Ruy Teixeira Gets Political Asylum

An old line has it that revolutions devour their children, but apparently they are just as unkind to their elders. Ruy Teixeira spent many years at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a progressive Washington think tank that provides much of the Democrats’ agenda. Now he joins the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI). “I’m just a social democrat, man,” Mr Teixeira told Politico. “Trying to make the world a better place.”

Ruy Teixeira


Courtesy Center for American Progress

At the age of 70, he has not changed his views on the importance of economic class. However, he said CAP is being distorted by an offspring for whom identity politics is everything. “It has become very difficult to have a conversation about race, gender and transgender issues, even crime and immigration,” Mr Teixeira said. “You know, ‘How is the left supposed to deal with this?’ There is a default assumption about how to talk about these things, even language. There is a real chilling effect on all of these organizations.”

He is exhausted by the internal personnel policy. “It’s just cloud cuckoo land,” said Mr. Teixeira. “The fact that no one is willing to call b— just drives me nuts.” He is also frustrated by the lack of support he received for a project aimed at uniting the black and white working classes. “Nobody wanted to touch it,” he said. “You could say it. People were suspicious of talking about the white working class as if it were de facto racist.”

Wow, and you thought your office was in trouble. Last month the Intercept ran a story about similar woke meltdowns within groups like the Sierra Club and the Guttmacher Institute.

“A lot of people who work for me expect the organization to provide all of that: a movement, ok, let the vote out, ok, healing, ok, take care of you when you’re sick, ok,” complained they themselves an anonymous manager. “Can you please get your love and healing at home? But I can’t say that, they would crucify me.”

These are signs of political and cultural sickness. What do left-handers expect to achieve when they spend their time decolonizing their own HR manuals? I’m sorry, the Guttmacher Institute is not your mom.

Conversely, it is a sign of conservative power that AEI is granting political asylum to Mr. Teixeira. “I like to take risks,” AEI President Robert Doar told Politico. “I want interesting things made by scholars.” Shibboleths are the opposite of interesting.

Wonder Land: Democrats always seem on the verge of pushing politics into a state of civil unrest. Images: Getty Images/The Boston Globe Composite: Mark Kelly

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Published in the print edition of July 16, 2022. Ruy Teixeira Gets Political Asylum

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