Rohan Campbell Didn’t Expect Corey to Be So Important

Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, you’ve probably seen the craze for David Gordon Green‘s Halloween ends, the final entry in his trilogy reboot. Considered controversial even by the director and co-writer himself, this film leaves the audience with the impression that its finality is solid: this horror epic endsthe final showdown between Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) is near. Given that notion, longtime fans never expected it Rohan Campbell, who plays Corey Cunningham in the film, and his strong footprint in the franchise. In fact, he didn’t either.

According to Variety, Campbell was initially unaware that he was considering a role Halloween universe at all. After his audition, the actor still wasn’t privy to the massive role Green had in store for him. You can’t really blame him after Green’s sequel Halloween kills, where the people of Haddonfield are mowed down by Michael like cherry blossoms in the wind. In his own words, Campbell joked, “I’m a babysitter, and if you read ‘babysitter’ and ‘Halloween,’ you can’t get past page 10.” As we now know, that was in that weird slasher romance, in which Campbell became “…the hook for the audience” is not the case at all.


Instead of mirroring the hapless babysitters John Zimmerman‘s 1978 film, Corey becomes a channel for the evil that wanted to expand Green’s trilogy. In an attempt to explain Myers’ inexplicable murderous instinct, Halloween ends making a sacrifice, a not-so-final boy, if you will, whose soul was torn apart at the moment he accidentally killed his charge, and maybe even before. Campbell’s character is “traumatized and emotionally unavailable” not because his life has been loveless, but because his mother loved him to a lot of. “Corey is being tortured by this woman because she loves him so much,” but is despised by the town when he becomes the scapegoat of evil during Michael’s four-year absence. All of this saying, the boy is susceptible to Michael’s influence, which up until this point we didn’t know could be passed on like a virus. Moving with Corey was risky, especially when Green embarked on the romance that would develop between this new character and Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andy Mathak) in a slasher movie. The cast and crew were never aware of the fact, and Campbell addressed this, saying:

“You want to do it so badly as an actor, but it’s really scary to get into something like that. Don’t doubt yourself for a second. When David offered me the part he said, ‘You have to know that people are really, really, really not going to be happy with what we’re doing here. You’re probably going to hear a lot about it.’ jamie [Lee Curtis] stretched out his hand and said the same thing.”

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Corey’s introduction to the franchise may have shook the narrative fans thought they knew, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Though his dominating role in the last film may have rubbed some the wrong way, Campbell praises the writers’ and Greens’ vision, admitting, “This stuff’s fun, man. When you sit with certain viewers, they either get it right away or they’re halfway through the film and you can audibly hear them say, “What’s the tone here?” and not give themselves permission to get into the humor or the delving into bizarreness.”

While some may never love this star-crossed romance, the offbeat script penned by Green, Paul Brad Logan, Chris Bernier and Danny McBride, should never be anything other than exactly what it is. With numerous plots explored in various ways, knowing the final production deserves respect Halloween ends is exactly what it should be. There’s something charming about Campbell’s revelation that “there was three weeks where the crew was so confused about what movie we were doing. It was love scene after love scene … I was shooting an indie movie upstairs with Andi — a rooftop romance — while the people were downstairs getting their tongues cut off.” Also, Green could set this franchise up for something really unique in the future to have.

Halloween ends is in theaters now and available to stream on Peacock. Watch Collider’s interview with the director of the trilogy below: Rohan Campbell Didn’t Expect Corey to Be So Important

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