Letters: LeBron James’ new contract isn’t a win for Lakers

I can’t believe I’m saying those words, but Bill Plaschke is 100% right about the Lakers extending LeBron. They will remain mediocre for the next two, maybe three years. Any Laker fan who thinks that’s a good idea doesn’t really want to win. I’m a longtime fan who watched the ’80s Lakers and the Shaq-Kobe Lakers compete and win championships. Now we’re a sideshow. Sad.

Larry Estis
ocean side


With his new contract, LeBron James does more in 15 minutes than I do all year. The staggering salaries of many professional athletes make the actual game they play irrelevant. As Bob Dylan said, “I used to care, but things have changed.”

Kevin H. Park
Westlake Village


dr Jerry Buss, arguably the greatest team owner in sports, once faced a dilemma. The Lakers had two popular Hall of Famers-to-be, and one of them had to go.

He made the right decision, not an easy one, for the best long-term good. He said goodbye to Shaq.

This week we are reminded how much we miss the good doctor.

Jeff late


I know Bill Plaschke loves the late Kobe Bryant unconditionally and isn’t that crazy about LeBron James, but to suggest that Kobe’s two-year, $48 million deal in 2013-2014 wasn’t as bad as LeBron’s new deal, is more than a little disingenuous. LeBron has worn the Lakers since arriving in LA, even winning a championship for them in 2020. Kobe played six games in the first year of his contract and 35 in his sophomore year. The Lakers won 27 and 21 games over the two years of Kobe’s contract and didn’t even make the playoffs again until LeBron came in 2019. If the Lakers have any chance of success this year, it’s because of LeBron, who remains one of the league’s greatest players. Without him, they would be lucky enough to win 20 games.

Alvin S Michaelson
Marina delRey


Thank you Bill Plaschke for being “on the ball” on LeBron. It’s time to start rebuilding for the future. There is no time to waste with a farewell tour for older players. That includes the self-proclaimed GOAT LeBron James.

Patrick Kelly
los Angeles


I see the Lakers opened the bench to sign LeBron James for a two-year extension. The last time they did it for an aging superstar with a fragile body was for Kobe Bryant. And you know how that worked out!

Harris Levey


Bill Plaschke’s column on LeBron James’ new contract is making money. LeBron will play less and less and the team will be deprived of adding two superstars next year as it staggers through its contract.

The Lakers are a franchise that can always attract superstars. But apparently it’s better to sell tickets now and kick the can down the path to build a winner. Is this team really better than the 33-49 they showed last year?

Bob Goldstein
Corona del Mar

How the Kimbrel crumbles

We call Craig Kimbrel “Crumble” around our house and we groan when we see him warm up in the bullpen.

Arguably the Dodgers’ biggest mistake in recent World Series losses was Dave Roberts’ pitching decisions.

Come on Dave! Admit Kimbrel doesn’t have what it takes before losing a game too many.

Sarah Tamor
santa monica


Despite having a bullpen with shutdown arms, Dave Roberts continues to stubbornly lead Craig Kimbrel to the mound in safe situations. If Doc doesn’t realize that Kimbrel’s prime is way behind him, he doesn’t pay attention.

Bud Chapman


When will Dave Roberts ever find out that Kimbrel isn’t the man for the closer job? Today, Roberts said that while Kimbrel continued to bomb as a stay protector, he at least looked good while losing. One thing I will concede to Roberts, and that is his stubbornness in admitting flaws in his decisions. Where’s the pitching coach in all of this…certainly having an impact on whether to continue down this path of destruction to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. For example, I turn off my TV every time I see Kimbrel participating in a game.

Dale Clanahan
San Dimas


We used to think watching Kenley Jansen was like a roller coaster ride. Craig Kimbrel is a nocturnal journey atop the Tower of Terror.

Scott Shepherd
los Angeles


Dave Roberts Says He’s “Not Concerned” About Kimbrel’s Performance This Year! Well, he’s probably the only one in Los Angeles who isn’t.

Bill Piercy
Long Beach


After last week’s Field of Dreams game, it was very nostalgic to see Mookie Betts play catch between innings with a young fan in Milwaukee who flashed a sign that read, “Mookie, you want to play catch?” Mookie gained a lifelong fan last night and showed MLB how easy it is to reach younger fans.

Edward M. Jimenez


With all due respect to Freddie Freeman, Trea Turner is the most valuable Dodger. His bat and glove reflect him as an absolute magician.

Whatever it takes, the Dodgers should negotiate with him for a new contract that will keep him with the Dodgers for many years.

Dick Ramirez


I didn’t understand the deal with Mitch White when it happened and after the recent setbacks from Kershaw and Buehler I’m even more stunned!!

Markus Kaiserman
santa monica

Weigh in on Deshaun Watson

I am disgusted by the actions of the NFL, the owners of the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Texans regarding Deshaun Watson. Since the only thing these three entities understand is the dollar, I decided to make my voice heard by canceling my subscription to the NFL Sunday Ticket package on DirecTV that lasted more than 15 years. If enough people cancel the NFL, maybe morality will be more important than the dollar.

John McDonald
ocean side

Can we trust the numbers?

As someone who has written a TV-radio sports column for The Times for over 25 years, I read Bill Shaikin’s well-researched story on Sports Talk Radio with great interest. I tend to agree with AM 570 boss Don Martin that Nielsen numbers are misleading.

I’ve had some of my best reader reactions to my columns when the subject was sports talk radio. I’ve always wondered how accurately Nielsen measures car radios. This is how most people listen to Sporttalk radio. Also, when workers come into the house where I’ve lived for 44 years to make alterations or repairs, they often listen to Sporttalk radio on their transistor radios. Is Nielsen considering it?

Larry Stewart

Where was everyone else?

I am horrified to read Steve Henson’s Aug. 14 article that “Clayton Kershaw was one of about a dozen Dodgers players to make the [Negro Leagues Museum] Trip.”

I’m so glad the other dozen players are so educated that they don’t take the opportunity to add to their tiny (and of course I’m generous) knowledge of baseball history.

Clayton was grateful, he was able to learn a lot.

Duane Ragland
Baldwin Park

Inflation in the major leagues

If you have any doubts that inflation will continue, look to Anaheim, where people pay major league prices to see a minor league baseball team.

Lee Ables
palm desert

I love LA

How lucky are we in Los Angeles? Helene Elliott – winner of the NHL Elmore Ferguson Memorial Award – interviews Bob Miller – an NHL Foster Hewitt Memorial Award [winner] – talk about Vin Scully – winner of the Ford Frick Award plus. Sports readers don’t get any happier. Thank you all for your excellent journalism [and] our opportunity to enjoy your skills here in Los Angeles!

Gregory Bodell
Manhattan Beach


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