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When it comes to games, having enough content to enjoy is certainly desirable. You put your money down for something, so you clearly want a well-deserved reward for it. Eiyuden Chronicles: Rise know this, but don’t execute it brilliantly. The game is packed with a huge amount of fetch quests that take little time to get horribly dull. That being said, The Eiyuden ChroniclesPictures of quite lovely, if in general. And it has some very enjoyable combat and exploration, even if things are on the simple side and there can be a bit of dialogue. If a side-scrolling action RPG that focuses on tedious upgrades and colorful worlds intrigues you, you can have fun. But your patience may run out in the meantime.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rise is a prequel to the Kickstarted game, The Eiyuden Chronicles, is scheduled for a future release. It is set in the same world, but has a completely different gameplay. Rise tells the story of a teenage adventurer named CJ who sets out on a journey. She’s a scavenger and can’t return to her people until she finds an item more impressive than the one her father found when he was her age. That clearly doesn’t sound like a sustained passage, does it?

Along the way, CJ meets Isha, the town’s action mayor, and a simple-talking kangaroo mercenary known as Garoo (smart). The three join in exploring mysterious ruins while searching for Isha’s father. As the game progresses, all three journey through a series of very familiar fantasy locations, including a forest, a snowy mountain peak, and lava ruins filled with enemies that scorch you. It’s all trivia, but it gets the job done. There’s a lot of dialogue and it’s expertly written, even if the story isn’t all that exciting.

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Dad’s company

Fascinating about what? Eiyuden Chronicles: Rise are three of the buttons on the face that control each of the three characters, with the jump button allowing them all to jump. Pressing a button will swap to another character, allowing you to switch between them quickly. They have different attacks and special abilities. CJ is absolutely the best, as she is quick, can dash and double jump. Garoo is terrifyingly slow, but capable of blocking enemy attacks with the right timing. Isha shoots magic orbs, but they recharge very slowly, plus she can teleport for short distances and slow down her descent when falling.

However, characters can only be swapped and abilities can only be used in adventure zones. Sure, you’ll spend a lot of time exploring, but you’ll lose as much time in a town where you can only control CJ – minus the double jump and dash.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rise There are more than 150 side quests that always appear. Completing these will earn you a seal. The more stamps you have, the better items you can buy at the trading point. However, it needs a ton stamps to get access to notable items. To put it bluntly, the tasks depend on the fetch type. Go get this item here and come back. Let’s talk to this person. Many of them take a few seconds to complete, they’re all quite hectic work and the fun ends pretty quickly.

Another key point in the game is the quest that allows CJ to come to town, build or upgrade new facilities. I was intrigued by this, because I thought it might be a bit like Dark cloud series. But here it’s rudimentary, and not all of that satisfies. At the very least, shop owners tend to need suspiciously few ingredients, but this is mainly to keep the game from crashing. too stubborn.

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Your turn

All the necessary materials are found in the adventure fields by reaching harvest points or defeating certain enemies. There’s so much to buy in town, so much so that it’s almost unpleasant. You can upgrade each character’s weapons and armor at the smithy, but additional weapon and armor upgrades will be available at the weapon and armor shops. CJ’s two bags are also upgradeable, along with the character’s elemental abilities. Have a lot of. And even if you do every side quest you come across, you’ll run out of money and have to sell unnecessary items or wait until later to buy more upgrades. Have Street Oops, too many weapon and armor upgrades.

Combat is fine, though I wish it was instant. You can chain three characters’ attacks together, which allows you to teleport another character into position to follow the previous character’s attack. Enemies are pretty generic, but variable enough. Again, you’ll mostly be using CJ due to Isha and Garoo’s limitations, but she To be protagonist, after all.

Eiyuden Chronicles: Rise thankfully makes the move super easy. You are free to move to any part of the town or the entrance to the adventure fields whenever you are not in the adventure field. However, once in the said area, you must hurry to the signposts, many of which are signposted. It can be a bit confusing choosing where you want to go due to the number of them, but mission descriptions usually make it pretty straightforward. After the main quest is similarly easy to understand. The exclamation points on the map lead you to where you need to go or there will be an empty spot that you have not visited. There are even crystals that block your way that you will be able to return to after getting the right item to break them.

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Eiyuden Chronicles: Rise It’s a fun game overall. But the familiar and over-familiar can get boring, especially if you want to get through side quests to get stamps. Despite that, it’s a colorful, well-made RPG with detailed 3D backgrounds and vibrant character artwork, even if the chibi nature of the designs might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. want. However, the game does a solid job of entertaining most of the time and whetting the appetite Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes itself, will be developed by the people behind Suikoden Game.

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