NFL fans react to news of Deshaun Watson meeting league officials amid suspension rumors

Cleveland Browns full-back Deshaun Watson will learn more about his playing future in 2022 this weekend, according to ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

Many believe a suspension is imminent for the former Texas defender and the question is not if, but how long the suspension will last.

With Watson reportedly set to meet with federation officials this week, we’ll soon know exactly where he stands in the upcoming season. Some fans have given their ideas on how long the hiatus could be.

One fan predicted that Watson would be suspended for a year.

This fan posted and said they bet the suspension won’t be eight games.

@ChippyPlay @JosinaAnderson @BovadaOfficial I’m willing to guess no more than 8 games. If they’re willing to listen to his opinion about something else, they can’t decide on their own. I bet 6 or less, no fight but will make a friendly bet of $50 that it’s not a year

A user named Jefe said that Watson will be banned for 6 matches.

A fan named Dana says the midfielder should not be suspended at all until all results from the civilian suits are determined.

@JosinaAnderson @BovadaOfficial There should be no suspension, until the outcome from the civil action is determined. Suspending him implies guilt and can affect perception of when these circumstances actually play out.

A fan named Richie thinks the former Texas defender will receive a nine-match ban.

One user named Joel said that this could be the first time the NFL has met the quarterback and there may be no pause. Especially after hearing the story about the midfield aspect.

@JosinaAnderson @TonyGrossi @BovadaOfficial Not sure, but I think this marks the first time the NFL will talk to Watson about this case. I don’t think anything will happen regarding the suspension. Maybe just interview him, get to know his side firsthand.

The fan says the midfielder has been sidelined for a year and the league will let him play. He also added that after winning the case, he should be treated the same.

@JosinaAnderson @BovadaOfficial Dude has finished sitting out a year. I thought he was going to have some service time and they let him play. I see they put him through a lot of counseling and classes. I’m not a Browns fan, I don’t know all the facts. He won his case in court and should be treated as such. That’s just my opinion

One fan named Matt suggested he would be suspended for six to eight weeks.

A fan named Mike says he’s praying that he gets to play in the first game of the season.

One user said they didn’t see him miss any games more than four when suspended.

Deshaun Watson Keys to Browns Super Bowl Hope

Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans
Tennessee Titans v Houston Texans

The 26-year-old is considered the missing piece in the Browns Super Bowl puzzle game. Featuring a stellar defense led by Myles Garrett, Cleveland’s attack was left out multiple times last season and many believe that was partly down to Baker Mayfield.


Now, they have a midfielder who can do it all. With Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt playing back, the 26-year-old will have plenty of options. Not to mention having Amari Cooper, Jakeem Grant and David Njoku as his companions.

In his final season in 2020, the former Clemson star threw 4,823 yards, 33 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions as the Texans finished the year with a 4-12 record.


How many games the quarterback misses, if any, will go a long way in determining the Browns’ fortunes in 2022.

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