Mike Flanagan on That Dr. Stanton Reveal & Season 2 Plans

With The Midnight Club celebrates its October 7th launch at New York Comic Con, co-creator, director, writer and executive producer Mike Flanaganexecutive producer Trevor Macyand co-creator and executive producer Leah Fong took the time to talk to us about some of the biggest moments from season one and their hopes for a second season.

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to catch the team’s outstanding new collaboration with Netflix, The Midnight Club is an adaptation of Christopher Pike Book of the same name – as well as some other pieces of his work. The story takes place in a hospice for young adults called Brightcliffe. The show introduces the place via its newest resident, Iman Bensonis Ilonka. Shortly after moving in, Ilonka learns that the other residents are members of the Midnight Club, a group that meets, tells scary stories, and also makes a sacred pact; the first to die sends a sign from beyond the grave to the others.


If you still have to watch The Midnight Clubthe first two questions of this interview are safe to read, but be sure to heed the spoiler alert from this point forward.

You can watch all 10 episodes of The Midnight Club now on Netflix, and if you’ve already done so, below enjoy Flanagan, Fong and Macy’s insight into some of the biggest moments and revelations from Season 1 and what they have planned for Season 2:

If you were at the Midnight Club what would your mug look like and what would be in it?

MIKE FLANAGAN: I’m obsessed with that Ruth’s donut cup [Codd] would have. I have one at home now. This is the best cup. But I think in reality my mug would be something super nerdy. I would try to find something that had a video game controller for a grip or something. Or it would just be a skull.

LEAH FONG: I have a really huge collection of mugs, so the ones I rotate regularly, one is a mermaid, one is a Doctor Who, one is a Bob Fosse, and the other is a thing that came in my baby’s playset, on which says, “The days are long, but the years are short.”

TREVOR MACY: That’s hard to top. I have a hand made mug that my cousin made. That would probably be the one, and chances are I’d need some whiskey.

I’m obsessed with the Flana family and the environment they create on set. Besides pure talent, what else do you need to see in a potential employee to know that this person will be a good addition to the family?

FLANAGAN: That’s a great question. You know, it’s so many different weird things. I think we’re really looking for someone who has as much fun as we do. It’s really important. It’s a job, but I think we recognize people who are there [that are] kind of grown up kids like us and that’s going to be really important.

MACY: There’s also a certain level of, you want to be able to have a beer with them, you want to have fun working with them. But there is also somehow [a fit] Because especially when Mike is directing, there’s a quirk in the way we plan, and some actors handle that better than others. Some great actors probably wouldn’t fit in as well because for the most part Mike is like a three-take director and unless you’re prepared and ready, it doesn’t usually work that well with the way we plan our shoots .

Would you like to add something?

FONG: I like being part of this family. Thanks for having me guys!

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for The Midnight Club.]Which scene in the show has changed the most from script to screen?

FLANAGAN: That’s a great question. script to screen. We were pretty good at shooting the scripts for this film. I think we did a pretty good job, but I know there’s a lot in Episode 7, “Anya,” especially in the town square where she walks past all the shops and stuff that originally came on the site crazy. We did stunts, people flew through the glass pane. Do you remember that? We had this kind of action explosion, like the car crash [Episode] 5 came back. That turned out to be more than we could deliver, so we found a simpler version of it. But I think that’s the one that’s probably changed the most.

FONG: That’s what we thought, let’s just go for it and see what we can get. So we knew things would probably change a bit, but I really love this episode.

I need to talk about the ending. heather [Langenkamp] came in earlier and she told me that she was Dr. Stanton’s true identity was discovered shortly after filming began. So at what point did you all figure out that your path leads there?

FLANAGAN: We had that in the writing room. We didn’t tell Heather initially. She was more interested in talking about the early parts of the season. And I kinda wanted to make sure their baseline on Stanton was done before we got into stuff like that. They don’t want the way she approaches a scene to change. But yeah, that was one of the big twists that we were looking forward to.

I talked about [this] with Heather and explained to you before we started recording that interpretations can vary, that’s very exciting and that’s a big part of why your shows in general often stick in my mind long after I’ve seen them have. But you might have a different feeling depending on what type of day you’re having, so are you in a positive Stanton day or a nefarious Stanton day?

FLANAGAN: The beauty of that is that I think both of them can easily survive into season two. And if we do get a second season I don’t want to spoil that because we have a great answer that we’re ready to show. If we don’t get a second season, we’ll be posting it all over Twitter and everyone will be able to see what we’re up to.

Was it a different thought process for you this time because the other shows were very strictly one-and-done? Was it a very different way of working with Netflix because you knew you wanted to move on?

FLANAGAN: This is the first time we’ve designed anything to be continuous, and it’s weird. It’s a whole new vibe because you want the season to come to an end and be satisfying, but you have to leave enough on the field that people might want to come back so negotiations are difficult. And usually we’re done with a show [and] we can talk about it It’s in the past. With this one, we have no idea if it’s going to come back or if we’re going to make more, so it’s all very exciting for us. We experience the excitement for a change. It is fun.

FONG: Hopefully we could have some nice emotional arcs that fill themselves, but then mythological stuff, that’s all – you’ll have to wait and see.

Would Midnight Club season 2 take place immediately after the events of season 1 or will there be some sort of time warp?

FLANAGAN: There wouldn’t be a huge time jump. A lot of our characters don’t have that much time to burn, so I think we’d be pretty close to where we left off.

I didn’t have the heart to ask if there would be a new cast, so I praised it differently!

FLANAGAN: That’s the thing about this show, if it goes on there has to be a new cast, and they have to come in one at a time as people leave.

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