Seven ways Emmerdale’s charity Dingle could get revenge on Mackenzie Boyd

FEMALE anger has arrived in the Dales after Charity Dingle found out her husband Mackenzie Boyd was cheating on her with Chloe Harris.

While trying to sell his clothes to fellow Emmerdale residents, the bartender has several other ways to vent her anger.

Charity Dingle eventually found out Mackenzie Boyd had cheated on her with Chloe Harris


Charity Dingle eventually found out Mackenzie Boyd had cheated on her with Chloe HarrisPhoto credit: ITV
He is also the father of Chloe's son Reuben


He is also the father of Chloe’s son ReubenPhoto credit: ITV
She's tried to hold Mack accountable - but how far can she go?


She’s tried to hold Mack accountable – but how far can she go?Photo credit: ITV

Despite her own troubled past, many ITV viewers find it hard not to feel sympathy for Charity Dingle (played by Emma Atkins) as she grapples with Mackenzie Boyd’s betrayal.

The heartthrob (Lawrence Robb) finally found out the truth in recent scenes of the Yorkshire drama, admitting not only had he cheated on Charity but was also the father of Chloe Harris’ baby Reuben.

For months, Mack hid his infidelity and pressured Chloe to get rid of her baby before finally making peace with the pregnancy… and urging her to leave the village altogether.

To top it all off, he allowed teenage girl Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill) to lie to her own grandmother to avoid consequences.

But instead of taking full responsibility for his actions, Mackenzie was criticized by soap fans online for finding excuses to cover his long string of lies and horrific manipulations.

It’s clear the hunk needs to be put back in his place – and who better to do that than Charity Dingle himself?

This is how she could do it.

1. Find a buddy

Perhaps the most obvious way Charity could get revenge on her cheating husband would be to seduce one of Mackenzie’s closest friends.

Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) would be the first option as he has been Mack’s main ally for the past few months.

The farmer was the first to learn that Chloe, a former friend of his, was pregnant with Mack’s baby, and he kept the secret for as long as needed.

Viewers of the long-running soap already had suspicions that Charity and Nate could be dating in 2019 after he rescued their son Moses.

However, this plan has flaws. The main reason is that Nate and Charity are related.

Die-hard Emmerdale fans will know that Charity and Nate’s father, Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), are second cousins.

While that didn’t stop her from becoming Debbie Dingle’s parent when she was young, there’s doubt Nate would follow in his father’s footsteps, especially as it could do more harm than good with Tracy Walsh’s impending return to the village of the same name .

2. Do a good deed

Another obvious way for Charity to get revenge on Mack would be to go after his belongings.

Viewers have already seen her trying to sell his belongings to curious villagers outside her home.

This escalated to her publicly blaming him for his infidelity – which led to Chas stepping up and giving him a bite.

But what’s the point of giving away Mack’s items intact, especially since he could easily retrieve them from the residents by explaining the situation he’s in?

The most extreme solution would be to set fire to Mack’s belongings as Charity could teach him a lesson by leaving him with nothing AND staying warm.

However, arson is a crime in the UK and while it’s not uncommon for Charity to get into trouble, it already has enough to worry about.

Instead, why not turn her full attention to herself…especially her name?

Charity can ditch Mack’s belongings entirely by donating them to a charity of her choice – and he would never have to know about it.

3. Give it a stylistic makeover

While the solution above would be ideal, we really don’t expect charity to take off that big any time soon.

It’s clearly illegal to set Mack’s stuff on fire—but cutting holes in his clothes is frowned upon.

Cutting up Mack’s clothes still constitutes damage to his property and could backfire unless Charity reminds everyone that termites don’t just eat wood.

We can already set the scene – Charity could organize a quick meet up with Mackenzie and either donate his clothes herself or ask someone close to her to do so, after insanely cutting holes in every item she could get her hands on.

As he unpacked his things, Mackenzie’s jaw dropped to the floor as he realized he had nothing to wear.

4. Give him a long journey

While not the staunchest of husbands, Mackenzie is tall, strong and reasonably dedicated – perfect traits in a man cut for military service.

With the Dingles turning their backs on him, Mack is unlikely to want to stay in the Dales and the army could be his way out.

Again, who better to handle this process for him than Charity?

While it’s unlikely she’ll be able to sign him under her name, Charity can certainly stand up for him and try to drive him out of the village altogether.

It’s not too late for Mackenzie to start thinking about it, as individuals must be at least 17 years and nine months old to apply.

You can also apply to be a reserve soldier up until the day before your 50th birthday.

By enlisting him for the Army in whichever branch he thinks she suits him best, Charity gives Mack a way out of Emmerdale and a bigger purpose.

This could encourage him to bring more structure to his life, help keep the country safe… and keep him so busy that he doesn’t even have time to sneak around behind others’ backs.

5. Make him famous

Another small option for charity would be to make sure Mackenzie’s name and face are known around the Dales.

And for that we can suggest a page from Tracy Barlow’s book.

The character from the ITV soap ‘Coronation Street’ exposed who raped her daughter Aaron Sandford by posting a multitude of posters on the cobblestones.

Why not do the same for Mackenzie?

Posters would not only result in Mack facing consequences, but would also warn every other woman he might ever meet, thus preventing him from continuing anytime soon.

And here’s some more inspiration for our fiery blonde: “Lost Husband – If He’s Found, Beware!”



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6. Send him new friends

Charity understandably doesn’t want to keep in touch with Mackenzie as she is reaching out to those closest to her for support.

But while he faces the wrath of the Dingles, Mack will also need all the allies he can, and they will keep in touch with him ALWAYS.

By allies, of course, we mean any company or app that wants access to Mack’s life… and his wallet.

In other words, we’re contemplating dumping Mackenzie on an infinite number of spam emails from dating sites to shady deals.

He will never have to feel lonely again.

7. Give him a gift

What better way to say goodbye than with an unexpected gift?

Charity found the perfect parting gift on a website called Get Gnomed, which offers to ship some garden ornaments to any address of their choice.

But these would not be just any garden decorations.

For $500 (£420), the Get Gnomed platform is offering to fill the inside and outside of a home with garden gnomes…sometimes filled with feces to attract pests.

If Charity is feeling very fussy, this is definitely an option for them, but there’s one detail worth noting: Get Gnomed is only available with Dark Web access.

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Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7.30pm on ITV.

Mackenzie agreed to let Sarah lie to Charity


Mackenzie agreed to let Sarah lie to CharityPhoto credit: ITV
How will charity make him pay?


How will charity make him pay?Photo credit: ITV

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