Pennsylvania’s Republican Primary Clown Show Is Coming Down to the Wire

Three weeks after the 2020 election was called Joe BidenPennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano introduce a resolution that eliminated the outcome of the popular vote and let state chambers controlled by the Republican Party appoint their own electors — who would presumably give the state Donald Trump, who was “tricked” out of re-election through a “corrupt” electoral process, he said. “We will regain our strength. We’re going to reserve seats for the electors,” Mastriano said during a November 2020 appearance on the former Trump strategist’s podcast. Steve Bannon. “Obviously, we’re going to need the support of House and Senate leaders.”

He didn’t get that support: Biden won Pennsylvania — and the presidency. But now, less than two years after engaging in efforts to block the certification of both of those victories, Mastriano seems poised to become the Republican candidate, one of a number of extremists. right wing in the main races in Pennsylvania who might, if successful, be able to do in 2024 what they want to do – but can’t – in 2020.

“It’s almost unthinkable,” said Trump critic and former Republican congressman Charlie Dent tell Washington Post“That this is where we are.”

Indeed, the field of Republican candidates seeking to become governor of Pennsylvania or represent the state in the US Senate is a veritable show of clowns by conspiracy theorists and extremists. political supremacy. In the primaries, Trump-approved Mastriano led a list of Republicans who had supported Trump’s fraudulent claims and, if elected, would have withdrawn their voting rights. In the race for Republican retirement Pat ToomeySenate seats, Mehmet Oz, Kathy Barnetteand David McCormick is trying to prove himself as the real “America First” candidate. Dr. Oz secured the former president’s coveted endorsement in that race, but the other two have a lot of MAGA influence: McCormick, a hedge fund manager who has previously denounced the scandal. attack on January 6, then added two former Trump staffers—Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller—For his advocacy group; Barnette, meanwhile, wasn’t just present at the uprising that turned into that protest – she was photographed marching to the Capitol with a member of the far-right Proud Boys, NBC News confirmed on Thursday. Two.

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Such a revelation, ahead of the primaries, looks set to be disqualified. But in the hilarious mirror of contemporary GOP, it can turn out to be an advantage. Mastriano, who campaigned with Barnette and appeared near the steps of the Capitol when the “Stop Theft” protest turned violent, was rewarded for his efforts to overthrow democracy with Trump’s endorsement on Saturday. “He Revealed Total Deception, Corruption, and Theft during the 2020 Presidential Election,” Trump said in a statement. declare“And will do something about it.”

If that endorsement sounds like a threat, it’s because: If one of these extremists rises to a position of power, they will have the power to enact anti-voting laws and potentially control the process. election in 2024, when Trump is expected to run again. Mastriano even said he will try to get voters to “re-register” to eliminate the alleged fraud, although it is clear that there was no widespread fraud in the 2020 election. we’re going to start all over again,” he said during an April debate.

The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on Dobbs sues Jackson Raise the stakes further: If the conservative majority, which Trump has helped strengthen, really overturns Roe v. Wade, who sits in the governor’s mansion can impose significant restrictions on abortion in the state; as Philadelphia Inquirer pointed out last week, Mastriano had promised to ban the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy, while some of his competitors are going further than ever. “It’s a sad state of affairs,” Questioner wrote in an editorial, declining to endorse any of the GOP nominees in the two main races.

“How do you find points of agreement,” the panel wrote, referring to Republicans’ refusal to accept the 2020 election results, “when you cannot reach common ground on fundamental facts?” so much that they can be used in field safety checks?”

Between the rise of Mastriano — and Barnette’s late rise — there were some familiar hand-flicks among Republicans, some of whom have expressed concern that radical candidates This more brazen will fight in a general election this fall. “A lot of people have switched” after the 2020 election defeat of Trump, former Pennsylvania Republican Party chairman Robert Gleason Talk to Upload. “They need to get over that or it’ll be to the detriment of the group.” It will be? There is much more to see. What is clear, however, is that it will be detrimental to the country if elected. “He joined the rebellion, and he is ready to be my opponent in this race for governor,” said Democratic candidate Josh Shapiro said after Trump confirmed Mastriano. “That’s Republicans today.” Pennsylvania’s Republican Primary Clown Show Is Coming Down to the Wire

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