Seth Rogen shows the house that Houseplant built

When longtime Hollywood collaborators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg launch their Houseplant cannabis brand in March 2021, it may just be another popular weed brand, capitalizing on the one-person resemblance. smoke premium cigarettes to sell a small assortment of goods – a few contain THC and a few do not.

A year later, however, Houseplant seems like a possible small operation, blooming from three varieties of weeds and three household items (a ceramic ashtray, a three-album vinyl music box set, and a desk lighter) into a stylish lifestyle adventure that includes 14 varieties and a full range of well-designed weed-free merchandise to stylishly decorate a small home.

And that’s pretty much what the duo did, furnishing a cottage just off the main Hollywood attraction (they don’t want to reveal the exact location, but it’s close to the production company’s offices). their own) with sections of their ever-expanding ceramic universe family, which now includes a table lamp, gravity balloons, tray and blender set, a lighter caddy featuring Rogen’s dog Zelda, and a handful ashtray accessories. The space, which they have named Houseplant House, serves as both a display of household products and a combination table and VIP event space.

Before the official launch last month, Goldberg and Rogen gave me a tour of the space and then sat down to talk about cannabis and creativity, their brand’s first year in the US (Houseplant for the first time). launched in Canada, where they’re both from, in 2019) and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. Highlights from that chat appear below, and the full “Green Room” video can be viewed above.

About what they have learned in the past year

“We have new tins that are opening a little easier,” Rogen said as he opened the lid of the metal can during our conversation. “That’s one thing we learned: Our tins are a little harder to open than people would like. … We get calls almost every week with the distribution stations that actually sell our grass – Evan and I will Zoom with the budgers and people who work there and highly recommend them. give us comments. They were like, ‘People love weed. They are happy about it. But it’s a little harder to open than they like. ‘ And so we did it.”

A beige ceramic vase on the table next to an ashtray resembling a beige porcelain cup

Seth Rogen-designed ashtray ($95) includes a bud vase, left, a deep, cup-like ashtray and a saucer, foreground right. Goldberg and Rogen consider it to be one of the defining products of the Houseplant brand.

(Cody Long / Los Angeles Times)

Their creations will stand the test of time

Goldberg and Rogen selected a three-piece ceramic ashtray designed by Rogen that includes a deep, cup-like ashtray with a lip to rest on, a saucer and a bud vase. “The design of this ashtray had a strange connection to me and our company,” says Rogen. “I think this is going to happen all around. And strangely enough, we’ve been making movies for 15 years, and there’s not a single thing in [those] movies that people like, ‘That’s like Seth and Evan,’ but this ashtray… I think will stick with us. And I think it’s a fitting design, which we actually created. ”

About whether they’re still having fun

“We’re having a lot of fun,” Goldberg said, pointing to the brand’s recent rebranding into rolls of paper, which must eventually be hand-rolled to meet their exacting standards. “Our big goal is to achieve pre-rolled joints,” he said.

Rogen adds: “Now appearing in the world are pre-rolled joints. “And it shows that we can do everything and plan everything at the same time, which is a good thing to know – that you can do everything. [that]. The fact that we are still here is, for me, extremely encouraging. “

I do the actual stuff that people want in their homes. It was a strange and lovely and refreshing feeling.

– Seth Rogen

About the development of the brand

Goldberg said: “It was unbelievably thrilling. “It continues to grow. Like these pre-rolled joints are amazing. Then there’s the drinks and there’s a lot of other stuff that’s obviously coming after that. And so we are slowly but steadily expanding. It’s nice to have enough time for us to really focus on things step by step without [going] too fast. I like the speed at which it’s happening. ”

Rogen adds: “I do practical things that people want in their homes. “It’s a strange, lovely and refreshing feeling.”

About cannabis and creativity

“We have crazy thoughts about what we are smoking and when we smoke it because we love to smoke weed. It helps us do our job. It helps us live our lives,” said Goldberg. “And if we don’t strategize correctly, it’s like going to Disneyland with a bad plan. Everything turned to hell, and everyone’s cries. You may love Disneyland but have a bad time, but if you really think about it and pick the right category at the right time, I think it makes a huge difference. ”

On What They Might Have Been Smoking While Working On The Classic Stoner ‘Pineapple Express’

“We weren’t living a glamorous cannabis life at the time,” says Goldberg, “so we weren’t. [it was] whatever agent will sell to us. ” He notes that the Northern Lights strain was popular at the time, which would make it a possible candidate. Rogen adds: “There was also a line of golden Champagne emerging at the time. “And maybe Juicy Fruit too. There’s a lot of juicy fruit.”

Become a famous weed brand

“Any celebrity-founded weed company has a higher standard that they have to follow in every way because it comes under more scrutiny,” says Rogen. “And I think that’s something that we really understood. And our weeds have to be phenomenal – better than you hope it will, and our joints have to be better than you hope. … When you order one of our products, it has to be better than you hope, otherwise it will scare you off about what this company is all about. “

About what cannabis branding and landscape will look like a year from now

“We are just beginning to know what works and what we want to focus on,” says Goldberg. “We have only just begun our journey, so I say [it will look like] This house but more developed. ”

Rogen added: “I think so too. “And hopefully then the climate in America will be different. I think we might be moving towards federal legalization. But as long as the climate, this horrible and racist war on drugs is being waged in half the country, it’s never going to be anywhere. ”

On the responsibility of highlighting social justice issues

“‘Responsibility’ makes us sound like we don’t want to, you know what I mean?” Rogen said. “It is part of our belief. It was part of the structure of the company when we created it. It’s one of those things we talk about a lot. And coming from Canada to the United States, I think we have a somewhat one-sided view, a little bit, of the magnitude of the entire climate injustice around weeds. And we feel like we’re in a position to help and be able to move the needle. We take that very seriously.” Seth Rogen shows the house that Houseplant built

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