Madison Cawthorn’s Farewell to Congress Is a Signal to Dark MAGA

Typical, representative Madison Cawthorn may have lost his primary position, but he is on duty; The 26-year-old Republican has vowed on Instagram to exact revenge on “cowardly and weak” members of his party. But his post was more than just a bittersweet one. His message of concessions seemed to embrace a fascism –Donald Trump The meme has dark and violent origins.

“I am now on a mission to expose those who say and promise one thing but legislate and work towards a self-seeking, globalized goal,” he wrote in Thursday’s Instagram post. . “The days of clan politics as usual are over,” the post read, before it was edited as “racist politics.” Cawthorn then hailed the “rise of the new right,” a rebranded line of classicism popular among young Trump Republicans. “It is time for Dark MAGA to really take command,” he continued. “We have enemies to defeat, but we will never be able to defeat them until we defeat the cowardly and weak members of our own party. Their days are numbered. ”

On the face of it, the post could be read as the ramblings of a resentful former politician. But Cawthorn shouting “Dark MAGA,” a stark reference to the latest meme movement launched by the last online alt-right, is a doorway to a fanatical faction born from the loss of Trump in 2020 and his constant denial of Joe Bidenwin. It envisions a vengeful, authoritarian Trump returning to office in 2024 to defeat Washington’s neo-liberal and neo-conservative order while ruling the country as a Christian dictator. . (Think about it, Napoleon recaptures the throne after escaping from Elba.) At its core, Dark MAGA is a Pinterest mood board exercise for young white nationalists who demand that Trump be fascist during his second term. It is also aspirational fan fiction –– the America portrayed in Philip K. Dick’s novel The man in the tall castle, in which the United States was incorporated into the Third Reich –– and a way for rightists to distinguish themselves from middle-aged and elderly Trump supporters.

Much of the movement’s ideology is masked with layers of irony, but in one post “#DarkMAGA,” one supporter of the movement apparently wrote that Dark MAGA calls for “Torture, nuclear holocaust. , genocide, extermination”. It’s unclear if Cawthorn was aware of the meme’s origins, or if a cleaned up version was included in his social media feed. Vanity Fair contacted his office for comment but received no response.

Cawthorn seems to have identified his “Dark MAGA” allies; in his Instagram post, he thanked a number of “America’s First Patriots,” many of whom have stood by him amid the series of scandals he has been at the center of over the past few months. His list of admissions includes representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and Paul Gosar; and Tucker Carlson, Tan Quyen’s unofficial mouthpiece. Gosar replied to Cawthorn’s post with write that his outgoing colleague has “a bright future as a leader,” adding, “I have no doubt you will be back and better than ever.”

The lawmakers’ positions come two days after Republican voters in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District nominated their state senator. Chuck Edward on Cawthorn. Although Cawthorn did not explicitly name the “cowardly” Republicans he intends to remove, he has many detractors in the elected office. Among them is Senator GOP Thom Tillis, who led the push for the destruction of Cawthorn and openly supported Edward. Tillis, a junior senator from North Carolina, first revealed Cawthorn in March when the freshman testified that his colleagues had used cocaine in front of him and had invited him to a party. revelry. (Cawthorn has since denied the claims, according to the House minority leader Kevin McCarthy.) Madison Cawthorn’s Farewell to Congress Is a Signal to Dark MAGA

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