Mark Tuan Interview: New Album ‘The Other Side’, Tour, GOT7

Mark Tuan
shine brightly. It’s not just his gorgeous smile but his overall demeanor. This is his first full-length English album release week,
On the other handand Tuan couldn’t be more excited to share it with the world.

In 2010, Tuan was successfully recruited by Korean entertainment company JYP Entertainment and moved from Los Angeles to Seoul with the dream of becoming a K-pop idol. He debuted in the superstar boy group GOT7 with members: Jay B, Jackson Wang, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom. They burst into stardom and through their ups and downs, their fans, better known as Ahgases, have been by their side in everything. The group left JYP Entertainment in 2021 after their contract expired and they decided not to renew it.

On the other hand is the culmination of all Tuan’s experiences and feelings while being in the spotlight. After leaving GOT7, he returned to his hometown in LA and started working on his album right away. “I went into the studio not knowing exactly what I wanted to write about. Then I said, ‘You know what? Just write about how I felt then,” Tuan told StyleCaster. What makes it so is a 20-song debut album that perfectly captures his emotions and captures the density of fame and love.

Tuan did not miss a beat when giving back to the fans. Throughout his career, he has been grateful to his supporters, who have even adopted ramen-tteokbokki in his honor known as the “Mark Meal”. The music video for his 2022 single, “imysm”, features him singing the heartbreaking song in front of a sea of ​​his fans holding GOT7’s lightsticks (affectionately known as Ahgabogs) at a fanmeeting in New York. Thailand. Recently, Tuan has partnered with Spark Aligners, a clear orthodontic system, to enhance his smile and dedicate similar treatments to fans. Spark Aligners are clear straighteners made from TruGEN, a material that makes the attachment more comfortable, clearer and less likely to yellow than other similar products. Tuan donated the Spark Aligner treatment to fans who follow him on social media and was licensed by an orthodontist in July 2022.

“I am lucky enough to be approached [to by Spark Aligners], and I went to talk to an orthodontist,” Tuan said. “He said, ‘You have pretty teeth’ because I had braces before. Then they said I could go into the treatment and widen my smile. It makes my smile so much more complete. I have almost finished my treatment. I have three or four weeks left, and I’m done. We also talked about giving away Spark Aligners to my fans. I feel it’s great to just give back to the fans what they want to do to fix their smiles and have a better smile.”

After being in the studio and writing the first four songs, we said, ‘Why don’t we make it an album?’ We could make this the whole story of everything I’ve been through in the last 10 years while I was in Korea.

Regarding the next part, Tuan was very emotional when he met and performed in front of fans in On the other hand The tour that Tuan promises will be “different” than the performances with GOT7. The tour begins in San Antonio, Texas on October 3 and ends in Tuan’s hometown of LA on November 7.

Read below on what to expect from his tour, suggested dishes, and his favorite memories with GOT7.

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On the other side of Mark Tuan

Working on his debut album On the other hand

“I started working on the album last March. It’s been a year and I’m super excited to finally bring it out and let people listen to it. The creative process behind it is pretty smooth. After being in the studio and writing the first four songs, we said, ‘Why don’t we make it an album?’ We could make this the whole story of everything I’ve been through in the last 10 years while I was in Korea. From there, I’ll make a list of topics I want to talk about and a timeline that goes with it. The album starts with me leaving LA, going to Korea to try to find myself again, starting with music, what I like to do now, and then going back. “

About how he overcame the writer block

“I really only go into the studio when I’m in the mood. I usually point when there is something I want to say or something I want to write. I get writer’s block when I can’t think of certain things I want to say, but I just don’t know what I want to write. For me, I would say we’ll call it one day, we’ll come back someday and finish the song, or you can just pause it. I feel like thinking a lot about something and if your head is out of place and unclear, you may not get the best results. I want to rest a bit, then come back to it, and I feel a little better.”

About his favorite memories with GOT7

“We became a group for the first time and our debut was a big memory for me. Just most of the time spent on stage with the fans, our first gig or just hanging out in our practice room. Those memories really came back to me when I was in the process of writing lyrics and writing songs. We just always have a good time together. There were times when we definitely argued or just had bad times. But at the end of the day, it built us into who we are now. “

Mark Tuan

Photo: Mark Tuan

About what he’s looking forward to on his tour

“It will be a lot different from the tour with GOT7. For those concerts, we split some parts with members and parts without. I don’t know how long my show will last, maybe an hour and a half. I had to perform by myself from start to finish. I’ll also have a band member on stage, and I’ll put together some dance moves for the shows. I don’t know if the fans will enjoy it because it’s so different from what GOT7 used to do. We usually just jump from start to finish. But, I hope they will enjoy and have a good time.”

About connecting with his fans

“It’s pretty important to keep your fans up to date on what you’re doing and your day-to-day life. But I really don’t like that because I don’t take pictures and I don’t really have much to show them off. So I try to show them whatever I can. My team pushed me to do more TikTok. So we have a couple of videos on that, and I use my social media platform to go live and talk to my fans. I’ll have an hour session where I’ll chat with them on Twitter. I want to update more about my life, but sometimes it really falls apart. I don’t think they’ll want to watch me play golf. I don’t actually take pictures, but it’s important to stay connected with your fans. “

Test new fashion trends

“I am always open to trying new kinds of trends. My nail polish is something new that I started last year. I don’t know what the current trend is. Usually, I would do a magazine shoot, and they would ask me to try something new. And then I would realize, ‘Oh, no. I like this style, or I like to do this. ‘ Then I gravitate towards it a little bit and I’ll incorporate it into my wardrobe. But for now, nothing new. I searched around [new trends] since I’m going on tour in October. I’m trying to look around to see what would be great for stage costumes. I will have a stylist with me to prepare the wardrobe. But on tours, it will just be me. “

Follow food recommendations like “Mark Meal”

“I haven’t eaten any food combos lately. I can’t think of anything because [Mark Meal] is something one of my fans did. I usually just go to buy Slurpee at 7-Eleven. I got my Cherry Cokes: 3/4 Coke and then ¼ cherry. That’s my drink. I go there about three or four times a week just to earn Slurpee.”

On the other hand by Mark Tuan now on Amazon

New entertainment news Mark Tuan Interview: New Album ‘The Other Side’, Tour, GOT7

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