Republicans Are Furious People Remember They’ve Been Pushing the Racist “Great Replacement” Rhetoric for Years

In the era of Donald Trump, a major underpinning of the modern Republican Party platform is outright racism. Whether it’s the leader of the free world telling four congresswomen of color to “go back” to the utterly devastated and criminal places they’ve been,” one US senator says he doesn’t afraid of the January 6 riots but would have been worried if they were Black Lives Matter protesters, a US congresswoman said at an event launched by a white nationalist, the hysteria Totally and utterly confused about the idea that kids are being taught systemic racism, or that conservative hosts are often white- now power, this obnoxious little ecosystem just likes to collect money. sucks the lowest common denominator by demonizing anyone who isn’t white, but when do their actions actually have consequences? And it turns out that their hate speech matters? people have the guts to think they’re part of the problem?Well, they really have a crooked nose.

For example, the representative of New York Elise Stefanik. Following the horrific mass shooting in a Buffalo grocery store that left 10 dead after a gunman allegedly targeted Black people, The Washington Post and other media outlets say it’s important to note that Stefanik, a Republican in the Third House, has, among other conservatives, previously repeated the “great alternative” rhetoric. (conspiracy theory that libertarian politicians are trying to replace white Americans with non-white immigrants). In a series of Facebook ads marked in a tweet Representative Saturday Adam Kinzinger, Stefanik’s campaign announced in September 2021 that the Democrats were letting undocumented immigrants into the country in a last-ditch effort to silence Republican (read: white) voters. ). “Radical Democrats are planning their most aggressive move yet: ONE PERMANENTLY ELECTION EDGE,” reads one of the ads, with accompanying migrants reflected. in Joe Bidensunglasses’s. “Their plan to pardon 11 MILLION illegal immigrants will topple our current constituency and create a permanent liberal majority in Washington.” By the time they ran, Albany’s Times Union, The congresswoman’s hometown newspaper, called the ads “despicable”, and criticized her in an editorial, writing that she was “not so brazen as to use [Nazi-inspired] slogan itself; instead, she sows hate with the alarmist anti-immigrant rhetoric that has become the standard fare for Donald Trump’s party. ” As The New York Times reported over the weekend, Payton Gendron, 18-year-old white suspect in Buffalo shooting, “posted a hate speech online” in which he wrote about his plan to shoot Black shoppers and continued “racist, anti-personnel immigration” “arguments that white Americans are at risk of being displaced by people of color.” Like the ad run by Elise Stefanik!

However, the congresswoman did not appreciate any hint that someone might have actually memorized her words, and in a statement released on Sunday, a senior adviser, Alex deGrasse, stressed that “the implication or attempt to blame the terrible Buffalo shootings on the congresswoman is a new disgusting low for the Left, their Never-Trump allies, and the looters. aggregated information in the media. The shooting is an act of evil and criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. ” He added, “Despite illness and misreporting, [the] The congresswoman has never supported any racist stance or made racist statements,” a statement that is clearly not true at all. On Monday, Team Stefanik continued that with a press release accusing the media of “disgraceful, dishonest and dangerous” libel practices.

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Stefanik, of course, isn’t the only member of her party promoting racist rhetoric in an attempt to stir up the grassroots. As Upload Notes, Pennsylvania Republican Representative Scott Perry, The incumbent speaker of the conservative liberal House of Representatives, said in a subcommittee hearing on migration from Central America last year that many Americans believe “we are displacing Chinese Americans – Native Americans – to forever transform the political landscape of this very nation. ” Senator Ron Johnson suggested that Democrats “want to reframe America’s demographics to make sure they stay in power forever.” Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick yes declare that “the revolution has begun” and that the Democrats are “trying to take over our country without firing a single shot” by allowing immigrants into the country who will vote for Democrats to “thank the Democrats and Biden for bringing them here.” Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance has declare Democrats want 15 million immigrants to the US to “change… the democratic structure of this country” so “Republicans [will] never win a national election in this country again. ”

And, of course, we can’t forget the fear-inducing, hate-filled commentary that pops up on Fox News every day, including Laura Ingrahamthe Democratic Party’s statement “want to replace you, American voters, with newly pardoned citizens and a growing number of chain migrants”; Jeanine Pirroargued that the Democratic Party’s immigration policies were “a plot to remake America, to replace American citizens with illegals who would vote for the Democratic Party”; and basically everything comes from Tucker Carlsonmouth of…

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This content can also be viewed on the website derived from. Republicans Are Furious People Remember They’ve Been Pushing the Racist “Great Replacement” Rhetoric for Years

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