Lunar eclipse in US, 2022: Pictures, photo gallery, next date

People in the United States and across several continents were witness to the awe-inspiring sight early Tuesday – the last total lunar eclipse until 2025.

Did you miss it due to cloudy weather, or just a good night’s sleep? Check out the gallery below or replay the live stream. Plus, read on to find out why the “blood moon” turned red and when to catch the next one.

When is the next lunar eclipse?

NASA said next total lunar eclipse on March 14, 2025. The lunar eclipse will be visible across North and South America, as well as Western Europe and Africa. Mark your calendar! Fortunately, the world has some partial lunar eclipses to look forward to before that.

People in Africa, Asia and Australia will see a partial lunar eclipse on May 5, 2023. NASA says this type of lunar eclipse occurs when the moon slides through the Earth’s concave – the faint outer part. of the shadow – and slightly dimmed: “If you don’t ‘don’t know this is happening, you might miss it.”

On October 28, 2023, people in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia will see a partial lunar eclipse. The Americas receive a partial lunar eclipse on March 25, 2024, and the Americas, Europe, and Africa receive a partial lunar eclipse on September 18, 2024.

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Why does the moon look red?

For the same reason, our sky looks blue. Because of its longer wavelength, red light is less easily scattered in the Earth’s atmosphere than blue light, NASA says. During a lunar eclipse, only red light can pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and reflect off the surface of the moon. It will look redder if there is a lot of dust and clouds in the air.

A NASA description said: “It was as if all the sunrises and sunsets of the world were projected onto the Moon. Lunar eclipse in US, 2022: Pictures, photo gallery, next date

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