‘Made for Love’ Season 2 Finale Recap, Episode 8 — Hazel vs. Hazel

Saying goodbye is never easy, even if you’re stuck in a virtual reality prison like the Hub.

In the last episode of For loveIn the second season, Herbert and Fake Hazel (Fazel? Let’s go with that) shared a tearful goodbye, as Herbert, who no longer accepted Gogol’s cancer treatments, finally succumbed to the disease. fight his illness. Heading into the finale, the actual Hazel has yet to leave her body, having been propelled into the afterburner by her consciousness clone. Is her dad really dead, and what will happen to the real Hazel and Byron? Let’s recap.

Hazel has a picture of her father, when Fazel appeared on TV. Herbert, now an expression of her consciousness, tells her that Fazel is quite convincing. She must somehow subvert her consciousness if she wants to get herself back, and with that, the two sift through all the petty and emotional barriers stuck in her head. that. At least we can spend more time with Ray Romano.

Fiffany explains to Bennett and Jay that Gogol keeps the bodies safely stored inside the “infinity capsule”, until an alternate universe can be created for them. Herbert’s body is of course among them (yay?), and Fiffany knows they must stop Byron and Hazel’s “others” before they do anything that science cannot reverse or fix. .

Hazel and her dad come across several “fake doors” that show them a world where her mother doesn’t die. But when they start arguing, Fazel appears and Hazel chases her.

Meanwhile, Fazel arrives at Zelda’s tank, but the talking dolphin isn’t fooled. When Zelda distracts her, Herringbone and Fiffany sneak behind her and inject Fazel with a needle. She immediately broke down. (We’ll pretend we didn’t hear the phrase “Uncle H-Bone.” Agree? Creepy.)

Made for Love Season 2 Finale HerbertJay captures the fake Byron (Fyron? Ể, no similar ring to it) and hands him over to Fiffany. Later, Bennett assumed that Herringbone was the one who sold Fiff to Byron, and he was the reason why she was included in the Pasture Cube. “But you already know that, don’t you?” he asked her. No!

Hazel and her father soon find the real Byron trapped in the white space where their consciousness once lived. He explained that he tried to destroy the chips, but it was too late. Hazel knows he’s hiding something. Meanwhile, Fiffany, Bennett and Uncle H-Bone (Ack! I’m ruined!) monitor Hazel’s brainwaves. Fiff tells Jay that she knows Zelda loves him. Does he love her? He was caught off guard by the question. (BUT HE COMPLETELY DOES it, right?)

Hazel confronts Fazel about killing her father. “You only think about what you need,” Fazel told her. “I to be friend. Except not having all the f-king’s baggage. The two encounter each other and launch down a giant desert dune. They defeat each other, as soon as the door to Fiffany’s lab opens in front of them. Both fight to be the first through, until Fazel strangles her, then Hazel admits that her mate is likely to have a better life than ever.As Hazel seemingly allows Fazel to win the fight, she stab the fake self in the back with a piece of glass and regain his body.

Back at the house, Fiffany tells Hazel that they have preserved Herbert’s consciousness, and that they still haven’t brought Byron back. Oh, and also: Hazel is pregnant. Fiffany says that Hazel can definitely leave… or she can stay and fix things. Control the Center without Byron controlling. Will she stay or will she go?

Made for Love Season 2 Finale FiffanyLater, Herringbone admitted to Fiffany that he had sold her out and promised he would never do it again. He apologized and was sincere about it. She forgave him and decided not to send him back to the Pasture Cube. But, she said, she would have to find another way to punish him.

Hazel visits Jay, and tells him she has lost her FBI tracking device. She gives him a pill, and asks him to take it and go home forever. But if he tries to attack Gogol again, she will make sure that he is caught again and next time, no one will escape the Hub. He took the pill from her hand.

Six months later, Hazel shows up and… back with Byron?! He asked her how her day was, but “none of my business,” she replied. He is in bed reading a parenting book. “You are going to be a great father,” she told him. His eyes twitch, and we see that the real Byron is still trapped deep within the fake Byron’s consciousness.

Did the creator of Gogol get what he deserves? Does Hazel seem… evil now? Rate the finale and season below, then drop your thoughts in a comment!

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