My best man broke a golden rule in his speech & our wedding became chaos, I left early but my family say I’m ‘immature’

The newlyweds split opinions after revealing they left the wedding early because they didn’t get enough attention from the guests.

The 30-year-old groom admitted that he and her husband, 34, felt out of place after the best man stole the spotlight by breaking etiquette during their speech.

A man expresses his disappointment after being proposed by his best man during his wedding speech


A man expresses his disappointment after being proposed by his best man during his wedding speechCredit: Getty

He wrote a long article on Reddit explained that all their wedding plans were cut short after the best man chose to propose to his girlfriend.

He said no one noticed that they had left the ceremony because they were all focused on asking the DJ to play emotional songs.

He wrote: “We are having a happy wedding until the speech comes out.

“Now I think it’s common sense not to do this, but during his best man’s speech, he decided to propose to his girlfriend. She said yes and all hell broke loose.

“Since then, no one has noticed me, my husband, nor the time of the event.

“People started eating early, speeches were cut short after he proposed, and most of all he asked the DJ to play ‘their song’ for him and his girlfriend.

“That prompted a whole bunch of couples to do the same.

“For about three hours, only couples run up to the DJ to play ‘their song’ and take over the dance floor.

“Finally, when my husband and I had a chance to dance, everyone was too tired and didn’t pay attention, so they went to eat instead.

“After a few hours, I told my husband I didn’t really want to be here anymore and he agreed.

“When we finally left, the only people we said goodbye to were our parents. No one even realized we were gone.”

He revealed that attendees started calling angrily complaining about his decision to leave without saying goodbye.

“Three days after the wedding, one of my cousins ​​asked me when I was leaving the wedding because she never had to say goodbye,” he said.

“I told her we were leaving early because no one was paying attention and caring enough. She said yes and hung up.

“Now we get calls from all our relatives saying that we are immature and need to be more cheerful.

“The fact that we should be happy with our wedding makes everyone this romantic. So AITA [am I the a**hole]?”

Commenters reassured the couple that it was their right to leave the wedding and suggested that the best man was trying to turn it into an engagement party.

One person wrote: “NTA [not the a**hole]. It is extremely rude to propose at someone else’s wedding because this is exactly what will happen.

“Your wedding was robbed. They have a free engagement party, which is terrible. I’m sorry that your special day was ruined.”

Another commented: “The groomsmen propose to his girlfriend at your wedding – which is supposed to be a celebration between you and your partner – without asking your permission is a very bad thing.

“He could choose any other time/place to propose, but choose to do it at your wedding? Huge NTA [not the a**hole].”

The third person said: “NTA [not the a**hole]- It sounds horrible. I wouldn’t see a problem with maybe one or two people asking for a song.

“However, it is wrong to propose at someone’s wedding and then have so many people spend that day with them.

“It’s sad that no one realizes you left early until someone asks.”

Fourth writer: “NTA [not the a**hole] I’m going to start using their wedding to announce the pregnancy, the holidays, the promotion at work, my new car, the lottery win, I really am such a petty person.”

Another added: “Proposing at someone else’s wedding is an act of advertising.

“I am the traditional type, do not wear red and black clothes, only the bride in white does not overwhelm the happy couple.

“People seem to enjoy more rights these days.”

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One Reddit user said: “NTA [not the a**hole].

“Send the groomsman a bill for half the cost of his engagement party.”

The man said his family called him'immature' for leaving the wedding early


The boy said his family called him ‘immature’ because he left the wedding earlyCredit: Getty

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