Phoenix on New Album ‘Alpha Zulu,’ Recording in the Louvre, and Staying Friends Forever

It’s strange to ask a group of mature men how they were so close together. Question for the Room: How do you avoid the petty and territorial conflicts that tend to incite most male friendships, or which articles would lead us to believe? Darcy, the most reserved member of the group, was a bit sassy when the topic came up. “Strange“He spoke with exaggeration about how other people view their friendship.

“Our parents thought it was weird,” Mazzalai replied kindly.

Darcy concluded: “It’s a shame, this topic, because we don’t really think about it,” concludes Darcy. “It’s just like this.”

It sounds easy, but then you remember the entire history of bands: members leaving, suing each other, writing funny lyrics about when the other guy was an asshole, put their half-baked stories into retelling memoirs. Phoenix grew up wanting to be the Beatles, and we know how that ended. For Phoenix to do so far with their condition intact is a relatively rare thing in this industry, especially since they have never come close to making a bad record. . Their children grew up together; Earlier this year, Mars and Mazzalai vacationed with their family in the south of France, where they spent most of their time relaxing and playing the Italian card game Scopa. They even approach their travels as a vacation among friends, with Mars in charge of organizing their holidays. For the upcoming international tour, they plan to spend a day in Cleveland, which is in between shows in Chicago and New York, and when Mars and Brancowitz talk about this, it’s funny to imagine the singer texted everyone about a really great bagel place he heard about in Ohio City. (However, they are lacking ideas for what to do, so if you have an idea, you should comment on their Instagram.)

“I don’t know of any other band like that,” said Nicolas Godin of Air, who has known Phoenix for decades – they grew up a few years apart in the same Versailles neighborhood, and when they became Friendly as an adult, Phoenix was enlisted to serve as Air’s backing band for some Moon Safari advertising programs. “All the bands I know, there’s a lot of tension between people; when you go backstage, you can feel that most bands don’t really like each other. Phoenixes never leave each other; when they leave work, they go on vacation together; if they want to make a decision, it has to be all four of them. ” He recalled that when they toured together, the record label would give them four separate hotel rooms, but Phoenix would put all the beds in one room.

“I think they are one of the best bands of the 21st century,” Koenig wrote. “I stopped by their studio in the Museum of Decorative Arts in the Louvre last year and it was a dream: a group of lifelong friends sitting around a desk with music (an obvious but unusual configuration). .) I’m so lucky. to do it with the VW team but I’m still inspired. Made me want a table. “ Phoenix on New Album ‘Alpha Zulu,’ Recording in the Louvre, and Staying Friends Forever

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