Nutritionist reveals the 6 best chocolate bars if you’re trying to lose weight – and the ones to avoid

IT’S no secret that Britain is a nation of chocolate lovers, with eight million of us eating the sweet every day.

But there’s even more reason to celebrate because if you want to lose weight, you don’t have to miss out.

Nutritionist Sophie Trotman weighs in on the best and worst chocolate treats


Nutritionist Sophie Trotman weighs in on the best and worst chocolate treats

Instead, it’s about choosing the right chocolate that will help you save calories.

According to nutritionist Sophie Trotman, you can even get a health boost along the way.

Here are the bars she’d recommend purchasing if you’re trying to shed a few pounds—and the ones you should avoid.

In general, however, the healthiest options are lower in sugar and contain fewer highly processed ingredients such as flavors and preservatives.

The 6 healthiest chocolate bars

1. Green & Black Organic Dark Chocolate 85%

This bar has a high cocoa content, meaning it’s lower in sugar and higher in antioxidants, Sophie said.

“Dark chocolate may be more filling and help reduce the risk of overeating,” she added.

“Because it is organic, it is free of many additives and preservatives.”

Pack this bar that contains 109 calories per 18g serving Sainsbury’s for £2.45.

2. Lindt Excellence dark chocolate 90% cocoa

“Lindt’s high cocoa content ensures a lower sugar and calorie content than milk chocolate,” said Sophie.

Thanks to the rich taste, you can satisfy your cravings even with a small portion.

Two squares have just over 100 calories.

Get this one here Tesco for £2.45.

3. Moser Roth 85% Cocoa Chocolate Bars

For a cheaper option, Sophie recommends this Aldi chocolate.

It is available in five individual bars, each containing 152 calories, which “make it easy to consume in moderation.”

Get yours from Aldi for £1.39.

4. Montezuma’s Absolute Black

Sophie said: “With 100% cocoa, this chocolate contains no added sugar, making it a top choice for weight loss.”

Again, its intense flavor can curb sweet cravings, so you’re likely to be satisfied after just a small piece and not be tempted to devour a whole bar.

The nutritionist noted that “while the nutritional profile takes some getting used to, it is top notch for chocolate lovers.”

You can get this bar from Waitrose for £3.

5. Divine 70% dark chocolate

If you’re not used to the taste of dark chocolate, this is the perfect bar to get you started.

“Divine offers a slightly sweeter dark chocolate, but still maintains a good cocoa content,” said Sophie.

A 90g bar costs £2.40 Ocado.

6. Ombar 90% cocoa, organic vegan fair trade dark chocolate

According to Sophie, this chocolate bar stands out for its high cocoa and low sugar content – 3.6g of the sweet substance per bar.

Plus, it’s organic and vegan – a win-win!

You can buy this here Ocado for £2.10.

The unhealthiest chocolate bars

These bars – although popular and tasty – could stifle your weight loss progress, Sophie warned.

Here are the bars your nutritionist would stay away from if you’re trying to lose a few pounds.

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate

It may be the UK’s most popular chocolate bar, but it is also the unhealthiest and does not promote weight loss goals, Sophie said.

“Because this bar is highly processed, it contains additional preservatives and flavorings that also make it extremely tasty and very tasty,” she added.

In addition to milk and cocoa butter, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s ingredients list also contains vegetable fats, emulsifiers and flavors.

It also contains 240 calories, 25g sugar and 14g fat per 45g bar.

2. Mars candy bars

“Mars Bars combine sugar, fat and nougat, increasing the calorie content,” said Sophie.

Unlike dark chocolate, it’s easier to indulge in Mars Bars and still be hungry, she noted.

Plus, the high sugar content can cause blood sugar spikes, which can trigger sugar cravings later in the day.

A single 51g bar contains 31g of sugar and 8.1g of fat and 225 calories.

3. Nestle Aero Milk Chocolate Bars

While its fizzy consistency may seem light, a 36g bar contains 20.7g of sugar, which is about two-thirds of what an average adult should eat in a day.

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And according to MyFitnessPal, it would take 30 minutes of cycling or 20 minutes of running to burn the body.

“It lacks the benefits of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content and can be easy to consume too much.” Sophia warned.

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