Mattel is planning 17 more films after Barbie’s success

If one thing is clear this summer, it’s that Barbie is a hit.

Greta Gerwig’s film, the first in Mattel’s film division, stars producer Margot Robbie as a Mattel doll and Ryan Gosling as her faithful companion, Ken.

Since its release last week (July 21) Barbie has broken more than one box office record.

The film grossed $52 million for two consecutive weekdays in the United States and Canada, beating previous records The dark knight (2008) and Aquaman (2018).

Greta Gerwig also broke a domestic box office record for a female director, catapulting herself past Anna Boden Captain Marvel and Patty Jenkins’ wonder woman.

Given the film’s huge success, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mattel would like to repeat that triumph with its other toys, games and brands.

A recent article in The New Yorker suggested that Mattel had a total of 45 films in development under the direction of film producer Robbie Brenner.

However, only 17 of the possible 45 titles have been announced.


Polly Pocket

Emily in Paris Star Lily Collins will star in a family comedy adaptation of the beloved ’90s toy, Polly Pocket. Girl Star and screenwriter Lena Dunham is the author and director.

Brenner told diversity that a screenplay for the family comedy has been completed.


in 2021, diversity reported that Mattel is developing an action-heist comedy about the card game Uno, starring rapper Lil Yachty.

The screenplay was written by Marcy Kelly who narrated The New Yorker that she was asked to propose a screenplay about UNO and ended up writing a heist film set in the Atlanta hip hop scene.

Kelly said that while her first draft contained a lot of swear words, the next draft contained only an F-word.

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Barney (left) and Daniel Kaluuya

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Everyone’s favorite purple dinosaur comes courtesy of an offbeat movie Exit Star Daniel Kaluuya. In 2019, it was reported that the actor would produce the project through his company 59% productions.

Accordingly The New Yorker, the film will be a “surrealist” film in the vein of indie production company A24. However, Brenner said he didn’t know if that would necessarily make it “darker”. The Mattel executive said the focus will be on “identity and finding who you love and who you feel alienated from.”

Major Matt Mason

Announced in 2019 is Major Matt Masonbased on the astronaut action figure of the same name from the sixties.

diversity reported that Tom Hanks will star and that the screenplay will be written by Akiva Goldsman and Michael Chabon.

Magic 8 ball

meeting reported in 2019 that Mattel worked with horror expert Blumhouse to create the horror film. However, last year CNBC reported that Blumhouse was no longer involved with the project.

The New Yorker reports that the film will be a horror comedy written by cocaine bear Screenwriter Jimmy Warden.

Brenner told diversity that the film will likely be a PG-13 thriller.

masters of the universe

As reported by meeting, Mattel will partner with Netflix for a live-action film based on the famous He-Man series. In July though diversity reported that Netflix has dropped the project and Mattel is looking for a new buyer.

said Mattel CEO Ynon Krez The New Yorker He believes the film could spawn a franchise “as big as Marvel and DC.”

hot tyres

Last year, diversity reported that a film based on the Hot Wheels toys is being produced by JJ Abrams production company Bad Robot.

Abrams said the franchise will be “emotional, down-to-earth and gritty.”

christmas balloon

meeting has reported that Mattel is developing a live-action vacation film christmas balloon (not based on a toy).

Based on a true story first reported in 2018, the family drama follows a young girl living in a Mexican border town who tries to use a balloon to send a Christmas list to Santa Claus. The list was found by an Arizona couple grieving the loss of their child.

Accordingly meeting, PalmSprings Author Garbiela Revilla Lugo is writing the screenplay.

Thomas the tank engine

Mattel is working with director Marc Forster’s production company to transform Thomas the Tank Engine into a film that is a hybrid of live action and animation.

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em

Vin Diesel is reportedly starring in and producing a live-action film based on the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em robots. The publication reports Rampage Author Ryan Engle will write the screenplay and the story follows a father and son who bond with an advanced war machine.

american girl

meeting first reported that a Mattel and MGM American Girl film is in the works for 2019.

Accordingly The New Yorkerthe script will be similar to the 2019 film bookseller And Bill & Ted. Brenner told it later diversity The film is a family comedy.

(Getty Images)

Big Jim

The film adaptation of the 70’s action figure Big Jim is provided by Dan Mazer, who is developing the film. Mazer previously wrote Bridget Jones’ babyco-author borateand spearheaded the latest Home Alone reboot.

The talkative Cathy and Betsy Wetsy

Last year, diversity reported that Jason Bateman’s production company will direct a film based on Mattel’s Chatty Cathy and Betsy Wetsy dolls.

No further details were given about the plot of the film.


It’s not just Hot Wheels in the roster, The New Yorker reported that Mattel is collaborating with Skydance to create a Matchbox-based film.

diversity It was later reported that David Coggeshall was now the film’s lead writer.

(Hot Tires)

view master

In 2019 The Hollywood Reporter reported that MGM and Mattel have partnered to produce a live-action film based on the 20th-century stereoscope toy.


meeting initially reported that Mattel and Universal Pictures are rebooting wishbonea nineties PBS TV series about an ordinary Jack Russell Terrier who dreams of being the protagonist in famous books.

Roy Parker will write the screenplay and the film will be produced by twice Oscar-winning producer Peter Farrelly.


You’ve heard of gremlins, but what about boglins? The New Yorker has reported that Mattel is turning the hand puppets known as Boglins into a new film.

There are already reports of numerous Millennial directors and screenwriters wanting to work on the upcoming film.

Kevin McKeon, vice president of Mattel Films, said, “We’re thinking gremlins-ish, but with a twist.”

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