L.A. summer survival kit: skincare, clothing, accessories

Peak summer in Los Angeles can be exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. Sunburnt skin needs soothing, chapped lips need moisture, sweaty t-shirts need to be replaced, vacation bags ripped. The objects listed below are here to help. This is your summer survival kit as the season kicks into high gear. These products – skin care, body care, makeup, clothing, accessories – will keep your life fresh during these hot summer months.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Laundry Leather.

Skin Laundry specializes in one type of treatment: laser facials. It has harnessed the power of medical-grade technology to create four highly effective facials that target a wide range of skin problems. Skin Laundry’s Signature Facial Laser goes deep, focusing on the second layer of skin – the epidermis – to tackle acne, melasma, hyperpigmentation and rosacea. All facial treatments stimulate collagen, which helps maintain skin elasticity. What you’re left with is glowing skin that looks clearer and more even than when you started. Learn from me: These facials are safe for melasma and if you’re someone worried about acne scars and hyperpigmentation – especially during the summer months, when exposed to the sun Heaven can darken scars – they are well worth a try. Facials are performed by registered nurses and physician assistants working with board-certified dermatologists and medical professionals. And this might be the best part: These treatments take 15 minutes or less.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Habits

There are many sunscreens on the market, but what you need is the one that works best when it’s time to reapply when you’re out and about. Habit’s N°38 Mister Broad Spectrum Sunscreen can work as a general sunscreen for clean skin or over makeup. No need to rub. The ultra-fine mist provides even coverage and SPF 38 coverage on the skin. Plus, the small bottle makes it easy to take with you. (As you may have noticed, a running theme here is products that are easy to apply and carry around.)

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: 54 Thrones Osun.

54 Thrones’ mist soothes skin. After a long day in the sun, you’ll likely want something that helps restore hydration. It’s a gentle formula with Moroccan rose water as its base. It also contains aloe vera juice, Nigerian hibiscus, rosehip oil and ylang-ylang oil to help keep skin hydrated. Founder Christina Tegbe had an idea to create a spray bottle. Did I mention it smells refreshing, making the whole experience more enjoyable? Shake before use!

Summer Gift Guide - Picture Magazine 2022: Hustle Butter

I was introduced to Hustle Butter through a cosmetic artist and tattoo artist Ari Schweiger in Studio Sashiko, and it changed the game for me. I felt like I was inside an insider’s secret. Hustle Butter is well known among tattoo artists and enthusiasts, as it is used to aid in wound healing after tattooing. But Hustle Butter has so many uses. Here’s a great one: lip care. I discovered Hustle Butter after a blush session – a cosmetic tattooing service – with Schweiger. As someone who is constantly on the lookout for the best of the best when it comes to moisturizers, I bought a small box to carry around in my purse. The basis of lip treatment is shea butter; it melts easily into the skin and has a wonderful mango butter smell. Great as a lip mask at night or a clear lip gloss during the day.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Uni

Uni’s is the summer shower gel. What do I mean? A few pumps, and you’ll understand why. Usually, “beach-inspired” body wash products are coconut-based, but this body wash was inspired by Australian founder Alexandra Keating’s beach-nourishing process. It is the smell of fresh water if any, with notes of chamomile, geranium, sage and hazelnut. Skin Shield Body Wash contains Australian caviar extract, which is a natural exfoliant, and Tasmanian sea kelp to soothe and soften skin. All Uni products come with a dispenser that you keep and a refillable bottle that you can return or recycle.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Live Tinted

Makeup should be versatile and easy to apply. The Mix & Match set makes it easy to choose a color that can be used as a color corrector, eye shadow, blush, blush or lip primer with shades that give a beautiful look to any skin tone. Plus, they’re fun to play and worry-free. You don’t have to go near a professional to apply and wear these colors. Do your work!

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: NYX

All of my OG makeup lovers out there know that your look is only as good as you have on spray. Especially in this summer heat when you’re running errands, or barely have time to refresh before meeting friends for dinner, a mist helps keep your makeup in place and adds extra shine. radiant, just makes the day better. NYX’s Pump Finish contains five electrolytes and vitamins to help hydrate and amplify skin. With this mist, NYX has created a skin care-like formula.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Honoring Gifts.
Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Honoring Gifts.

