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How much privacy should kids and teens get when it comes to their cell phones? That’s the big question currently being discussed on the parenting subreddit. A mother took to the platform to share her personal situation with her son and his phone, and now users are taking it very seriously.

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The mother started by explaining that her 17-year-old wouldn’t give her his password for his old phone, after she asked to reset it and send it back. “He insists he has nothing to hide but I’ve looked through his phone before and found swear words and texts between his friends that he doesn’t want me to see,” she said. write. “Before he went to school, I asked him for the password, he told me no, and then he turned it off so it was locked.”

After that interaction, her son sent her a text message. He explains that he has no secrets on his phone but doesn’t want to give her access to his entire digital life. He also notes that she has betrayed his trust in the past.

“Just because I don’t want you to read my private messages and invade my privacy (like you did) doesn’t mean I’m hiding something,” he explained. “That’s called a boundary and in case you’re wondering why I don’t trust you since you’ve hacked into my private messages and pictures before, and not to make sure I don’t get in trouble. , you are not worried about me. , you just want to snoop. “

His mother still cares. “He was very secretive when I picked up his phone, and then tried to get it back from me,” she wrote to the Reddit community. “Should I be worried?”

General consensus? Her son was old enough to have all the privacy he wanted.

One person commented: “He’s only a few months old and he’s already shy to become an adult. “…If he’s 9 or even 13, I’ll be by your side. But at 17? Hell, in my state they’re not even required to stay at home with their parents. They can legally ‘escape’ anywhere in the state.”

Another added that they were more concerned with the mother’s relationship with her son than his relationship with her phone. “You are very worried about things going wrong here,” the user wrote. “Trust and respect in a relationship is very difficult to build and it seems like you have done a lot of work to destroy it by denying any son any privacy and overreacting. with very small mistakes like swearing. If you want a relationship with your son, I encourage you to really listen to him and try to treat him like a young person. “

In this particular case, the 17-year-old son is almost an adult and – unless there’s some really serious, tangible reason to worry – enjoys his digital privacy. On the other hand, younger children may need more close supervision to ensure their own safety. So here’s the big question: how do you handle phone privacy when it comes to your kids?

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