Love Island’s Amber Wise reveals she made a promise to her dad Dennis before appearing on a raunchy ITV show

DENNIS WISE’s worst nightmare could well have come true if his daughter had met the man of her dreams at the Love Island mansion.

But Amber, 19, has admitted she made a deal with her ex-footballer dad – that she wouldn’t curl up under the covers with a boy on TV.

Amber Wise says she's


Amber Wise says she’s “disappointed” she didn’t get the summer romance she dreamed of when she signed on to Love IslandCredit: ITV/Shutterstock
But she also says she made a deal with ex-football dad Dennis Wise that she wouldn't curl up under the covers on TV


But she also says she made a deal with ex-football dad Dennis Wise that she wouldn’t curl up under the covers on TVPhoto credit: The Mega Agency

In her first interview since being voted off the show on Tuesday, Amber, 19, told The Sun on Sunday: “I promised not to have sex on TV, which I think is fair.

“But it wasn’t like I was dating anyone I felt like dating.

“I think dad is very happy that I was kicked out at the time.”

And Amber says her father, 56, is grateful he wasn’t in the same boat as his football friend Michael Owen, who had to watch his daughter Gemma in adult scenes when she was at the villa last year.

She added: “Dad had complete sympathy for Michael when Gemma was with Luca Bish on the show.

“I can’t imagine he would have liked to watch me in bed with a boy every night, especially if we were at (private love nest) The Hideaway.”

But Amber said she was “disappointed” that she didn’t have the summer of romance she dreamed of when she signed on to the dating show.

“I’m disappointed I didn’t find anyone on the show”

She explained: “My friends find it hilarious that I was on Love Island and still single but to be fair I was always the single girlfriend.

“I’m so grateful for the opportunities and the opportunity to be on the show, but the trip wasn’t really what I expected.

“I’m disappointed that I didn’t find anyone there, but I’m content with all the friendships I’ve made.”

Amber took part on dating show ITV2 as part of the Casa Amor relationship test and caught the attention of 22-year-old Kent project manager Sammy Root.

But their whirlwind romance fell apart when Amber was brought to tears upon learning he had been making out with 24-year-old islander Gabby Jeffery.

Amber first caught Sammy Root's attention - but it all fell apart when she found out he'd been making out with Gabby


Amber first caught Sammy Root’s attention – but it all fell apart when she found out he’d been making out with GabbyCredit: ITV/Shutterstock

She said: “Yes, my dad is just super protective and when he saw me crying he was in protective mode.

“Especially because I’ve never had a boyfriend and he’s never seen me with men.”

But Amber, who studied graphic communication at the University of the Arts in London, revealed she had high expectations of the boys at the villa given her close relationship with her father.

When asked if she compared the boys to the struggling former Wimbledon and Chelsea midfielder Dennis, she said: “I think my dad and I are very close and we have a similar sense of humor and a lot in common.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m comparing her to my dad, but I think after the Sammy situation I got really angry and felt robbed, so I started crying.”

Amber, who was dating 26-year-old Josh Brocklebank when she left, explained that she often withdrew from the group when she was feeling emotional.

She said, “I wouldn’t even say I’m the only one who’s done it, pretty much all the islanders have done it.”

“The entire Love Island team is so supportive. They have welfare zoom meetings and you can talk to them anytime you want.

“Or I would just go and talk to other islanders.

“I wouldn’t say I felt very down, I had a great time.

“There were just moments where we were shooting until very late and that was another reason I was emotional.”

When asked if she was homesick, Amber – who lives in a £2million villa in Buckinghamshire with Dennis and mum Claire – replied: “Yes, and I think so too because I’m so used to having my phone.”

“It was just because you can’t send your parents little messages or anything.

“I also think that because I was single and didn’t have ‘my person,’ I was just wandering around while everyone else was totally in love during the day.

“Everyone was in the pool with their pairs, everyone was holding each other, and I was just there and I was like, ‘Okay.’ . . ‘”

She added: “It’s such a small group of people at the villa and everyone would be chatting and I would just be there with Scott (van-der-Sluis).

“I mean, Scott and I ended up getting along really, really well, but it felt a little lonely at times because we were like, ‘What should I do now?’

“I would sit on the third wheel and then move away because others had to do their couple calls.”

“My dad said stay away from footballers”

Fans took to social media to share their concerns that the teenager was looking lonely at the villa.

But Amber revealed that after failing to find The One, she treated the Love Island mansion like an all-inclusive holiday resort.

She said: “I saw an article that said fans were afraid I was all alone.

“But I had the best time at my all inclusive hotel. I got tanned, went swimming and then took different couples as third parties because I was so close to everyone there.

“We were like one huge family, so it was like I was on vacation.”

“The reason I slept on the day bed is because Josh and I were left in the living room and the bed was tiny, it was like a single bed.

“I offered to sleep on the day bed because it was more comfortable and I didn’t have space.

“But I watched the sunrise every day and I didn’t really mind.”

Amber was also at the center of an age gap row when fans threatened to complain to Ofcom after she hooked up with Josh.

Reflecting on the seven-year difference, she said, “I said that the age difference is a thing for me and that’s why Josh and I didn’t train.”

“But if I’m being honest, it’s because he wasn’t my type.

“The age difference wasn’t a big problem for me. I would say I’m pretty mature.

“It’s a shame there weren’t any guys a little younger and my age. I usually prefer men my age up to about 24.

“I said I was 25 and he happened to be 26.

“To be honest, I was more attracted to Sammy.

“He’s much better looking and he’s insanely tall, very lively and loud.”

She added: “Everyone there was trying to set me up with their family members. I was like, ‘Guys, I’m fine.’”

Describing her dream man, she said, “It’s so funny because all the islanders put together a checklist, I’m so picky.”

“He would have to be enthusiastic about sports, be over 1.80 meters tall, have good manners, be motivated, drive well – just a handsome boy.”

Despite not finding him in Mallorca, Amber has proved popular since returning home.

Since returning to the UK, she has been inundated with messages from would-be boyfriends.

She said: “I’ve had a few blue ticks here and there.

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“My inbox was pretty full. I won’t name names but footballers with blue ticks. . . ”

When asked what her father would think about her dating a soccer player, she replied, “He was like, ‘Stay away!’ I know how they are. . .'”

In the end, she also got on very well with Scott van-der-Sluis


In the end, she also got on very well with Scott van-der-SluisPhoto credit: Eroteme
Amber says dad Dennis told her to stay away from footballers as he knows what they're like


Amber says dad Dennis told her to stay away from footballers as he knows what they’re likeCredit: Included

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