Though you might feel like it’s too late to get your summer body in shape, one gym girl opined that there’s no reason to get discouraged.

She shared her wellness tips that will transform you in a month.

One fitness rat and wellness lover said it doesn't take long to reboot the body


One fitness rat and wellness lover said it doesn’t take long to reboot the bodyPhoto credit: TikTok/donna.trana
She said when it comes to exercise, strength training and Pilates are the most effective, although


She said when it comes to exercise, strength training and Pilates are the most effective, although “any move is a good move.”Photo credit: TikTok/donna.trana

Donna Trana (@donna.trana) is a health and wellness guru who often shares her nutrition recipes and workout routines on TikTok.

in one VideoShe promised her viewers that if they followed her five habits for a month, they “would end up looking like a whole new person.”

She began, “Just because it’s May doesn’t mean it’s too late to start getting ready for the summer body.”


She said her first tip was obvious: go for a walk every day.

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“Walking is low-intensity, steady-state cardio, which means your body uses stored fat for energy rather than carbohydrates.

“Plus, the impact is low, so you can do it every day. No excuses.”


Her second appearance was a little more unexpected.

“The next thing you’re going to do is start with it mindfulness practice. It can be journaling, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, whatever you want.”

How is this supposed to improve your figure?

“It puts you in tune with your body, and the more you appreciate your body, the better you want to treat it.”


Donna said it’s important to get some type of exercise at least five times a week, although she said seven is even better.

“And remember, whatever makes you happy is great. I would recommend doing strength training because it builds muscle, which means you burn more calories at rest.”

She also likes to mix in Pilates because of its low impact.

“But if those aren’t forms of movement you can hold on to, just pick something you really enjoy — it can literally be dancing — and do that.”


Her fourth tip is one we’ve heard over and over again: Eat enough protein.

“Digestion is where most of the calories are burned, and it’s absolutely necessary for muscle building. We found that it increases your basal metabolic rate,” she said, referring to the calories you burn at rest.

Donna recommended incorporating protein into all meals as it also helps you feel full.


“The last thing you’re going to do for the rest of the month is eat homemade whole foods 80% of the time.”

Instead of completely limiting yourself, it’s important to have a balance, she said.

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“Giving yourself the space to enjoy life and eat whatever you want is extremely important for a sustainable approach to fat loss.

“If you eat well 80% of the time, your body still gets the nutrients it needs, but you don’t feel unhappy and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on life.”

While Donna said it's important to eat whole foods, she's opposed to counting calories


While Donna said it’s important to eat whole foods, she’s opposed to counting caloriesPhoto credit: TikTok/donna.trana

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