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When someone misspelled your name, it could be annoying (my name is Sydni – trust me, I get it). Usually, the misspelling on your Starbucks mug or from random emails is NBD, but when someone repeatedly misspelled your name – especially someone you know – it can be downright rude. A mom on Reddit is “going crazy” over the way her mother-in-law spells her one-year-old son’s name.


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“MIL won’t spell my baby’s name correctly and it drives me crazy,” the mother wrote on the Parenting subreddit.

“So for about a year now, my MIL has misspelled my son’s name,” she explains. “His name is not uncommon. Not very common, but you might know someone with the name. It is also spelled the traditional way. Nothing fancy. If his name is ‘Tyler’, she will spell it ‘Tylur.’

It’s strange that a child’s grandmother doesn’t bother to spell his name correctly, isn’t it? OP thinks so, that’s why she pointed out the correct spelling over and over again.

“It wasn’t a great deal,” she added, “but my husband and I both told her many times how to spell his name, she just refused! I don’t understand! ”

She added, “He had things with his name on them that she had seen, held, and commented on. I know I can’t stop her, but it drives me crazy every time I text her. I don’t want to show her things because she will spell his name wrong… this is the last part of my words. ”

Reddit has been divided over her motivations. Is this intentionally rude or a case of memory or language problems?

One person wrote, “So I don’t advocate extensively but I have dyslexia and this is something I obsess over and I’m sure I still mess up all the time.”

Another asked, “Does she have a problem overall? I can certainly see some of my family members doing this, and just being forgotten. Like my son’s name has an A and people write it with an E even if they’ve seen it before. Some people are not good at languages, so is there any chance that is happening? “

And OP replied: “She is an English major. This is purely intentional. If there’s something about the language, it doesn’t bother me one bit. “

The mother also clarified in a comment that this is not a medical issue or a joke with her mother-in-law. “It wasn’t even a joke, she just ignored it. She ignores us! We confront her and she says “oh okay, I thought you spelled it this way”. And that’s it, she never corrects the behavior! It’s annoying, but, I can totally see it as a controlling thing for her. She likes the name she says, but not the spelling I guess.”

“My grandma did this to me,” another commented. “I have a common name that has two acceptable spellings. She thought my parents chose the wrong way so she always wrote it her way on all my cards and stuff. Woe to me. ”

Another shared the story of how their grandparents always misspelled their names “in new and interesting ways (extra letters, missing letters, double wrong letters, etc.)” They decided do not contact them. “I don’t miss them,” they wrote. “They care so little about me that they can’t spell my name correctly which is really heartbreaking. I still remember that and it still hurts.”

OP commented on this story and said she can use it as an example to her mother-in-law. “I can show this scenario to her later, whenever we tackle the spelling problem again,” she said. “I know she just wants to upset us, she loves my son so much. If I told her it could be damaging to the grandma/grandchild relationship, I think it might actually get her to really fix her mistake. I’m sorry they did that to you and I hope you’re healthy now.”

I hope the mother-in-law doesn’t be petty with her nephew’s name – ruining the relationship because this must be very sad!

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blank Mother-In-Law Refuses to Spell Grandson’s Name Correctly on Reddit – SheKnows

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