Riot pleased with League of Legends durability update but considering further changes

After the sweeping durability changes that came with League of Legends patch 12.10, Riot is pretty happy with the state of LoL at the moment.

Prior to League of Legends Patch 12.10, Summoner’s Rift was dominated by one-shot assassins and powerful mages, leaving fans of muddy champions in a constant state of terror and, of course, frustration.

Enter the Durability Update, a sweeping suite of changes that impacted every hero, villain, and innocent bystander on the LoL roster. All champions received buffs to their base health, health per level, armor per level, and magic resist per level, and even key targets like the Baron and Drakes underwent some major adjustments.

It’s been a month since the patch went live, and Riot posted a little gameplay thoughts blog to discuss how 12.10 changed the meta – and, spoiler alert, they’re pretty happy with the current state by League.

League of Legends lol True Damage Akali
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The durability update was the answer to one-shot champions like Akali.

League of Legends Durability Update Is Going “Relatively Well”

While they admit that “as you’d expect with any major update, the initial launch was pretty unbalanced initially,” Riot believes they’re close to hitting the sweet spot of what the update aims to achieve.

“While we’re still in the process of balancing the durability update, we think it landed relatively well,” they write. “Players from all regions are enjoying more ways to express their skills, and we’re hearing feedback that combat is faster and more understandable (those were two of our main goals!)

“We also saw some other positive effects, such as B. the “blizzard” of games being canceled and (slightly) longer playing times,” they continue. “We think that some level of snowballing is good, after all, players should be able to use their early game advantages to influence the outcome of a game.

“Nevertheless, we also don’t think it should be impossible to come back from a game in 15 minutes. Before the durability update, Snowballing was a little too strong, but with more durable champs and stronger turrets, we’ve brought it down to a point where we’re happier.”

However, they will ensure that games don’t get “too long”, although they believe the focus on “late game strategy and decision-making” that was lacking in shorter games has finally been adjusted.

league of legends lol pentakill kayle splatter art
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Late game carries like Kayle were fairly absent in Season 12, but the durability update makes them more viable.

As with any update, there are still creases to be ironed out. “Nevertheless, we’re still in the process of smoothing out a few sharp edges. Classes and items are not yet fully balanced, some champions still need tweaking, and the healing state is still off balance in a world with 40% Grievous Wounds.”

With the update very much alive and active, it will be interesting to see how League continues to change and thrive. Hopefully more OP champions finally get the nerf hammer, but until then, Jax and Zeri just keep banning. Riot pleased with League of Legends durability update but considering further changes

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