Salt and Sacrifice: Mage Hunts guide

One of the important mechanisms in Salt and Sacrifice called Mage Hunts. These will take place in areas of the game, leading you on a wild goose chase until you can eliminate your enemies. This is ours Salt and Sacrifice A Mage Hunts guide to help you with the gameplay mechanics of this game, as well as what to expect while you’re exploring.

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Salt and Sacrifice – Guide Mage Hunts

As you roam the different areas in Salt and Sacrifice, you’ll notice ornate doorways that lead to new areas. By default, these will be fiery red, and when interacting with them you are told that you need to “swallow” a certain number of named mages in an area.

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Eventually, you’ll come across cursed objects or points of interest, such as lanterns, corpses, and even frozen people. After you check them, the Mage Hunt panel will appear.

This will show the type of opponents you will face, as well as their drop points.

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Mage Hunt chasing Salt and Sacrifice

This is what happens when you start Mage Hunt in Salt and Sacrifice:

  • Doing so acts like an Obelisk rest, which means you’ll replenish your HP/MP/ammo if you have the base resources. Naturally, this will cause regular mobs to appear.
  • A black smoke will appear. This will give a hint of the general direction of your goal. However, this does not include any barriers, obstacles or walls. As such, you may go in a certain direction only to find out that you have to enter another room/hallway.
  • Mage bosses will spawn their own mobs. The boss himself, as well as the mob, will also be hostile towards other enemies. This can work in your favor as they can kill each other. However, it can also be detrimental, especially if you’re in the middle of a swarm.
  • The spawned mobs have a chance to drop sin shards so you can eliminate typos.

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Boss Mage Hunt in Salt and Sacrifice will continuously teleport to new areas within the zone as long as they have taken enough damage or if time has passed. Yes, it can be a bit complicated to find them, especially in the cross-platform related sections. However, soon, they will reach a specific area. When this happens, the parties will be blocked, making it impossible for you to leave. This is the real boss battle arena.

Here are some things you can expect when fighting these enemies:

  • Melee attacks are usually combos.
  • They will usually have at least one long-range projectile. Some selections can cause status effects.
  • It is possible that they have an area effect (i.e. Ground Pound attacks that cause a shockwave or an object that causes an explosion).

Guide to hunting mage with salt and sacrifice 2

  • When you deplete a boss’s HP, they will kneel. Run close to them and press the interact button to “swallow” their souls. This is basically your vehicle for unlocking those ornate doors I mentioned earlier (i.e. they’ll have a green glow instead).
  • If you don’t devour a mage’s soul in time, they’ll heal a bit and you’ll need to take them down again.
  • Mage bosses and their spawners drop an array of crafting materials needed to craft weapons, armor, accessories, and even cosmetic items. Non-mage bosses (i.e. the only ones) will only drop artifacts.

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Other things you can expect

Here are some other pieces of information regarding Mage Hunts in Salt and Sacrifice:

  • Anonymous mages are variations on named mages, but they’re not always necessary for tally/count of predators to open doorways.
  • Other mages in an area can still spawn even when you’re hunting another target. This can lead to odd moments where bosses and their associates will attack each other right out of sight. In some cases, your target can quickly teleport due to taking a lot of damage.
  • The mages you don’t hunt will leave no traces of smoke. They will be difficult to find, so try to observe the direction they move to.
  • The mages you don’t hunt also won’t create an obstacled arena. Likewise, they won’t have the HP bar at the bottom of your HUD. Pay attention to their kneeling animations so you know when to eat up their essence.
  • If you manage to get the Fated Tomes, you can give them to the Runereader Diadela (i.e. the portal woman) in Pardoner’s Vale. They unlock Fated Hunts in that area, ensuring that you can chase a specific boss if you need its loot.

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Salt and Sacrifice available through the Epic Games Store. Salt and Sacrifice: Mage Hunts guide

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