Porridge Radio Doesn’t Fear Failure on Latest Album

There are a number of discs released in the spring of 2020 that will always stick with that date. They are albums that speak of widespread isolation and anxiety, but also provide a source of comfort while everyone is stuck at home. There’s Waxahatchee’s standout fifth album, Saint Cloud. Charli XCX is buggy but still personal How do I feel now?. There is also the great record of the second year Porridge Radio, Every bad thing.

The Brighton-based indie rockers’ second LP comes out on March 13, 2020, a time when they can’t take the album out on the streets while they’re becoming much more popular. Live music itself is just a cover, and touring is impossible. However, chairwoman Dana Margolin has found some relief during her stay at home.

“I like being at home,” she said TURN on Zoom. “Obviously it’s great to release an album that people really care about and impress people at the right time. I’m so glad we had to do it. But I really love the time to chill. It was great to be able to work on this album instead of touring for a year. ”

Finding solace in creativity, Margolin used this deposition in the industry to make another sensational album. This time, however, Margolin is aiming for more stratospheric sounds in the circuit of artists of the caliber of Coldplay. The result that emerged was Water slide, Diving board, Ladder to the sky.

The opening and main single “Back to the Radio” – for which the singer’s sister, Ella, made a hypnotic music video – builds on Georgie Stott’s melodious keys and inspirational vocals Margolin. It’s a towering song that ends with the chant “So lock all the windows and close all the doors / And come in and lie down on the cold, hard floor.” The penultimate song, “The Rip,” lays down a danceable track paired with a catchy guitar riff before it all explodes into a dull half-time.

However, unlike Porridge Radio’s previous music, Margolin found a lighter space in her composition. On tracks like “Flowers” and “Rotten,” she takes a softer approach, temporarily ditching heavy, jarring guitar arrangements. Learning how to write smoother documents is something Margolin has confidence in. She felt confident in her artistic abilities, but, by consensus of Every bad thingShe had an important realization.

“In the past, I didn’t necessarily allow myself to be soft or gentle because there was always the feeling, ‘You have to be loud to be heard. You have to be loud for people to notice,” says Margolin. “But I think in the end I feel like I can make a light song, and it’s going to be so good — that it’s going to be heard. It will be accepted, and people will be interested in what I’m doing. “

With Water slide, Diving board, Ladder to the sky, she also has to face her fear of making mistakes. She knows that every song she writes isn’t going to be a masterpiece, so she tries to make music that isn’t as compelling, because she knows it’s all part of the process.

“I have a lot of ideas that are bad ideas, and I want to encourage bad ideas because I think you can’t create anything good if you don’t create loads of bad things,” she said. “Whenever I write or draw, I try to let myself do bad things and not think too much about what I’m doing, because I know that – if I get my body in the creative process – then at the right time, the right thing will come to me. ”

And the right thing has finally come. Water slide, Diving board, Ladder to the sky is an incredible album that explores joy, fear and infinity, and it expands on the distinctive indie rock for which Porridge Radio has become known. But this is the first album Margolin has done where she really feels proud of herself looking back on the experience.

“We all put a lot into it, and I love what it brings out,” says Margolin. “I don’t think I’ve ever been able to look back on a process and feel completely at ease with the whole thing, and this time I really did. There were a lot of bumps along the way, but if I’m proud of one thing, it’s this album. ”

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Emma James

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