Honor the Gift is known for its comforting gifts that still find a way to make a statement. I mean, it’s LA. The fashion label was founded by Russell Westbrook, the NBA star, perhaps more importantly, also a kid from Long Beach who knows a thing or two about effortless style and success. This short set, made of loose knit material, comes in sizes for both men and women. Choose the size that works best for you and check out one of your summer suits.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Eddie Bauer x Christopher Bevens

(Eddie Bauer x Christopher Bevens)

This is your sun jacket. As LA temperatures drop, you’ll want to wear this jacket with small pockets, made of a cotton-polyester blend for softness, plus spandex in some areas for extra comfort. The Eddie Bauer x Christopher Bevans Camp Jacket comes in lavender, brown, or blue.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Saint Ramon Never Die

Summer fashion should feel sophisticated and sexy, if you ask me. Show as many skins as you want, but consider the details. This Saint Roman Never Die button-down shirt is the kind of shirt you wear to a day party or a date night with a friend. actually alike. The western yoke details will turn a few heads. Complete the look with a pair of chinos or your favorite shorts.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Adidas x Gucci.

This is for my showstoppers participants. If you’re on the hunt for a new bag this weekend, don’t miss the recent Gucci and Adidas collaboration. This large duffle bag is durable and inspired by the love of creative director Alessandro Michele in the ’80s and ’90s.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Anemos Swimwear.

Can we really for a second? Can be as stressful as shopping for bathing suits, it’s rewarding when you find it one of the. Anemos bathing suits are things to consider. The cutouts of its Square Neck Bikini Upper and its High Cut Bikini Bottom provide color coverage that matches many tans. If you’re looking for some new swimwear, check out this Los Angeles-based brand’s tops, bottoms, and overalls, which work towards ethical and sustainable materials.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Cuyana

So this is Not a Panama hat. This style of hat became famous and known as such when Teddy Roosevelt wore one at the inauguration of the Panama Canal. But Cuyana’s Panama* hat is a mark of Ecuadorian heritage, and is actually sourced and woven in Ecuador, the hometown of co-founder Karla Gallardo. Cuyana means “love” in Quechua, an indigenous language of South America. Know that you’re embracing a piece of culture when you put this wide-brimmed hat on your head on a sunny day.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Bonnie Clyde

If you’ve been out on the scene, at parties, or gathered through downtown or the Arts District, you’ve likely seen Bonnie Clyde’s famous signature sunglasses, Show and Tell, on top of their best. Meet the newest version, Cielo. These sunglasses are low-bridge, lightweight, and have thinner frames. In general, they are less likely to leave an awkward tan line on your nose. They can become your sunglasses.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Dreo Macro Purifier.

You may have considered investing in an air purifier at one time or another. There are lots of options out there. The Dreo Macro air purifier is a sleek choice. Air purifiers help refresh any living space in your home by helping to reduce allergens and remove airborne pollutants and germs. The Dreo Macro produces a quiet humming sound and uses a filter that considers a variety of factors to detect a room’s air quality, including particle density and indoor air quality levels. From there, the “professional filter” will work based on the mode you choose. Turbo mode is a quick, efficient way to clean room air in a short amount of time, but there’s also an automatic setting that does the thinking for you.

Summer Gift Guide - Picture Magazine 2022: FunkOFF!.

So you are out all day without time to refresh at home and your breath is always fresh. This is when FunkkOFF! come play. FunkkOFF! Can be used up to 30 times and is about the size of a lipstick. Twist the bottom and new toothpaste sprouts out of the bristles to brush your teeth. After use, gently wash the bristles at the sink. You can buy them in packs of two or three.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Melody Ehsani

You may know Melody Ehsani for her purported jewelry, clothing, and sneakers collaborations, but she also lends her designs to a variety of accessories. Both a beautiful reminder and a multi-purpose item that can serve as you want it to – your jewelry, your keys, your marijuana accessories – this tray can fit your needs. Don’t forget: The world is yours.

Summer Gift Guide - Image Magazine 2022: Yew Yew

This is the perfect excuse to replace your worn-out lawn mower. Yew Yew’s cloud grinder has three compartments essential for any great grinder and comes in both ceramic and silicone finishes. Plus, there are six color options to match your style.

Summer Gift Guide - Picture Magazine 2022: House of Puff x Sava.

These two Latinx-owned brands have teamed up to create a hand-blown smoke holder to give you a smoother experience. You can use both ends to make the smoke thinner or thicker as you like. It’s perfect for your back pocket and can help protect your clothes, makeup and fingers. Your lips will thank you.

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