NBA legend wants Warriors fans to view him like Roman Reigns

Charles Barkley and the Golden State Warriors fan base feuded in the Western Conference finals. But Barkley just wants his fans to recognize him as WWE Champion Roman Reigns.

With the Warriors and Dallas Mavericks squaring off in the Western Conference finals, the “Inside the NBA” team covered the series.

During the broadcasts, Golden State fans mocked the NBA legend, but Barkley was not bothered by the fans. Barkley talked about his relationship with Warriors fans on an episode of “The Ryen Russillo Podcast.”

“I hate their fans, and we have a lot of give and take, and that doesn’t bother me as long as … people react to your opinions,” Barkley said. “You’re doing what you’re supposed to do on television. I mean, your job is to make sure people enjoy the sport.”

Barkley believes his work on television is about reacting and letting Warriors fans recognize him like he’s Roman Reigns.

“Hopefully you have good games, but when you’re a broadcaster or analyst – whoever I am, I’m not sure what the hell I am – you want people to respond to what you have to say. So whether they boo me or cheer me on as long as I’m like Roman Reigns, as long as they acknowledge me, I’m doing my job.”

While Barkley may not have wanted the reaction fans had for him in Game 1, he got it. The 11-time All-Star player is no stranger to wanting his fans to recognize him.

After the events of Game 1 on Wednesday, Barkley may not have any problems with Golden State Warriors fans recognizing him.

Charles Barkley made Golden State Warriors fans recognize him with his stage antics

Charles Barkley received a response from fans during their pregnancy.
Charles Barkley received a response from fans during their pregnancy.

On “The Ryen Russillo Podcast,” Charles Barkley made it clear that he wants a reaction from fans, so he doesn’t care how it happens.

During the game show for Game 1 of the Western Conference finals, Barkley angered Warriors fans by showing his support for the Mavericks.

Barkley’s endorsement of the Mavericks led to a night of back and forth between the 11-time All-Star and the San Francisco fans.

If Game 1 is a sign of things to come in the relationship between Barkley and fans, then Charles will get plenty of acknowledgment before the series ends.

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