Lucy Letby: Mother of murdered baby says killer nurse chose gown child buried in

A mother of a child murdered by Lucy Letby has revealed the serial killer’s nurse chose the dress her child was buried in.

The families of Letby’s many victims are in court as part of their hearing on Monday to explain the devastating impact the nurse’s crimes had on their lives.

Letby faces a life sentence after being convicted on Friday of the murders of seven babies and the attempted murder of six others.

Lucy Letby did not appear in court for her sentencing

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However, the 33-year-old refused to appear in the dock at Manchester Crown Court, leading to families and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak branding her a coward. All families involved in the case were granted anonymity, the babies were identified only through a letter.

In a trembling voice, the mother of murdered child E said she had to mourn her child’s death in front of Letby and other members of the neonatal unit and had no privacy.

She added that her child was buried in a dress that was a gift to her from the unit and chosen by Letby.

“We were robbed of valuable time with our baby after it died,” the mother said. “We were denied the opportunity to spend private moments with them [the child]had to mourn openly in the presence of Lucy and the staff of the neonatal unit in the first kindergarten.

“Lucy took a bath [the child]an action that I deeply regret, and attracted [the child] in a wool dress. [The child] was buried in this dress, a gift from the unit chosen by Lucy. I feel disgusted with the decision we made. Not a single day goes by without grief over this decision.”

“I still have a hard time understanding why this happened to us.”

A prison van arrives at Manchester Crown Court before sentencing

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She said Letby “presented himself kindly and in a soft voice,” but “now I know it’s an act.” “The lies she told fills me with anger,” the mother added.

“The trial felt like a platform for Lucy to relive her crimes. She has repeatedly disregarded my child’s memory.”

The mother criticized Letby’s refusal to appear in court about her conviction, saying: “She’s decided she’s had enough and is staying in her cell.”

Other parents have provided the court with excruciatingly detailed testimonies about the impact on the victim.

The mother of murdered child C told the court that “the shock and pain” of the night her baby died would stay with her forever.

“It was so sudden, so incredible,” she said. “It was a pain for all of us that was just too hard to bear. The trauma of that night will accompany us all until our death.

The realization that the “friendly” nurse who had been watching over the family was actually her child’s killer was “like something out of a horror story,” she said.

The moment the murderous nurse was arrested

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Her voice breaking, she continued, “Lucy Letby, to think that inflicting pain on my child might give you satisfaction…”

“I am appalled that there is someone so evil. For you, our child’s life was just collateral damage. There is no judgment that can ever compare to the excruciating agony we have endured.

“At least now there’s no debate that you killed her on purpose … in your own words: you’re evil, you did that.”

In a statement read in court, the mother of Child A, who was murdered by Letby, and Child B, who tried to kill her, said: “2015 was going to be the best year of our lives.” We wanted to be parents… We could have never imagined that the most precious things in our life would be in danger.

“Our minds are so traumatized that we can barely remember the night you killed our child.

“Your quest to cause the greatest possible pain succeeded.” You felt it was your right to play god with our children’s lives.

“You thought you could walk into our lives and turn it upside down, but you’ll never win. From this day on, my family will never think of you again. You are nothing.”

Lucy Letby: Timeline of the Nurse Who Murdered Seven Babies

The mother and father of children O and P, who were also murdered by Letby, spoke to the court through a pre-recorded video statement. With his head bowed and struggling with the testimony, the father told the court that he had turned to alcohol after the death of his children.

“Over time, about a year later [the children’s] On the occasion of her first anniversary, I was still struggling to process her death, so I turned to alcohol as I hadn’t really drunk excessively before. I could see how much it all hurt [my wife]. I kept secret how much alcohol I consumed; I was depressed and disgusted with myself.”

Wiping away tears, he continued, “One day I picked up the car keys and thought about ending my life.”

He said he was “stunned” when police told him they were investigating one of the nurses who was taking care of their children.

“I knew something was wrong, but it never occurred to me that they had been murdered on purpose.”

“Lucy Letby ruined our lives,” he concluded. “The anger and hatred I hold towards her will never go away. It destroyed me as a man and as a father.”

The verdict continues…..

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