Nerdle game answers: What is today’s Nerdle of the day? (June 18)

Wondering what the answer to today’s mysterious Nerdle equation will be? Don’t worry we have enough hints and clues for you to guess the Nerdle game answer today for June 18, 2022.

Nerdle is a numerical iteration of the world famous word guessing game Wordle. Here you have to guess equations instead of words in a total of six attempts. However, the in-game clues can still prove tricky.

Because when it comes to numbers, there are many possibilities. If you’re scratching your head trying to guess today’s answer, don’t worry because we’ve got enough hints and tips to get you started June 18, 2022.


Basic rules for playing Nerdle

Like Wordle, Nerdle allows six tries.

Hints and Hints for Today’s Nerdle Answer (June 18)

Equations can prove harder to guess than words. If you’re unsure about today’s Nerdle answer, or you’re new to the game and wondering how to get started, read on to ease your guesses a little.

The numbers and symbols in today’s answer are:

Nine, *, 2, =, 4.6, 2, +

Hope this helped you guess today’s nerdle! If you still can’t figure it out, check out the answer below.

What’s Today’s Nerdle Answer? (18th of June)

Sometimes Nerdle’s six tries still make it hard to guess the right equation, and that’s totally okay! There’s always tomorrow and the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

In case you haven’t managed to guess the equation yet, the answer is today’s nerdle 9 * 2 + 6 = 24.

Nerdle’s unpredictability factor is quite high, as you’ll sometimes guess the answer all at once or be left completely clueless. Anyway, come back tomorrow when we have more nerdle hints and answers.

A picture of the daily nerdle for June 17, 2022

Nerdle has to figure out a brand new math equation every day.

Previous Nerdle answer list

Here’s the entire Nerdle number list from some of the past few weeks:

date Nerdle answers
17th of June 44 – 8 * 5 = 4
June 16th 6 + 1 * 5 = 11
15th June 35 / 7 + 4 = 9
14th June 249 / 83 = 3
June 13th 56 / 8 – 5 = 2
12th of June 3 + 21 / 7 = 6
June 11th
June 10th
June 9th 52 + 31 = 83
8th June 216 / 8 = 27
June 7th 14 / 7 + 4 = 6
6th of June 16 / 4 – 4 = 0
June 5th 7 – 4 + 8 = 11
June 4th 1 * 3 + 8 = 11
3rd of June 96+9=105
2th of June 12-4-2=6
June 1st 8/16*6=3
31. May 103-97=6
30th May 45-30=15
May 29th 96/8-8=4
28th of May 5*7-26=9
May 27th 48/8/1=6
May 26 11+5-8=8
25. May 4+1*8=12
May 24th 8-25/5=3
23. May 81-68=13
May 22 301/43=7
May 21st 96-17=79
May 20th 99*4=396
May 19th 49-9*5=4
May 18th 18/6+6=9
17th of May 5*49=245
May 16th 14+46=60
May 15th 98-19=79
May 14th 74+25=99
May 13th 6*5/15=2
12th of May 7*82=574
May 11th 357/7=51
10th of May 44-5*7=9
May 9th 9+6*4=33
8th of May 5*4-4=16
May 7th 75-9*8=3
May 6th 12/6+7=9
5th of May 8-13+6=1
May 4th 2*6*1=12
May 3rd 1.12.3 = 4
2.May 57-19=38
1st of May 62-52=10

Frequently Asked Nerdle Questions

What is nerd?

Nerdle is a guessing game similar to Wordle, but here you have to form a basic math equation using numbers and symbols. What Wordle and Nerdle have in common is that you get overall six attempts to guess the correct answer.

How do you play nerds?

To play Nerdle, follow these simple steps to get started with your first game:

  • Go to the official Nerdle website.
  • You will be brought to the Daily challenge page.
  • That’s it! Your game begins and you can continue guessing today’s nerdle equation.

Tips and tricks for playing Nerdle

A near-perfect approach to Nerdle can go a long way in maintaining your game streak. Here are some basic tips to help you in your daily journey:

  • For the first guess, use as many numbers as possible. This sets your flow for the rest of the equation, making it easier for you to guess the answer.
  • For the second guess, use two or more symbols to get a clearer picture of the answer.
  • Try to fine-tune your answer with the numbers and symbols color correction hints.

That’s all for today’s daily nerdle answers. Check back tomorrow for more tips and hints, and if you want to explore similar guessing games, visit our hub for some of the best Wordle-like games.

Daily Wordle Answers | Daily Dordle Answers | What is Today’s Global Answer? Nerdle game answers: What is today’s Nerdle of the day? (June 18)

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