Overwatch 2 beta first impressions — An unsatisfying wait

The existence of a Overwatch A “sequel” was hinted back in May 2019, at the height of a competitive boost. Overwatch League of Legends is set to become the next big e-sports event, on par with the League of Legends on viewership. What better way to catch that wave of popularity than by creating a sequel? And it wasn’t long until we were introduced Overwatch 2. Blizzard shot for the stars, branding a mere content extension as a brand new entry — something that could lead to a huge marketing blunder. However, players are still eager to try it out, and the beta is now live. But not without concerns. The Overwatch 2 The beta version could have been an exciting change, but it’s been hugely disappointing instead, especially as fans waited years for no content.

Let’s tackle the elephant in the room first before diving into the flesh of what’s trivial about Overwatch 2 in the current beta state. Players have gone years without an update to the main game, receiving only occasional deathmatch maps, skin packs, or balance patches. On top of that, the ongoing difficulties at Activision Blizzard coupled with the company culture certainly aren’t helping. Jeff Kaplan, the father of Overwatch, growing left midway through – certainly not an encouraging sight. Everything is falling apart like a house of cards, and there was a time when it seemed Overwatch 2 will not appear at all.

But here we are, three years later. Three years later, after the original game, left in a derelict state where the only new content we got were non-competitive issues. The game queue that lasted many years, due to a queuing engine that played a role is back Overwatch 2. But hope finally worked out. Surely Blizzard hasn’t left us in the dark all this time just because of a redraw of the same game.

An old layer of paint

Okay, maybe I’m not being fair here. This is just the first PvP beta and we’ve been promised more maps and heroes. But here’s the problem: Overwatch 2 The beta doesn’t quite have the potential to be a sufficiently differentiated sequel from the original.

That’s not what I want Overwatch to play as something other than Overwatch. Still, the game hasn’t changed so much that I feel the long period of radio silence is worth it. Sojourn certainly doesn’t come across as something really special, other than her performance. Most of the characters feel identical, if not completely demoted. Characters like Mei, Junkrat, and Roadhog among others don’t perform well in this new 5v5 format. (Not to mention the crowd control has disappeared from Mei and Junkrat’s kits – which is supposed to be a good thing, except for the bad balance.)

Ow 2

The tank has been completely overhauled and is left in a horrible state. The conversion from two tanks to one tank has left some of these heroes in the dust, such as Roadhog and Wrecking Ball. Dissolution of the second tank shifted the meta from a “shield shooter” teamfight to one that I could hardly say was better. Overwatch 2 doesn’t exactly encourage team fighting. It’s like a brawl, reminiscent of the original game’s extra meta. Eliminating a second tank eased a layer of complexity in battles.

Is that a good thing? That really depends on the community, but I don’t think the transition to 5v5 gameplay is sane for the game going forward. Some heroes are lightly reworked, while the support gets nothing – it’s like they’re playing the same game, except they face constant barrage of nearby troops. The unsettling state of the Support class is evident in the return role queue, where players have to wait 10 minutes if they want to play as a tank in a quick match that lasts three minutes or so.

The graphic changes also failed. Many maps are bleached in an unpleasant light, supposedly intended to recreate a sunset, but instead look like a frenetic apocalypse. Once-beautiful maps like Illios are now irradiated with an orange mist that accentuates the cluttered array of images. Seriously, there are particles everywhere that are invading all of my senses. The new characters look a bit slick, but the visual updates to the characters themselves certainly aren’t game-changing.

Overwatch 2 (1)

Character remakes are also ongoing. Orisa is definitely more fun to play, despite being released in rather disgusting condition with damage numbers consistently skyrocketing to the top of the leaderboards. Sombra is definitely stronger, but isn’t fun to play at the moment, as her stealth makes her obnoxious given her unyielding counterplay. Bastion is definitely different, but his new form is said to be worse than the original.

Even some of the new UI improvements make it feel like the game is going in the wrong direction. Giving out a scoreboard is completely against the spirit of the game. Now, instead of throwing medals at your teammates, you can burn them directly by mocking their low damage stats. It is not a good supplement. And it’s not even well done. It’s no longer obvious when your teammates have their max and trying to find what each stat stands for is confusing.

Play game

I do not write Overwatch 2 beta itself as a failure. It is a continuation of Overwatch, breathe some new energy into an unfortunately stalled game. However, it’s undeniably a failure that, after an arduous manufacturing process, we found a test product that only felt like a brand new coat of the same color. Will the glamor of this new product really breathe new life into not only the game but the community as a whole? So far, I predict most players stick with Overwatch 2 are those who continue to play the original.


Despite that, there are still many other things that come with it Overwatch 2, and despite the big problems I’ve had with the beta, I haven’t written it down yet. Maybe Blizzard will roll out enough heroes to spice things up. Maybe the PvE part of the game will win the title Overwatch 2 and bring some new energy to this industrial park. We’ll just have to wait and see what leads to the official release of this content update.

Do I think so? Overwatch 2 is it possible to appeal to players who are not fans of the original? Absolutely not – at least, not right now. I don’t believe the millions of players who followed Twitch streams to get free beta keys didn’t play the game. I don’t think the 99% drop in viewership is a sign of a wave of players jumping off the cliff to soak up hours in this PvP beta, but it’s more likely a reflection of shared frustration. But now update for Overwatch seems to be released at a steady pace, the ball is in Blizzard’s yard. The game doesn’t just need a small “breath of fresh air”. It needs CPR.

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