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The first Monday in May is a glamorous night out for Travis Barker, 46 years old, as synonymous with pop punk as he is with PDA, who attended his first Met Gala with his fiancée, Kourtney kardashian. Barker, the wearer Thom Browne. The hours around the gala show how his life has been lately — trying to sign a new artist for his label, going to bed around 4 a.m. — but when you’re the drummer the music industry’s most demanded, there’s no time to waste. “I woke up at 9 a.m.,” said Barker, who the next day, made it in time for his next assignment, a photo session in the Bronx, after a three-mile run. “I made it 20 minutes and 40 seconds, it was my best time.”

Sitting in his trailer, waiting to be called in to book, Barker, who is known for his drumming skills in genre-bending punk bands like Blink-182 and Transplants, is wearing black sweatpants and a pair of Converse, an elegant glow after the Met Gala, pearls of teeth that sparkled as he flashed a smile, and a gothic black coat KY is drawn on his right thumb. The space was almost completely empty except for one Baies-scented Diptyque candle, its scent of black currants wafting through the air. He’s a 21st-century rock star, vegan, blue-eyed, soft-spoken and fully tattooed from head to toe, molded into the ugliness of the 90s and early years but live to tell the story in Poosh’s time. “My personality isn’t really the loudest person in the room,” explains Barker. “Probably except when I play drums or make music.”

Barker is so cold towards a person whose life is a whirlwind. In recent weeks, his schedule looks like this: Performing at the Oscars with Reba McEntire; drum for SHE and Lenny Kravitz at the Grammys; appeared to marry Kardashian at a small white chapel in Las Vegas; Kelly machine gunalbum of Main stream selection, produced by Barker, topped the Billboard charts; and back to reality TV on The Kardashian family. It’s like a luxury game by rock star Mad Libs. “I like that. Keep going. It’s what makes me feel alive,” Barker said. “That’s when I was going strong.”

It seems like wherever you go these days, Barker is there. From TV to radio, he’s taken back into the culture, the fame he’s experienced before, but this time, it looks like it’s coming to steroids and Instagram. Nearly two decades ago, before anyone could catch up with the Kardashians, they met the Barkers, on one of MTV’s earliest reality TV shows, in 2005. “It’s an inexcusable fact.” , Barker talks about the film which includes about 50 cameras documenting his life with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler and their young children. “They live next to us in trailers in an empty lot. Call 24/7. If they know we’re up, they’re filming us. ” Barker said he pulled the plug in Meet Barkers after the producers asked him to produce the TV series. Then he said, a pair of bright eyes Kim Kardashian, billion-dollar empire, went to Barker for advice before her family finally signed a deal with E! “I said, as long as you have nothing to hide from your family and you want to get it all out of there, do it,” Barker said. “It’s a myth to think what it has become.”

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Even wilder was that years later he ended up with Kourtney, whom Barker called “the love of my life” and back on reality TV. “I told her, ‘I never want to jeopardize what we have because it’s sacred,’ Barker said of his involvement in The Kardashian family. “So I’m very protective of it.”

However, his renaissance was no accident. As nostalgia for the 2000s and the revival of pop-punk music make its way into popular culture, Barker, a survivor of a deadly plane crash nearly 15 years ago, knows the time to created is now. “I was on a hospital bed so I know opinions don’t matter,” Barker said when he returned to the public. “The important thing is, did I live my life the way I wanted without compromise? That’s important to me.”

Growing up the son of a strict Vietnam veteran in a working-class California family, Barker says that despite being encouraged to play the drums, he never dreamed too big. “I was like that, and my expectation was: I had a place to sleep and food to eat and I was playing the drums,” Barker said. “That was unbelievable.” But nearly 30 years ago, he almost gave up on that too when he let him live at home, his father expecting Barker to take a full-time job and pay the rent, even suggesting he join the military. A friend, who Barker says won’t let him “throw it all away,” suggests he move in with him and get a job cleaning up Laguna Beach while he drums for anyone. any band allows him. “I took the opportunity and said, ‘Fuck it,'” Barker said. It changed his life, as Barker found his niche with the Aquabats and later played with the established Blink-182 starting in 1998. The band enjoyed huge success with State erosion years later, cementing Barker’s position in zeitgeist.

Since then, Barker has become one of the most famous drummers in the world. Work with everyone from Lil Wayne and Rick Ross arrive Willow Smith and Halsey, among dozens of other artists across genres. Barker says of his work ethic: “I always keep a slow pace. “On days when I’m not challenged, I feel like I’m dying inside.” Now, he’s nurturing the next generation of musicians with his record label, DTA, which he launched in 2019, signing young talent like the TikTok phenomenon Jxdn along with pop-punk veterans like Avril Lavigne.

For Barker, it was gratifying to recognize his own influence through a host of new artists embracing his work. “I see the rise of rock, guitar and drums and what it meant to be a rock star 10, 15, 20 years ago,” he said, adding that he wanted to defend them. “I want to share everything I know with them. So they don’t make any of the mistakes I did.” These days, Barker says he spends most of his time in his home studio with his collaborators, acting as their own dedicated Fairly OddParent. “Whoever I’m in the studio with, they give me the green light to call me at four in the morning and be like, ‘I’m struggling. Help me,” said Barker.

From late nights in the studio to early mornings in the gym, Barker is constantly going. “I really don’t like sitting around doing nothing,” Barker says of his productivity, adding that he has been this way since he was a kid. “I measure my success by how productive and creative I am every day.” That might be why, above all else, Barker also launched Barker Wellness Co., his very own line of cannabinoid-infused products tailored to what he needs to stay on track. “I was the perfect candidate to see if everything worked,” Barker said. “I’m almost always tired.”

Courtesy of Hulu. Keeping Up With Travis Barker

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