Patrick Beverley on playing with LeBron & LA Lakers

Patrick Beverley has been noticed by the comments he has made over the past few days. He went on to comment on how good the LA Lakers would be to him and LeBron James.

While Patrick Beverley remains with the Minnesota Timberwolves for one more season, he believes he can help the LA Lakers and LeBron James reach the Western Conference finals.

Beverley talked about several topics in a recent interview with Stephen A. Smith on “Stephen A’s World.” However, his thoughts on the Lakers and James are notable, given his current contract situation. He say:

“If I were a free agent and I played for the Lakers, I’d be in the knockout stages; in the Western Conference finals.”

Beverley believes the LA Lakers will reach the Western Conference finals with him due to his leadership ability, stating:

“No. Nobody’s going. Same team: Western Conference Finals. Because they don’t have someone, and there’s no credibility with LeBron James, but he’s doing a lot. Who’s the leader? They’ve been doing it.” succeeded because there was a leader there. Rondo was there at the time. He was the leader of the team.”

Beverley thinks the team needs a leader who can help tell people to do what they need to do and is willing to consistently critique the team. He say:

“Who’s the leader? Who’s telling LeBron you have to be the lowly? Man, it’s not your help, you have to x out. Nobody told them that, not on the base. Consistency.”

While no one outside the LA Lakers locker room knows if James or anyone else is providing exemplary leadership for that team, Patrick Beverley may have a point.

The Lakers were so concerned about the team’s leadership that they fired their head coach. Having the ability to bring in more leadership players could help.


Patrick Beverley could be the leader the LA Lakers and LeBron James need to improve on next year

While the catalyst of much controversy has unfolded over the past week, Beverley has been praised for his leadership.
While the catalyst of much controversy has unfolded over the past week, Beverley has been praised for his leadership.

Patrick Beverley has provided the NBA world with some hot games, but his comments about giving the LA Lakers the lead and helping LeBron James win the championship fit the history of the current Timberwolves star.

Beverley’s leadership played a key role in helping the Minnesota Timberwolves reach post-season for only the second time in fifteen years.

While the Lakers are unlikely to make the move to buy Beverley from the Timberwolves during the off-season, Beverley can at least provide the leadership the team needs.

Whether the team is better off with Beverley as their point guard is another matter entirely.

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