Season 2 is an “open book” for new characters

As is the case For all the stories set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the story of Knights of the Moon isn’t over yet. Spoilers for Moonlight Knight Part 1 is coming.

At the end of Moonlight KnightThe first season on Disney+, Marc Spector and his replacement, Steven Grant (both played by Oscar Isaac), learn to live together in a dilapidated London apartment – albeit enviably spacious. Steven’s envy. Meanwhile, Marc’s ex-wife Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) has established herself as an avatar for the Egyptian goddess Taweret, with potentially huge consequences.

But little do Steven and Marc know, yes again people living within them. And that personality is still serving as Khonshu’s avatar, sending the god’s vengeance down to Earth.

In an interview with Inverseseries lead writer Jeremy Slater explains the two biggest surprises of Moonlight Knight last as they relate to what could happen in Season 2.

Meet the red crab

In the finale of Moonlight KnightLayla (May Calamawy) becomes the avatar of another Egyptian god, taking the name “Scarlet Scarab.”Marvel Studios

In the finale of Moonlight Knight In Season 1, Layla becomes Tawaret’s avatar and gains superpowers. Not only that, she is also the first Egyptian superhero in the MCU.

After the season finale began streaming on Disney+, has officially confirmed Layla’s superhero name is Scarlet Scarab, a name coined from another Egyptian superhero who debuted first appeared in 1977 out of 23 of Invaders.

It’s rare for the MCU to introduce a new superhero and let them disappear without a trace. So will Layla ever return to our screens as Scarlet Scarab?

“She always started out as some sort of Marion Ravenwood counterpart to our lead Indiana Jones.”

Moonlight Knight Jeremy Slater, the series’ lead screenwriter, says it wasn’t necessarily his decision. “It all depends on [Marvel Studios president] Kevin [Feige]finally,” said Slater Inverse. He added that he hopes to be sooner “because she’s awesome.”

“She always started out as some sort of counterweight to Marion Ravenwood to our lead Indiana Jones,” explains Slater, referring to the iconic Indiana Jones series and Harrison Ford’s romantic interest, played by Karen. Played by Allen.

“But when we had the idea to give her powers and make her the first Egyptian superhero in the MCU at the end of that time, we got the idea from creative executive Nick. Pepin to attach it to the Scarlet Scarab. All the pieces line up in a really interesting way. [Calamawy] came to me as an incredible actress, and she brought her to life. I can’t wait to see more,” Slater said.

Scarlet Scarab is part of a new era for the MCU in which other countries will soon see the rise of their own superheroes. But will Scarlet Scarab reappear in the future of? And if so, when?Marvel Studios

One of the most incredible moments to represent in Moonlight Knight is when a young girl saved by Scarlet Scarab asks, “Are you an Egyptian superhero?” Slater says he wrote the line, sharing that it was important to the show’s diverse team of writers and directors, including lead director Mohamed Diab.

“When Mohamed Diab and his wife got on board, they pushed for greater Egyptian inclusion and representation,” he said. “I don’t want to take credit for anything because everyone has put so much effort into expanding the MCU. Like, let’s start giving nations their own heroes and lore, as well as different places to go in the future and grow. “

Meet Jake Lockley

In the credit scene of Moonlight Knight, a third personality made himself known: Jake Lockley (Oscar Isaac), a more sadistic and even darker person than Marc Spector or Steven Grant. Who is Jake really?Marvel Studios

“Why would I need anyone else, when he doesn’t know how much trouble he’s really in?” With a single knock on the window with his gloved finger, Khonshu puts on sharp clothes to reveal his most loyal avatar to the doomed Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke).

His name is Jake Lockley, a Spanish-speaking driver who is comfortable with violent acts. The series has hinted at Jake several times, especially during some of the scenes where Marc and Steven have their lights turned off, and don’t recall placing corpses around them.

“Lay him quickly? Is he evil?”

As we mentioned before, Jake Lockley is the third personality of Moon Knight. In the comics, Marc takes on the guise of Jake Lockley as a New York taxi driver when his investigation leads him to the worse parts of society. But now, in the MCU, Jake is a buried third personality who is fully capable of murder and all too loyal to Khonshu.

Moonlight Knight Series writer Jeremy Slater confirmed, like Marc Spector and Steven Grant, Jake Lockley has gone through a bit of a character transition from the comics to the MCU.

“He definitely doesn’t look like Jake in the comics,” Slater said Inverse.

In the original Moonlight Knight In the comics, Moon Knight’s personality reinforced by Marc Spector, his true identity, and two other selves are simply cover stories for Marc’s investigations. Years later, they were reinterpreted as evidence of Moon Knight’s dissociative identity disorder.Marvel Comics

Slater added that Jake Lockley remains an “open book,” despite the film’s hints of his darkness.

“Marc and Steven are still completely unaware of his existence,” Slater said. “We don’t necessarily know, is he good? Is he evil? We know he’s working for Khonshu. We know he has some sort of arrangement. And we know he’s definitely more in line with Khonshu’s worldview of punishing villains. ”

Moonlight Knight has not been renewed for Season 2 as of the time of this writing, and Slater has not fully confirmed whether he is committed to working on a second season. But he thinks there’s a lot more to the Moon Knight’s story.

“Everything is for the greater good. But will he become a friend? Is he the enemy? I think all those questions are really interesting for anyone in power. Who can say next? Moonlight Knight Slater said. “This guy’s story is definitely not over.”

Moonlight Knight Season 1 is currently streaming on Disney+. Season 2 is an “open book” for new characters

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