Kellyanne Conway Uses Memoir to Further Trash Her Husband for Speaking Out Against Trump

One of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century is the marriage of Kellyanne Conway and her husband, George— namely, if they hate each other as much as their public comment would suggest, or if the whole thing is some kind of hologram designed to advance their own interests. For example, a lot of people would probably run into problems if their spouse called their workplace “a damn show in a smoldering fire”, claiming that their boss had obstructed justice and was corrupt. engaged in witness tampering, stated that his boss may have a narcissistic personality disorder, and, over the course of a nearly 11,500-word essay, explained why “ingrained behavioral traits are ingrained.” That boss’s extremes and extremes make it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency.” Also, after being publicly insulted by the aforementioned boss, most people probably wouldn’t panic about their better partner siding with him, nor would they like their significant other trying to trash them as an anonymous source on the pages of one of the world’s newspapers. Or, you know, just go out and do it in the pages of their book.

In her new memoir, Here is the deal, Kellyanne Conway, former consultant for Donald Trump, wrote that in posting things critical of the president, George “apparently… cheated by tweeting” and violated their marriage vows. Based on the excerpt do Everyone magazine, she seems disinterested in the issue that Trump has called her husband “a lousy job”, tweeting, “I barely know him but just by looking, a LOSER & ice cold stone” husband from hell!” or appointed an aide to tweet, “We all know @realDonaldTrump turned down Mr. Kellyanne Conway for a job he desperately wanted… Now he’s hurting his wife out of jealousy jealous of her success. POTUS doesn’t even know him! Conway also wrote that she feels “protected” by Trump and the first lady against “what is becoming something harmful.” And that Ivanka Trump suggested names of marriage counselors:

A week after that talk, and based on my told openness to the idea, Ivanka came into my office (next to hers) and handed me a Post-it. It is named after two local doctors who specialize in couples therapy. I noticed she avoided putting that in text or email. I appreciated her information and thoughtfulness and wanted to pursue it. After I showed George his name, he rejected one and half-heartedly said “okay” to the other while looking at his phone.

We never went.

He took his time the way he wanted. If that was important to him, he would have made it happen. Ivanka and I definitely have one thing in common now: Both Jared [Kushner] and George is often referred to as “the husband of…”

As Vanity Fair reported last year:

Friends watched the TV series Conway as a slow-moving train wreck, sometimes too timid to really ask what was going on. As of the end of February, Conways are still together, 20 years of marriage and 4 children. But conversations with multiple sources from both camps — yes, there are camps with Conways — suggest that the pair are in an extremely fragile state, miles away from “closing.” The wounds are still intact from their public clashes. Crucially, they failed to grasp each other about what had just happened to the country, creating a high degree of frustration. George believes that Trumpism should be wiped off the planet. Kellyanne, on the other hand, continues in father mode explaining, not giving an inch. In a statement condemning the riots at the Capitol, she not only disapproved of Trump’s rhetorical role but also praised his leadership. With every opportunity to amend or clarify that statement for this section, she declined. Kellyanne Conway Uses Memoir to Further Trash Her Husband for Speaking Out Against Trump

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