Need a heat wave cooldown? Try these 7 frozen desserts

Labor Day, a celebration of the achievements of American workers, has also come to mark the unofficial end of summer even as here in Southern California temperatures could continue to soar to three degrees. number in October. This year’s Labor Day weekend will bring some of the hottest days of the year. So while summer produce may give way to autumn’s fruits and vegetables, we still need a way to cool down – especially when it comes to desserts. When wilting after a hot, muggy day, enjoy a dessert or ice cream frozen snack. Arm yourself with some recipes to help beat the heat and soothe your soul.

Espresso Granita With Cardamom Cream is a cool, refreshing coffee to enjoy a familiar cup of caffeine after dinner. And it’s surprisingly easy, and low-tech, to do. Chill some sweetened espresso; use a fork to scrape the forming ice crystals every hour or so; whipped some whipped cream with cardamom; Coat ice crystals (aka granita) with whipped cream in a fancy glass and you’ll be rewarded with a perfect iced coffee.

In the same circuit, Iced jasmine tea allows you to eat your iced tea rather than drink it. Follow the granita style above or put your tea blend in the ice cream maker and let the machine do the work for you. Try it with your favorite tea.

You can also use your ice cream maker to Devil’s Food Chocolate Ice Cream, one of the most decadent chocolate ice cream I have ever eaten. The trio of chocolate inputs – Dutch-processed cocoa powder, dark chocolate and crème de cacao – create an extremely strong chocolate taste. If you are not a former chocolate lover, you will love after eating this ice cream.

If you’re a true chocoholic, use the recipe above to make Sea Salt Cookie Ice Cream Chocolate Bread. However, feel free to use your favorite flavor of store-bought ice cream amid the chewy chocolate chip cookies that embrace it. Good aged vanilla would also be a good bet here.

For something more fruity, Nectarine-Cardamom Ice Cream It has the clean, vibrant taste of sorbet and the luxurious texture of ice cream. Containing cardamom infuses the base with a slightly floral flavor, creating an interesting contrast with the vague nectarine.

Passion fruit sorbet is a creamy, all-plant-based dessert, bursting with a distinctive passion fruit flavor prepared with just a touch of lemon and orange juice. If you prefer cold ice cream, skip the ice cream maker and use the granita method described above. Either way, you’re having an inspiring and revitalizing delicious meal.

A little more elegant than ice cream, a Frozen Blackberry Souffle will surprise your companions. It’s based on the Italian meringue, which is made by pouring hot sugar syrup into a running mixer while whisking egg whites. The heat of the syrup gently “cooks” and turns the egg whites into a smooth, lush cream. Once you’ve mastered this technique, you may never go back to traditional ice cream.

Based on Italian meringue, this frozen soup is light and airy and offers a clean, direct flavor.

Time55 minutes

yieldsServe 8 to 10

Chill out with this frozen and flaked expresso, served with some whipped cream without sugar and cardamom to balance out the sweet, rich coffee.

Time5 hours, mostly unattended

yieldsServer 6

The aroma of jasmine tea spreads out loud and clear and the silky, slightly viscous texture is just the way to end a late dinner outdoors.

Time8 minutes

yieldsServes 4 to 6

With the vibrant taste of sorbet and the luxurious texture of cream, the astringent floral scent of cardamom perfectly emphasizes the distinctive creamy taste of the nectarine.

Time2 o’clock

yieldsServe 8

Dutch made cocoa powder, 72% dark chocolate, crème de cacao, and heavy cream conspire to make this the most delicious, aromatic chocolate ice cream you’ll ever eat.

Time45 mins

yieldsGenerate 1 quart

Cookies use less sugar to sweeten the ice cream. It’s crunchy enough to contrast the creamy texture and still has a bit of chewiness in the middle.

Time1 hour plus chilling and assembly time

yieldsMakes about 18 cream puffs (36 cookies)

The passion fruit flavor is ideal in an ice-cold sorbet, the perfect dish to cool you off during a heat wave.

Time15 minutes, plus 4 and a half hours of freezing time

yieldsDo 12 Need a heat wave cooldown? Try these 7 frozen desserts

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