John Fetterman Wins Pennsylvania Democratic Primary by Throwing Out the Democratic Playbook

John Fetterman won the Democratic nomination in the Pennsylvania Senate primary, the Associated Press projects, setting up the race to fill the soon-to-be-retired Republican seat. Pat Toomey. With a stuffed war chest and something of a hit in Pennsylvania and nationally, Fetterman, now lieutenant colonel governor of the Commonwealth, was first in most of the race, a position he maintained despite suffering a stroke in the final. in its main campaign. He won with a forehand, blow Conor Lamb, a former marine and prosecutor turned representative of the House, and Malcolm Kenyatta, a Pennsylvania state legislator, out of the country. And to that end, Fetterman explicitly dismissed the Democrats’ 2018 winning strategy as playing middle; he rocked the boat.

At 6 feet 8 inches tall, athletic as a goat, shaved head, and often dressed in a Carhartt uniform and shorts, Fetterman is a physically outstanding candidate, especially when he’s sidelined. His main rival in the race, Lamb, the slick politician, is usually seen with neatly combed hair and a crisp collared shirt. Back in early 2018 — months before the now famous blue wave midterm elections — the Democratic Party formula worked for Lamb, propelling him to victory in Trump county and strengthen him as the one Nancy Pelosiposter kids on how to win in the frontline area. And yet, Lamb, who couldn’t win equal recognition and was lackluster in fundraising throughout the race, was easily overshadowed by Fetterman.

So why was the tide of the 2018 Democratic wave election surprisingly smooth in a Senate race? There are common explanations. “There are too many candidates in the race and a lot of people don’t want to put their money into it” and instead they are looking to the general election, Christine Jacobs, Executive Director of Representative PA, said about Lamb. In addition, “he is not well known in [Eastern Pennsylvania], where most of the Democrats are,” she said. A sheep’s hug about a James Carville– Super PAC support — despite his call for United Citizens overturned – doesn’t help the congressman’s chances. And the Republican primaries — a jumble caravan of all candidates fighting for MAGA’s seal of approval — eclipsed the Democratic run. The Pennsylvania media market was flooded with politically negative Republican ads during the main season, Kadida Kenner, executive director of the New Pennsylvania Project, which works to expand the constituency, lamented. “I think the GOP is doing what they do best, which is sucking all the air out of the room.”

But in a post-January 6 world and at a time of stalemate in Washington—despite Democrats controlling both houses of Congress and the White House—when women’s reproductive rights are under attack, it is likely that Pennsylvania Democrats have been driven by a larger dynamic in the game.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Senate primaries were billed along ideological lines; Lamb in the centrist, moderate lane often boasts the benefits of bipartisanship, and Fetterman, by contrast, positions himself as a progressive outsider in the race. Although Lamb’s traction in the polls is negligible, his endorsement, with the backing of labor unions, the mayors of both Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and numerous state representatives, including the people from important suburban counties. Notably, Lamb was initially befriended Joe Manchin—A “moderate” if ever — before seemingly alienating himself after the West Virginia senator assessed a series of key Democratic priorities. Fetterman sees some of his confirmations as a positive, not a disadvantage. Unlike Lamb, Fetterman has garnered a national profile during the George Floyd protests and shows understanding on social media, which he translates into name recognition and urban fundraising la. His greeting: I will not be another Manchin in the Senate. Fetterman’s campaign has described him as a “backbone Democrat”—perhaps a nod to the Republican Party’s exhausting dismissal of Mr. Joe Biden like no backbone.

As Amy Walter Recently suggested in the Cook Politics Report, it appears that the Democratic grassroots voters “want the fighters, not the united, as their candidates.” Timothy Mack, Senior advisor to congresswoman Pennsylvania Madeleine Dean, repeat this point. “They think Fetterman is the answer for Trump because he is the guy who can win back Trump voters. He has that rustic feel, he dresses casually and he’s a tall, tough guy…. They think he’s the antidote to Trump,” he told me. “They don’t want to put themselves behind a milquetoast candidate that looks good.”

“I think if it was 2014, they would vote for Lamb. I think in 2022, with Trump leaving a very, very interesting stain on this country, Democrats are recalculating the kind of candidate they put themselves behind,” he said. more.

Earlier this year, when I spoke to both Lamb and Fetterman, Lamb intended that he would go back to his 2018 playbook to win. “I think we’re going to win because I believe deep down the Democratic Party is still getting there on a fundamental level, that’s why we picked Joe Biden as our 2020 nominee and why we’re going to win.” I will be successful in 2022,” said Lamb. He also has a more sophisticated look at Camp Fetterman’s extensive online base—one that has gained some traction from Bernie Sanders– Crowd support. “I don’t think it’s as simple as people in the media tend to make it moderate or progressive…. I think it has more to do with people who define progress by the results you achieve and those who define progress by what you say on Twitter, whatever the results you achieve. And that seems to be our main distinguishing point,” he said. John Fetterman Wins Pennsylvania Democratic Primary by Throwing Out the Democratic Playbook

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