‘Law & Order’ Season 21 Finale Recap: ‘SVU’s Olivia Benson Drops By

Law & OrderFrank’s Season 1 finale finds a case happening near home as both he and Kevin investigate the murder of a fellow cop.

CASE | A woman, who was being harassed by a certain guy, heard gunshots and saw another man bleeding on the ground. When Frank and Kevin arrive, Frank quickly realizes that the victim is someone he knows – a fellow cop named Jimmy Doyle.

Jimmy’s girlfriend, who is black, has been dating him for three years. The only person who ever harassed her about dating a white cop was her ex-boyfriend, who happened to be nearby at the time of the shooting. But he was just doing some light stalking when he heard gunfire and saw a man run away from the scene seconds later.

That man happened to be Scott Gleacher, a financier who refused to speak without an attorney. You just i know the guy has some skeletons in his Wardrobe.

NOT A SURPRISE | The detectives interview Regina, a 19-year-old man that Scott is messing with. When Kevin asked about the bruise on her eye, Regina’s older sister Kendra told him not to worry about it, and declined additional questions about Jimmy.

Law & Order Season 1 finaleThat’s when Kevin and Frank switched SVU’s Olivia Benson (guest star Mariska Hargitay). Benson revealed that she had previously interviewed Regina while being treated at the hospital for an eye injury, and Regina testified that she hit her head on a table. The NYPD captain promised to check with Regina to see if she could get anything out of her connection to Jimmy.

Second Maroun secures Scott’s immunity deal, he shows up his version of events. He was about to meet Regina but was stopped by Kendra, who told him to leave. He claimed she was “going crazy,” one shot was fired and threatened to kill him if he approached her sister again. That’s when Jimmy interrupted, and they both took off. Seconds later, Jimmy is shot.

Kevin and Franklin then interview Kendra, who denies having a fight with Scott, as well as clashing with Jimmy. But police found blood stains on her coat and shoes, and she was arrested on the spot.

FIND MOTIVATION | McCoy, Price, and Maroun review everything they have on the case, which isn’t very much. Apparently Kendra shot Jimmy, but they still don’t know why because she was a good student and didn’t make mistakes. When McCoy said she should have gone to the police about the assault on her sister, Maroun pointed out that some people don’t trust the police.

The case was made even more complicated when Kendra was in a state of high emotion, and Jimmy aggravated the situation by shouting racial slurs at her.

Meanwhile, the police are investing heavily in setting an example for Kendra, and Frank even confronts Price about just charging her with a heavier manslaughter count.

EXPERIMENT | Kendra’s defense attorney pointed out that both Kendra and Scott ran, but Doyle just chased Kendra. That’s when Price reminded the courtroom that Kendra was the only one holding a weapon.

Defense then called a detective from the Interior as a witness, and Price called a meeting in the judge’s room to discuss. The defense intends to prove that Doyle is racist and he confronts Kendra for his racism, which led to his own death. Price pushes back on that, making sure Doyle is only involved because she’s holding a gun. But the judge ruled that Doyle’s ties to race were integral to the case, giving IA the green light.

In the stands, Det. Michelle Pierce confirmed that Doyle was investigated twice for battery and assault complaints from Black men, both of which alluded to his use of the n-word. The price reflects that Doyle’s racism in both cases doesn’t even matter since that was 10 years ago, and that Doyle has never been disciplined. (Who else looks to Price when he calls Black complainers “depraved criminals?”)

Maroun suggests they call Doyle’s girlfriend to counter claims about him being racist, and she paints him as a loving boyfriend who is the exact opposite of that. Defense then released a video Doyle sent her, in which he references the Rolling Stones song “Brown Sugar,” a song that Mick Jagger confirmed the band would never stream again because of the lyrics. racist cult of black women.

Kenda, in her testimony, claimed that Doyle repeatedly shouted racial taunts at her, and that she ran away because she had seen what would happen when the Negro complied. She told her cousin, Ray, who complied and is still assaulted by the police. Kendra also revealed that she told Doyle she had a gun, and said he lunged at her with “this look in his eyes.” She thought he was going to shoot her and She doesn’t want to be another George Floyd.

During cross-examination, Nathan points to the fact that Kendra left Doyle on the sidewalk to die instead of helping him. But Kendra insists that she is afraid, and that is why she runs.

In the end, the jury found her not guiltyy for the more serious manslaughter in the first degree, but for the grievous manslaughter in the second degree.

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