Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for your career and bank balance in 2023

ARE YOU THINKING about taking the plunge and making a career change this year?

Or maybe your new resolution is to top up your bank balance.

Mystic Meg consulted the stars to find out what's in store for 2023


Mystic Meg consulted the stars to find out what’s in store for 2023

To help you make the right decisions, Mystic Meg consulted the stars to find out what’s in store for you in terms of jobs and money in 2023.

ARIES March 21 to April 20

CAREER: So many career plans can come to fruition in 2023, so stay focused.

Saturn suggests spring brainstorming with friends will be successful if you combine skills.

Starting in March, a role that helps people overcome fears or achieve their dreams would be a good fit for you.

CASH REGISTER: This is a key year to believe in your ability to manage your own money.

From February to March, you’ll discover smart investing in unlikely places. and from June to September, creative pursuits bring profits.

CHANCE: Jupiter in your sign encourages risk taking until mid-May.

Taurus April 21 to May 21

CAREER: As the year begins, watch your ambition and stop denying your own dreams.

A “K” celebrity circle will open up for you and you should seriously consider podcasting or filmmaking.

CASH REGISTER: A Christmas present can double if you do your research, and until April 11th you’ll be in a league of your own.

Properties with a “P” family connection can make more money in the summer.

CHANCE: Any group or organization associated with the number four can prove profitable.

TWINS May 22nd to June 21st

CAREER: A job while traveling or on two different continents may be on your radar before Easter.

Saturn supports realistic ambitions year-round and helps you reconnect with a creative ex-colleague.

CASH REGISTER: Pooling finances with friends or family increases potential gains in February.

Put a cash deal on hold until the third offer—then say yes.

You can actively search for a forever home until October.

CHANCE: Teams of 11 in spring and items sold in dozens in summer are some good luck charms for 2023.

CANCER June 22 to July 22

CAREER: You start working with your true talents and stray from an easier path.

This may result in an additional study in March and a special trip in June.

Pluto matches you with a brilliant partner in October.

CASH REGISTER: A skill you haven’t previously converted into extra income comes into its own in May.

A summer of cash solutions and surprises follows, as well as a seat at one of the best celebrity tables.

CHANCE: Aim as high as you can at the start of the year when Jupiter is on fire.

Friends’ names and numbers are combined for good fortune, while a full moon around September 29 sharpens the winning instinct.

LEO July 23 to August 23

CAREER: Saturn makes you a career chameleon that fits in anywhere.

You start with the sly Mercury in your workspace and things get better throughout the year as you identify and seize opportunities.

CASH REGISTER: You’re a natural at self-promotion and cash teams look to you for dramatic but reliable cash movements.

From May, health-oriented people and products from the East can make you richer.

CHANCE: Number one, solo challenges, and July-born can all be lucky for Leo.

Pluto encourages a total U-turn in contest entries from March through mid-June, so do and say the opposite of your usual.

VIRGO August 24th to September 22nd

CAREER: Tear up predictable plans as Pluto propels you into unlikely areas of work, from the circus to the stage.

Saturn stabilizes your year with an uncanny ability to choose perfect people to work for or with.

CASH REGISTER: In April/May, Mercury will establish extensive links to “R” people and places, and in August/September you will reap the rewards.

November 8th is a personal turning point when a key money document can be signed.

CHANCE: Number 12 and meetings scheduled for December or around 12 o’clock can all increase Virgo happiness levels.

LIBRA Sept 23 to Oct 23

CAREER: You may find early 2023 volatile as you explore options and realize your true capabilities.

But on March 7th you are on your way.

Saturn helps to stay focused throughout the year and accelerate career advancement.

CASH REGISTER: The financial planet Venus helps you to see advantages for the many instead of the few and to distribute profits unselfishly.

But look twice at a real estate proposal from June.

CHANCE: Instinctive responses work well in April and December, while Jupiter chooses May and June as Gold Star investing months.

Number 11 and a dark red room can be your lucky charms.

SCORPIO October 24th to November 22nd

CAREER: No more playing it safe, this musical or artistic career may be close.

The key is to believe in yourself, and Saturn reinforces this.

Mars reaches its ambitions in late May and its makeover energy in October.

CASH REGISTER: Taking the time to read all the information really pays off.

Mercury sets up a secret stash that you can access in November – and double in December.

June 4 brings a profit boost.

CHANCE: Supporting a creative opportunity before May yields great collaborations for the rest of the year.

Number ten, political names and a place where objects are restored can bring good luck to Scorpio.

SAGITTARIUS November 23rd to December 21st

CAREER: A real estate based job or a smart way to monetize your address can be part of your 2023 work profile.

Saturn brings nerves of steel and confidence in your abilities. Connect to “D” contacts.

CASH REGISTER: Act financially instead of waiting and watching.

Do your homework in February and start at “B” in May. Be ready to push boundaries by early October.

CHANCE: Dare to choose numbers and names.

September dates and the number nine in addresses or ticket series can be significant.

CAPRICORN December 22 to January 20

CAREER: You have a unique flair for inspiring, teaching and entertaining others, while filming yourself can lead to fame.

You also have the ability to share your personal savings or spending experiences.

CASH REGISTER: Start the year with Pluto power and a greater willingness to talk money to end it richer.

Forgo rigid budgets in March and stay flexible.

The summer sun inspires a savvy sales spree.

CHANCE: Jupiter links music to cash so you hear connections others miss.

The number eight revolves around luck.

AQUARIUS January 21 to February 18

CAREER: You have Mars Boost for the first three months to reconnect with former bosses and speed through training.

Mercury helps you speak smartly and fit right into any role from June through October.

CASH REGISTER: When Saturn moves into your money zone, don’t play it safe.

Take risks, but only after research.

A local heritage in May, intergenerational investments in June and three options in October make 2023 sing.

CHANCE: From March to June Disruptor Pluto attracts with extraordinary offers.

Number Seven”, newlyweds and a place where two rivers meet can bring good luck.

PISCES February 19 to March 20

CAREER: Uncertainty turns to confidence as work leader Saturn moves into Pisces in March for the remainder of 2023.

Time to celebrate your true abilities and follow your heart.

Finally, success comes on your terms.

CASH REGISTER: A spring double new moon refreshes your prospects – they’re ready to start over and over again to reap the right rewards.

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CHANCE: Jupiter offers prizes for pairs or parent-child pairs, as well as a prize mix of six-numbered and three-lettered words or three-part names. Mystic Meg reveals what the stars have in store for your career and bank balance in 2023

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