Midterms: What would Republican House look like under Biden?

In the modern era, the party in power to the White House has lost its congressional seat in virtually every midterm election for a first-term president.

WASHINGTON – Democrats have held both houses of Congress and the president for the past two years, but they may not have such unifying powers for much longer.

Republicans are backed to win the House of Representatives in the November 8 midterm elections, bolstered by economic frustrations and the advantages of a 10-year redistricting process. once. But Democrats are working hard to stand their ground, campaigning to maintain access to abortion and other issues.

The outlook is more bleak in the Senate, where Republicans are bidding to regain control. Several races in key battleground states are tight, prompting Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell to say his party’s chances of winning a majority are only 50-50.

Consider congressional control and what happens if Republicans win a majority in either house in the election:

What if control of the House is overturned?

Democrats, led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have held a majority since 2018, when they won control in then-President Donald Trump’s first midterm elections. Republicans can win back the House if they win only five seats in dozens of competing districts and they’re trying to win dozens.

History also gives Republicans reason to be optimistic. In the modern era, the party in power to the White House has lost its congressional seat in virtually every midterm election for a first-term president.

If Republicans win the House on November 8, the GOP caucus will elect a new speaker and take office on January 3, 2023. They will run every committee and decide on bills. which will be introduced to the House of Commons.

What does the House of the Republican Party look like?

House Leader Kevin McCarthy announced his “Pledge to America,” an overarching outline of the economy, border security, and other policies the GOP will propose in the early days of Congress. next.

The Republicans’ return to power in the House would be a victory for Trump, who has resisted Democratic-led efforts to hold him accountable for the Capitol uprising on May 6. January 2021. The vast majority of Republicans expected to return to Washington next year, along with most of those hoping to win a first term, are loyal to Trump and have followed his example in their policies and positions.

Among those allies are far-right members like Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who has been stripped of her committee duties by Democrats for her radical rhetoric but will be a part of the majority government in the GOP House of Representatives. Greene was behind McCarthy when he introduced “Pledge to America” ​​in Pennsylvania last month.

What does the GOP house mean for Biden?

Democrats’ priorities like accessing abortion, tackling climate change, and tighter gun control would immediately be pushed aside. And most, if not all, of President Joe Biden’s agenda will be in effect for the final two years of his term.

However, nothing becomes law without Biden’s signature. Bills to fund the government, raise the debt ceiling, and solve military problems are necessary for the government to function. Those bills are likely to become the focus of negotiations between the GOP, Democrats and the White House.

Biden, who has served in the Senate for decades, often advertises his bipartisan credentials and says he wants to work with Republicans. But there would be little appetite for that in a GOP Congress that has made opposing Biden their top priority.

What about the Senate?

Although the Senate could tilt either way after the midterm elections, the majority party is still likely to be the least profitable. That means Biden should be able to find a little more common ground there, no matter who’s in charge. Much of Biden’s legislative achievements while in office are a by-product of bipartisan negotiations in the Senate.

However, the Republican-led Senate could pass bills submitted by the GOP House, putting political pressure on Biden. And the GOP will regain control of the committees and with it, the power to conduct investigations and monitor the government.

The Republican Senate could also make life difficult for Biden by blocking or delaying the passage of presidential judicial and executive branch candidates.

What if the Democrats win?

If Democrats win the Senate and Republicans win the House, the two houses will be hard-pressed to find much in common. But Republicans could try to win over a censorship Democratic Senate on some legislation.

If Democrats can keep the House and Senate, they will likely restart talks on some items on Biden’s agenda that never got through, including the economic package. and his new society stalled amid internal Democratic dissension.

What does the House map look like?

The majority of House districts are non-competitive, thanks to a redistricting process that allows state legislatures to make their own congressional lines if they decide to. Many legislatures draw boundaries to the advantage of one or the other.

However, dozens of seats are still in use, including many held by Democrats, who won suburban counties in 2018, giving the party a majority that year.

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