Power Ranking the Real Estate Agents, From Worst To Best

viewers of Sell ​​sunset They might have had to pick their teeth off the floor at the homes, fashions and happenings of the Realty reality show in LA – but it was the strong women of the Oppenheim Group that got viewers hooked. Even though it’s a reality show Netflix‘s Sell ​​sunset presents a level of glamor and luxury lifestyle that feels more like a fairytale fantasy. And the millions of dollars in real estate deals featured throughout the series wouldn’t pass through The O Group’s doors if it weren’t for the powerful women who represent them.

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They arrange million dollar deals in six inch heels and there’s no doubt that every woman in the O Group is a powerhouse. In 45 episodes, they juggled relationships, pregnancies, motherhood and office politics while looking impeccable and managing top-notch real estate deals. But with season six on the horizon, there are some brokers whose power is in jeopardy, and other fans are expecting them to hold their own in the lion’s den of the O Group office.


David Potratz

Davina has appeared in all five seasons, despite her brief hiatus from The O Group and an awkward return in season four. From the Gretchen Wieners to Christine’s Regina George, Davina acted like a sycophantic cheerleader for most of the series.

Davina’s tactlessness kept getting her in hot water with her peers, and as she struggled to defend ill-chosen words, her power wavered. When Davina posed the question, “Do any of you feel like I’m… desperately trying to be liked?” she was met with an awkward silence. That silence spoke volumes about the transparency of their campaign to wrestle for power within the group. But since she found her voice in season five by beating Chelsea, there is hope that fans can expect a more confident and empowered Davina in season six.

Christine Quinn

A drama vampire and self-proclaimed “Gothic Barbie,” Christine is the queen of high fashion and low blows. As Machiavelli in Manolos, she knows exactly how to turn a look, make an entrance and throw a party.

With a divide-to-conquer mentality, their modus operandi was a calculated campaign of social recruitment. Christine’s cocktail of power games was manipulative and devious. She played the victim when she didn’t get her way, making rude comments about her colleagues to the press and rewriting narratives in front of viewers. There’s no power in demeaning or belittling other women, and throughout its five seasons it’s become clear that Christine has never been able to celebrate someone else’s success or happiness without a dose of bitterness. Her inability to advocate for the surrounding women caused her power to dissipate at the end of season five, and she is unlikely to rejoin the cast for season six.

Heather El Moussa

The struggles of a long-distance relationship in season one saw Heather understandably distracted from her duties as a real estate agent. With a shaky grip on her emotions, she misread the staging of a $5.5 million estate and set back the sales process. Further problems arose when she and Christine were unable to work together on a co-listing.

In season two, she dated Tarek and became a stepmother. Heather gradually found a way to cope with her demanding home life, but her inability to keep her cool in the face of Christine’s negative comments was hard to watch. The catharsis when Heather quietly stood up to Christine in season five came at just the right time, and viewers can hope Heather retains more of her power in future seasons.

Vanessa Villala

Vanessa joined the cast in season four and quickly assumed the role of peacemaker between Christine and the rest of the Realtors. There was strength in her vulnerability, and it was deeply moving to hear of her sister’s death, to which Vanessa had dedicated her career.

In season five, Vanessa made the decision to move away from LA to be with her partner. But not before she’s done her best to mend the burned bridges between Christine and the rest of the office, get Christine to see a mindset coach, and maintain a refreshing neutrality in the office drama. Although only one season with the team, this strong woman, honed through adversity, left a lasting impression.

Chelsea Lazkani

Chelsea is a London-born mother of two who joined the cast in season five. Brought in by Christine, they served as allies and much-needed confidants.

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Chelsea has proven to be a force to be reckoned with professionally, adding key entries and clients to the company’s portfolio. Confident and outspoken, her most cutthroat power play came when she admitted that anyone would lose their job to earn a desk in the office — in her words, they’d have to “chop the junk.” A smart move, her business acumen was strong and impressive. It’s unclear if she’ll return, but without Christine, fans can hope she becomes powerful herself.

Emma Herman

Emma joined The O Group in season four. Emma confidently went on a feeding frenzy and, despite a rocky start, held herself up with dignity as a target of Christine’s smear campaign.

Emma started investing in the stock market when she was just fourteen and now owns a national grocery brand, proving she’s a strong woman with a keen eye for good business. Juggling relationships, real estate, and an empanada empire (while not being shaken by Christine’s efforts to take her down), Emma has been a strong addition to the office that viewers can hope to see more of in season six.

Mary Fitzgerald

One of O Group’s top-grossing agents, Mary is a formidable presence in the office, being deservedly promoted to general manager in season five. A single mother of sixteen, Mary is a strong woman with unmatched confidence.

Showing off her wedding venue on her wedding day while wearing her wedding dress (and completing the sale) was the definition of a power move. Viewers also saw a heated showdown between Mary and Christine in the second season. In season five, Mary had a firm and professional confrontation with Christine, who was strong and level-headed. The personal growth and the difference in the way she dealt with difficult situations was palpable and powerful.

Amanza Smith

Amanza joined the cast in the second season. A strong single mother, Amanza came from a humble background and initially worked her way into the industry as a decorator and real estate agent.

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Amanza showed tremendous strength as she coped with the sudden transition from being a co-parent to being the sole caregiver of her two young children. Amanza survived a bitter custody battle while working to hone her skills as a real estate agent, and was admirably supportive of the women around her, their children, and herself.

Maya Vander

Maya is a multilingual powerhouse juggling pregnancy, motherhood and commuting between Miami and Los Angeles. Somehow, Maya managed to hover above the drama of the office and maintain neutrality.

The first hint of Maya’s power was in the first season when she firmly put a seedy client in his place. Maya was amazing at her job and managed the demands of her personal life without it interfering with her business. Maya was strong, confident and inspirational. She left the brokerage firm in season five to be with her family in Miami full-time and is unlikely to return for future seasons.

Chrishell Stause

After joining The O Group in the first episode, viewers watched as Chrishell worked her way up to become one of the top sellers in brokerage. Her journey was far from easy, demanding all her reserves of strength and power to overcome obstacles along the way.

Over five seasons, Chrishell endured a brutal and very public divorce, bought her first house, mourned the death of her parents, and survived a whirlwind romance with castmate Jason. Chrishell didn’t tolerate fools or make excuses for himself or others and handled the office drama with dignity. As Chrishell said, “Empowered women empower women,” and that energy made her an inspirational fan favorite.

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