Leveling guide — XP, skill points, and respecs

Internal leveling system Salt and Sacrifice has its own quirks, from the XP/currency you earn to how you allocate points. This is ours Salt and Sacrifice Level up guide to help you earn XP, skill points and how to respawn.

Note: We will have a Salt and Sacrifice Tutorials and central features soon, so stay tuned.

Salt and Sacrifice Leveling up guide – Earn XP, increase skill points and how to respawn

Salt money

Similar to the first game, Salt and Sacrifice use salt as currency or XP to level up. It is usually obtained by defeating enemies or by using salt-type items that you pick up. Given soul– like nature, dying will make you lose all the salt you have. If you manage to get back to where you died, you can pick up your lost money back. But, if you die on the way, then all will be well.

Note: If you die from a fall, the salt will stay on the ground where you landed.

Instructions for leveling up salt and sacrificing Skill Points Xp Respec 1

Leveling: Black Stone and Gray Stone

When you have enough money, go back to Pardoner’s Vale center so you can level up in Salt and Sacrifice. Interact with the statue and you’ll see two options: Level Up and Skill Tree.

You will also receive these items:

  • 1x Black Starstone at every level.
  • 1x Gray Stone per five levels.

Note: Level up in Salt and Sacrifice only increases your HP. However, you can increase other attributes (e.g. Strength, Dexterity, Arcana, Luck, etc.) as explained below.

Instructions for leveling up salt and sacrificing Skill Points Xp Respec 2a

Skill Point Allocation and Revival Method

Black Starstones are used to unlock attribute nodes in the Tree of Skill (i.e. skill tree) by pressing the “A” button on your gamepad. Similar to games like Road exile and Final Fantasy Xyou’ll want to note the perks are interconnected as there are prerequisites before they can be unlocked.

Meanwhile, Gray Starstones are used to revive skills by pressing the “Y” button. This will refund the Black Starstones you used. Here are some tidbits:

  • You can choose the skills you want and return certain buttons that you don’t need anymore. Connected privileges will still work.
  • Some perks are non-refundable. These are the ones that allow you to equip higher weapon tiers, higher armor tiers, cast Glyphreader / Divine Glyph, and cast Banereader / Forbidden Glyph.

Instructions for leveling up salt and sacrificing Skill Points Xp Respec 2b

Salt and Sacrifice available through the Epic Games Store.

https://www.pcinvasion.com/salt-and-sacrifice-leveling-respec-skill-points-guide/ Leveling guide — XP, skill points, and respecs

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