Midterm election 2022: GOP predicts midterm wins

More than 39 million voted in a election will determine the control of the National Assembly and the key governors.

Miami – President Joe Biden attacked the votes of the Republican party up and down nationwide when those who refused to vote for political violence, while his predecessor, Donald Trump, called for Voters opposed “the increasing tutoring regime” on the last Sunday before the midterm elections could reshape Washington’s power balance.

At the end of the 5 -day campaign, 4 days lasting with the evening protest at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers, New York, Biden won the championship with the Governor of Democratic Party Kathy Hochul. She is locked in a close race with Senator Lee Zeldin, who is seeking to become the state’s first Gop Government since George Pataki left his office in 2006.

The president said hundreds of Republican candidates for state, federal and local positions were “those who refused to vote, who said that I did not win the election, even though hundreds of The challenging efforts have failed, even in the Republican courts. ”

Biden said that for those who refused, “There are only two results for any election: either they win or they are deceived.”

Biden said the Republican party members were willing to condolences last year’s uprising at the US Capitol and that, after the recent attack on Paul Pelosi, the husband of Nancy Pelosi, some people. In that party, it was “light -handed” or “defended”.

“There has never been a time in my career that we honor violence based on political preferences,” the president said.

More than 39 million people voted early in the race on Tuesday, the race will determine the control of the National Assembly and the key governors – the first national election since a crowd overthrowed Capitol. Earlier on Sunday, when Trump spoke to supporters in Miami, a reference to the House of the House of Representatives reminded the saying “Lock her again!” – A clear reminder of each other’s extent.

Trump is hoping that a powerful GOP displayed on the election day will motivate the 2024 race that he is expected to boot this month.

“I might have to do it again, but pay attention,” Trump said, teasing an event that he had to the Republican Senate candidate in Ohio, JD Vance, on Monday. “We have a big, big protest. Follow it for tomorrow night.”

Trump also told the crowd that “every American loves freely and loves to understand that the time to stand up against this growing tyrannical regime is right now”, and call for supporters. His household rejected “the extreme crazy people of the left” and added that the Spaniards would be strong for the GOP candidates.

Senator Marco Rubio joined Trump at the protest when he searched for re -election. Not attending the event in Miami is the Republican Governor of Florida, Ron Desantis, who is elected to be elected against the Democratic Party member Charlie Crist and is considered by many to be Trump’s most formidable opponent if he Also participated in the race to the White House.

Instead, Desantis organized his own events, separately on Sunday in another area of ​​the state, where he was trapped in the focus of his re -election campaign, including the fact that Against the rules of CIVI-19 vaccine and “awakening” in schools and other areas of society. The governor’s political programming has avoided offensive to Trump – which means that it does not bring double -handed events in 2024 that may occur in his near future and Trump.

Trump said Sunday that Florida would “re -elected Ron Desantis as your governor.” But he was more confronted in a protest in Pennsylvania on Saturday night, calling the Governor of Florida “Ron Desanctimonious.”

It was a smoldering competition for more than a year when Desantis has taken increasingly daring steps to enhance his national reputation and build a wide fundraising network.

Trump is still the most popular character in the Republican Party. However, many supporters of him were still eager with the prospect of Desantis who could run, considering him as a natural successor of Trump, without the former president’s significant political negativity.

Meanwhile, for the nationwide democratic party members, the focus is the fate of their narrow control over the House of Representatives and the Senate, may disappear after the third day.

New York Senator Sean Patrick Maloney, head of the Democratic Party campaign, is in a fierce competition for his chair. But he emphasized on Sunday that the Democratic Party “will do better than what people think in Tuesday,” added that his Party is “not perfect” but “we are adults who are responsible for trusting. into this democracy ”.

“I think this race is almost a razor and I think all those who are interested in extremeism in this ‘maga’ movement – racial discrimination, anti -Jewishism, violence – Need to go out and vote and that is not only a democratic party member, it is independent and fair -The Republican members have intentional, “Maloney told NBC” Meet the Press “, mentioning the slogan. “Make the great American back” by former President Donald Trump.

Voters can reprimand the White House and National Assembly in the context of increasing inflation, concerns about crimes and pessimism on the direction of the country. History shows that the ruling party will be significantly damaged in the middle of the term.

On one weekend, there are also democratic protests of former President Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, First Lady Jill Biden attended church ceremonies while campaigning in Houston on the owner of Houston. Japan. Like her husband and his predecessors, she said that the democracy itself was in the ballot.

She said: “There are so many things that are threatened in this election. “We have to speak up about justice and democracy.”

Traveling in Chicago, Vice President Kamala Harris also has a similar tone, saying, “The attacks on our democracy will not only directly affect the people around our country. but possibly worldwide.”

Trump has long declared the truth that he lost the 2020 election because of democratic party members cheating and even began to improve the likelihood of election fraud this year. Federal intelligence agencies are warning about the possibility of political violence from extremely righteous elements.

Ronna McDaniel, Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican Party, said the Democratic Party is “those who deny inflation”, trying to deviate from the other party’s assessment of the Party is anti -democratic because they rejected the end. The result of the free and fair presidential election by 2020 just because Trump lost.

“If we regain the House of Representatives and the Senate, it is the American people tell Joe Biden, we want you to work on our behalf and we want you to work all the way to solve problems. We are resolving, ”McDaniel told CNN” State of the Union. “

Lee Sauders, chairman of the State, district and American Federation of Staff, the National Largest Association of Employees, has traveled around the country to mobilize democratic party members. He said, “It will be difficult, it will be very difficult, but we do not give up hope.”

“It is obvious that people are worried about the economy,” Saunders said. “


https://www.king5.com/article/news/nation-world/republicans-predicts-midterm-wins-biden-warns-of-democracy-threats/507-d88a979c-e0a0-4f69-b3c5-c25575f3cf0e Midterm election 2022: GOP predicts midterm wins

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