Mercury Retrograde: What You Should & Shouldn’t Do

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With another reverse upgrade imminent, you may be wondering what exactly to do do during Mercury retrograde, consider its reputation for providing loads of challenges and opportunities for growth (aka some bullshit!). We know that Mercury goes retrograde when it appears to be retrograde, but in reality, it is just rotating normally. Angles of the planets that make up Mercury appear smaller — but it’s actually farther. (P.S.: There’s a crude joke here about size not being important, but I’m trying not to reach for low fruit. Just know I figured it out and I’m NOT losing the edge.)

So while Mercury going retrograde is really just a routine for the planet, the resulting celestial effects can be a bit complicated for us. Learning how to make small, sustained adjustments to your habits can make all the difference in navigating the bad things a reversal can happen. I mean, Yesthese tips to be Contrast specifically, but don’t we all benefit from a little more face-to-face communication year-round? And how many of us over-commit to something and soon realize we’re not passionate about it at all? Or maybe it’s not a priority right now. Or (and this is a big deal for me personally) we simply don’t have enough time to get it all done?

Here’s the thing: There are so many beautiful, important things that we can and should take our time to do. Meaningful things make our personal lives, our mental health, our physical health, and our professional lives better. But the reality is, there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. We had to pick a few important things (for me it was yoga, writing and laying on a flat surface while doing nothing), and then the rest could be done or not.

In order to have and enjoy a fulfilling life, the fact of the matter is that a lot of important things go undone. It’s the collateral damage of having agency and choice in your life. Sometimes you just need to say no or reframe your expectations so you’re not constantly trying to catch up with your idea of ​​who you are. Candlestick is or what you Candlestick Accomplished.

So, this time upstream, let’s take a look at what we need to be happy. And, no matter how hard it is, try to let go of the rest. Let it be the background noise, not the creepy banging under the bed that worries you and disturbs your health. Read on for everything you should and shouldn’t do during Mercury retrograde.

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Friend Candlestick Choose your battle and what’s worth arguing.

If a decision will negatively affect your life for more than three months, you should discuss it with the parties involved. Prioritizing can be a really helpful exercise in determining if something is worth your time and energy. True strength lies in staying calm, analyzing the situation fairly, and then taking action. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of taking a deep breath and surrendering to the situation. Other times, you have to advocate for yourself. Trust that no one can do it better than you.

Friend Candlestick Not Pick up an ancient battle ax and wield it, wielding the power of your long forgotten ancestors, to invoke your birthright by slaying your enemies with one uncompromising blow.

In other words, you shouldn’t invest emotional energy in a problem that will resolve itself in time.

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Friend Candlestick wassist in entering into any contract, major decision or statement (about love and/or murder) of any kind.

We all feel so much pressure to do things quickly and accurately — when really, we often only get one or the other. Pro tip: If someone is pressuring you to make a big decision — like getting married, buying a home, or spending a lot of money on a non-FDA-approved beauty treatment — they probably don’t care. to your best interests.

Friend Candlestick Not Ideepen your truth, silently indignantly until you are sure to blow…

… Explode like a dying star and bring everyone within a 10-foot radius down with you. Speak out, act on it, invoke your truth.

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Friend Candlestick bI’m picky about who you spend your time with.

It doesn’t seem that way at times — but you really do have the power to choose who you spend your time in this world with. Obvi, there’s not much you can do with co-workers and some family members. But! You can limit the time you spend doing things that make you feel less or less stressed in any way.

Especially during Mercury retrograde, it’s important to protect your time and energy from emotional vampires or people who soar around unwittingly, knocking out soft skills. of others like a human cannonball.

Friend should not have unrealistic expectations of others who are living their own busy and stressful lives.

Or expect any person to fulfill all of your social and/or emotional needs. It’s on friendHoney.

A version of this article appeared in October 2020.

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