New Han Solo Book Is Every Star Wars Fan’s Dream

If you are looking for a 241 page beautifully illustrated expertly researched book Chronicle of the history of Han Solo, Star Wars Icons: Han Solo by Gina McIntyre it is. But that’s not all that makes the book great.

The book follows the character of Han Solo from start to finish, from every angle imaginable, with insights not only from the author but also from those directly involved. people like Harrison Ford himselfLawrence Kasdan, Alden Ehrenreich, Mark Hamill, Peter Mayhew, JJ Abrams and many others. Basically anything else you can think of George Luke and the late Carrie Fisher.

McIntyre dives deep behind the scenes of the war of stars Movies, get in the comicsNovels, Expanded Universe, New Canon, video games, prequels, sequels, whatever, up to and including The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. But as fascinating as it all is, that’s not what makes the book so excellent.

What makes the book great are the little things. The fact that it goes the extra mile. That there is literally a piece of early Han Solo merchandise (in the form of a sticker) on a page that talks about early Han Solo merchandise. That in the section about the release of Solo: A Star Wars Storythere is a replica badge from the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story. To convey how conceptual art is translated into reality, the book regularly includes an extra element glued to the top of the regular page for the reader to turn over and examine with their own hands.

Then there are the incredible photos. Of course, you’ve seen some of them before. But others feel new and fresh because either they are or because they are alternate versions of these familiar images. One picture was taken seconds after the other from the same photoshoot. Or a quick look at what’s happening between takes of a classic scene. The whole book lets the reader look at Han Solo and war of stars both as we know them and from a slightly alternative perspective.

Here are just a few things we love from the book.

Star Wars Icons: Han Solo works chronologically. So during the development section of the first film, we see things like Ralph McQuarrie’s original design of the Millennium Falcon rely on the final design. To show things like that, we made GIFs.

Everyone knows this iconic image by Han, Leia and Luke. But as mentioned, this book gives you recognizable photos with a twist. So here’s one you might not have seen off set A new hope.

We’ve seen this famous promo shot by Han and Chewie in front of the Millennium Falcon. But have you ever seen the whole photoshoot? The book has a number of them in a fold-out section.

As mentioned above, sometimes if there is a chapter on commodities, the book will contain actual commodities. And although this is a scan, this sticker is in the book and can be used.

Go on The Empire Strikes BackYou’ll get great behind-the-scenes footage like this one from Harrison Ford drives a snow vehicle.

Here’s a slate showing how director Irvin Kershner took a storyboard and interpreted it for the film.

There are so many incredible photos out there like this one of Ford hanging around filming the carbonite scene.

When the book talks about a war of stars radio script, it offers not just one script page, but two.

Here is a wonderful photo of Ford reading engine Magazine on the set of Return of the Jedi. Only Han Solo. read a magazine

post Office jedi, the book gets caught up in Han’s life in the expanded universe. Here is a fold out of some of Drew Struzan’s artwork from these books.

There are certainly extensive chapters on this war of stars Return, The Force Awakens and even some The Last Jedi (although Han isn’t there). But the book has a really great section on it soloincluding these behind-the-scenes photos I hadn’t seen.

And another one with director Ron Howard.

There is even a replica of the pass participant of the solo Premiere given, which in turn can be removed from the page.

And then, like a final icing on the cake, the inside back cover of the book has a cover on it. And inside that envelope is this beautiful piece of art

As you can imagine, that’s exactly what it is tip of the blaster. The book gets caught in controversy like greedo shooting first as well as in questionable ways Princess Leia’s courtship declared their marriage. As for more modern themes, like L3-37s being plugged into the Falcon or the Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired from solo, The former is mentioned in passing, the latter not at all. You may very well say that this is an official, authorized narrative of this whole story.

And yet that’s okay. The book is tactile. It’s interactive. And it’s damn fascinating. Below is the cover and you can get your hands on it on April 2nd. Here is a pre-order link.

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