Managing Multiple Accounts On Instagram and TikTok

Social media is a great tool to use for digital marketing. Two of the most popular social media platforms to use today are Instagram and TikTok. They’re effective in establishing yourself within your industry, reach a new audience, and interact with new and potential clients. Creating streamlined workflows and incorporating multiple accounts is key to managing your content efficiently on these platforms.

However, you risk getting your accounts suspended and receiving IP bans and action blocks if you create or manage multiple accounts. You can employ a proxy from a provider like Smartproxy, such as a mobile proxyor a residential proxy, to overcome these restrictions. In this article, we’ll discuss why you need multiple Instagram and TikTok accounts and the proxy solutions required to distribute and monitor your content on these platforms effectively.

Why You Need Multiple Instagram and TikTok Accounts

Spreading out your presence on Instagram and TikTok by creating multiple accounts has many benefits. Let’s look at the main gains you can expect by employing this strategy using a mobile proxy.

Building Brand Awareness

You have a better chance of reaching a larger audience with more accounts. This strategy promotes your brand’s awareness online. More users will have access to your brand, enabling your product or service to become more well-known.

Reaching Different Demographics and Geo-Locations

Creating multiple accounts gives you a better chance of targeting different demographics. You may already target your brand to teenagers in the United States. However, you can expand your brand awareness to young adults in the United Kingdom with a new account.

With an additional account, you can develop your marketing strategy according to the demographic’s social habits and needs. Your marketing strategy will be more effective by creating content to target your chosen demographic.

Provide Improved Customer Service

Each product or service that you market has different customer requirements and expectations. With various accounts, you can provide improved customer service to your customers.

Potential Restrictions You Can Face Managing Multiple Accounts

Unfortunately, there are some obstacles you’ll face having multiple accounts on Instagram and TikTok. Your account could get suspended, your IP could get banned, and action blocks could get imposed on your accounts. While many of these are temporary, having no access to your account even if it’s only for a day can have a detrimental effect on your business reputation and marketing strategy.

Action Blocks

An action block can be imposed for various reasons. The prime reason for an action block is when your account is too active on social media. This type of activity can be liking too many posts within a specified period, or if you start following hundreds of new accounts all of a sudden. The platform could flag this action as suspected bot activity and block your actions for a few hours or a couple of days.

IP Bans

IP bans are most commonly issued when you create too many accounts from the same IP address. Many social media platforms have a limit on the number of accounts that can be created from a single IP and this is usually to accommodate one household. However, if you start creating more than a handful, the platform could suspect that you’re creating fake or bot accounts and ban your IP.

Account Suspensions

An account can also be suspended when you’ve violated the platform’s Terms of Use or Community Guidelines. Suspensions are usually temporary and you should be able to start using your account once the suspension is lifted. However, the more times that your account gets suspended. The longer the suspension will last until it’s permanently suspended.

Overcoming Restrictions With Proxies

Luckily, there is a way that you can overcome these obstacles by simply using a proxy. When you use a proxy, you’ll have an intermediary server that’ll forward your connection requests to the social media platform.

A proxy enhances your online security and combats the challenges associated with account limitations. This technology also allows you to manage several social media accounts from one place. Two types of proxies are mostly used for social media management: residential and mobile proxies:

Mobile Proxy

A mobile proxyhas mobile IP addresses obtained from real mobile devices. These IPs are connected to mobile carriers such as T-Mobile, Comcast, or Sprint and appear on mobile networks. Because it’s normal for mobile IPs to change frequently, using a mobile proxy makes it difficult to detect that you have multiple accounts and you’re less likely to get a ban.

Residential Proxy

A residential proxy also acts as an intermediary. However, these run on desktops, and IPs are given by internet service providers (ISPs) to household devices. They have a large IP pool available and you can choose a new IP whenever you need to create a new account. Since these are linked to real devices, the platforms won’t pick up that it’s from a proxy and you’re less likely to get banned.

Should You Use a Mobile Proxy?

A mobile proxy has several benefits that make managing multiple accounts smooth sailing. These proxies can run on 3G, 4G, or 5G and are difficult to detect and ban. These proxies are usually available on many different mobile carriers and you can activate this technology on Android or IOS devices.

You can employ sticky or rotating proxies depending on your needs. However, it’s recommended that you use a sticky IPv4 or IPv6 mobile proxy (which sticks to the same IP address) for Instagram and TikTok multiple accounts management.

In Summary.

The success of your business greatly depends on an effective social media campaign. It’s best to create and manage numerous accounts on today’s most popular social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.

Many business owners and marketers have employed mobile proxies to assist them in overcoming the restrictions associated with this strategy. A mobile proxy will give you a competitive edge!

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