Moon Knight Actors Joked About Jake Lockley Getting Layla Pregnant

Moonlight KnightThe finale featured May Calamawy’s transformation of Layla into the MCU’s Scarlet Scarab as well as the proper debut of Oscar Isaac’s Jake Lockley. Although the episode didn’t actually give Layla a superhero name, Marvel Studios later revealed the Scarlet Scarab title for the character. In fact, Layla’s suit resembles a scarab artifact that is integral to the plot of the show’s main storyline.

Calamawy addresses her big personality change in the finale, admitting that “this is an honor” represent the Middle East with a new superhero. The Moonlight Knight The actress also revealed her dream character, saying that it would be fun to work with Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange and Mahershala Ali’s Blade.


Now, the MCU rookie has shared more interesting details about Scarlet Scarab and is also toying with the idea of ​​meeting Jake Lockley in the future.

Moon Knight Couple confused

Layla and Moon Knight

Moonlight Knight star May Calamawy sat down with Inverse to talk about Layla and her Marvel future.

When asked if Layla has a chance to meet Jake Lockley in the future, Calamawy joked about the idea of ​​her MCU character being pregnant with Lockley’s child, revealing that Oscar Isaac and herself had joked about the possibility. that ability is transparent Moonlight Knight practise:


“God, it’s like three people in there! We used to come up with a lot of jokes as we rehearsed each episode.” Like, wouldn’t it be fun if Layla was pregnant with Jake’s child? “Looks like we’ll have to wait and see what magic happens if, and when, we get to continue this story.”

In Marvel Comics, Jake Lockley was actually pregnant with Marlene, Marc Spector’s love interest. In the MCU, Layla was inspired by the character Marlene in the comics. Transparent Moon Knight #190 (2016), Diatrice Alraune’s daughter Lockley and Marlene made her debut. Marlene’s daughter is also hidden by both Marc and Steven:

Moon Knight #190

In the comic strip above, Diatrice actually identifies Marc as “Uncle Jake.”

Transparent Moonlight KnightEventually, Layla became the Avatar of the Egyptian Goddess Taweret, taking the title Scarlet Scarab. When asked what it means to describe an Egyptian superhero, Calamawy admitted that “attractive,” says that her hair plays an important role in “what helps me get into the character:”


“It’s fun. The hair is one aspect that helps me get into the character. I told the hair and makeup artist that I wanted to leave my hair alone. It needed to be curly and it needed to be big. Me too. so they bought me a hairpin that has all of my hair in the front and a clip in the back and it really protects my hair. You can’t focus on continuity with curly hair Can’t have that. If I just lay on it, it will look different the next minute Whereas with straight hair you can sleep on it and the day after, they’re like, which is great.”

The Marvel actress also discussed her research into the history of the Scarlet Scarab comics. Calamawy revealed that the character’s motivation is “quite political” and a “true supporter” for Egypt:

“He’s a true supporter for his country and a fighter for Egypt. He fights for what he feels is right and it doesn’t matter who crosses his path. It’s pretty political when you read it.”

Calamawy also points out that she originally wanted all of the Scarlet Scarab’s powers as if taking someone else’s powers. However, the actress shared that Marvel “willfully” to keep the Scarlet Scarab’s powers a secret so future projects can expand on them:

“It’s funny because I want all of his power. He can take power from other people he’s fighting and take their power. He can fly. I said. , ‘Guys, I want all of this! I think they intentionally wanted to keep the Scarlet Scarab’s powers a secret so they could be expanded. “

Will Jake Lockley and Layla meet under the line?

May Calamawy’s joke about Layla being fed by Jake Lockley could be a tease about the final meeting of both characters in the future. While it’s safe to assume the actress’ joke wasn’t taken seriously, the prospect of seeing Layla as the mother of Lockley or Steven Grant, or the child of Marc Spector is very high, especially after what the couple has done. experience Moonlight Knightof the first run.


It’s a natural progression for Layla and Spector’s story to end with a future child, but given the character’s status as Scarlet Scarab, it looks like fans will need to wait a little longer. before becoming pregnant. At this point, Layla is still unaware of Jake Lockley’s existence, and she will most likely be caught off guard once again by this revelation.

Given Layla’s status as a new hero, it’s possible that she would disagree with Lockley’s murderous actions beyond continuing to serve Khonshu without Spector or Grant knowing. If Moonlight Knight Returning for a second season, the show was then able to explore the ramifications of Lockley’s ruthless and cruel approach, thus leading to Layla finding a way to tell the other two about the dangerous new personality.

Calamawy’s passion for portraying Scarlet Scarab is a step in the right direction, mainly because it will eventually translate to her on-screen appearance. At this point, it’s unknown how well Scarlet Scarab fits into the MCU’s grand scheme of things in Phase 4 and beyond, but Marvel Middle East fans will have someone they can contact in the future. when setting the stage for greater representation.


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