MCU Writer Teases Doctor Strange and Clea’s ‘Fun’ Future

The most recent Marvel Studios movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness continues to be a movie that is loved by many audiences. The film, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch’s Master of Occult Arts, Dr. Stephen Strange, which explores Marvel’s parallel universes with the help of teenage powerhouse, America Chavez, has won its last three days. consecutive weeks at the box office and grossed over $800 million worldwide.

In Madness’s MultiverseIn the mid-credits scene, Strange is confronted by a witch named Clea (who came as a guest star by Charlize Theron). During the events of the film, Strange causes an invasion and he and Clea must embark on a journey into the Dark Afternoons to stabilize things. Strange opened his third eye, the eye originally caused by using the Darkhold, and the two jumped into a tear in reality created by Clea.


As explained in the context of the movie, an invasion is possible when one fakes a parallel universe that isn’t theirs. The effects of an invasion could be a cataclysm, so Strange and Clea had to cut their jobs. But where will that work take them?

A Strange and Clea Team-Up are in the MCU’s Future

Doctor Strange, Clea

Talk to, Michael Waldron, screenwriter on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness explained the impact of introducing Strange’s”wonderful love “ Clea will have:

“We are really excited to introduce Clea,” said Walron. “Get Charlize Theron to play that character, holy crap! In the comics, it can be said that Clea is Doctor Strange’s great love. The alternative Christine Palmer, as she says goodbye to our Doctor Strange, tells him to face your fears, be willing to love others, and face your fear of connecting with others. “

Waldron also hinted that Charlize Theron’s Clea would play a key” role in the story of Stephen Strange and confirmed a “collision of universes“might be coming to the MCU. Comic readers will know that the Incursions were the cause of the large-scale event, “Secret Wars” in 2015, where multiple universes met their destructive end, as So the idea that these cosmic developments are coming to the MCU is definitely foreshadowing:


“It seems like the perfect time to finally introduce this important character in Doctor Strange’s rulebook,” Waldron teased. “Strange went to the Multiverse and interfered with it as much as he could. I don’t think it’s surprising according to the rules that Reed [Richards] stated that he had caused an Intrusion. So now there is a coming collision of universes. But what does that mean for the MCU? We will find out. But we have Doctor Strange and the semi-perverted Clea on the case! So it will be fun. ”

Could romance be for Stephen Strange?

As Waldron mentioned, Clea and Strange are the same thing in the pages of comic books. In the books, Clea was born of pure energy and was the ruler of the Dark Dimension for a time. She became Dr. Strange’s lover and the two eventually married, with Clea even taking on the role of Strange’s Sorcerer Supreme in his absence.

Of course, the MCU doesn’t rigidly follow the comics, so it’s possible that Clea’s plot was altered for the film. But there is one thing that will most likely be true and that is the romance between Strange and Clea. Dr. Christine Palmer, Strange’s old flame and the woman he was after, is now happily married in the MCU. Not to mention that a Variant of Christine that Stephen connected to in the sequel, lives in another dimension from across the Multiverse. Therefore, there are many good doctors now “on the market”. This provides ample opportunity to pair Cumberbatch’s witch with Clea.

Also, with Strange being unrelated to Dark Dimension, Wong, the current Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, now has no roommate! Will audiences get to see more of the fan-favorite Wong in the MCU in the future as he takes on the laziness from MIA Strange?


As mentioned above, invasions are what led to the comic book version of Secret Wars. It’s worth mentioning that an adaptation of that storyline is rumored to be coming to the MCU at some point. So fans are likely to see more setups coming for what will undoubtedly be Marvel Studios’ next large-scale crossover.

Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Currently showing in theaters only. MCU Writer Teases Doctor Strange and Clea’s ‘Fun’ Future

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