Skin Care Products That Work Like Botox: Alternatives to Injectables

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While a holistic skin care routine is certainly key when pursuing flawless skin, it goes without saying that there’s really no topical skin care product that works like Botox. , or can even match the results of injections such as fillers and neurotoxins (aka Botox). With that being said, if you to be commit to spending a few extra minutes in front of the mirror every morning and evening (not to mention a sizable penny on the product) for the active ingredients and the best formula that will get you the most bang for your buck. essential, whether you’re ready to use a needle or not. For the basics of figuring out which skin care product is closest to mimicking the magic of transdermal injections, I think it’s better to ask someone than an experienced injector at daily office.

I sat down with Nancy Pellegrino (aka Nurse Nancy), RN, MN, NP, owner and operator of NP Aesthetic Inc, and co-founder of THE ROUTE, a medical-grade skin care line. medical practice she recently launched with beauty industry patients, friends, and veterinarians, Courtney Baber to ease some of her favorite injectable alternatives and help us debunk some of the myths. popular myths about neurotoxins and fillers. As I mentioned (and I’m guessing she does too), Nurse Nancy admits that there really isn’t anything quite as effective as injections, but there are a few things that will give the same results. time and consistency.

“Have [really] nothing completely mimics Botox. It smooths the outermost layer of the muscle to prevent wrinkles.” Neurotoxins such as Botox and Dysport work to smooth existing wrinkles and prevent future wrinkles from forming by temporarily paralyzing muscles, while cosmetic fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm uses Hyaluronic Acid to smooth and plump the skin. fill in lines. “[Botox] smoothes the outermost layer of muscle skin to prevent deep wrinkles from forming, and if you already have deep wrinkles – I call them “coin slots” – when you paralyze the muscle with a neurotoxin, you allow skin grows back. “

So while there’s nothing that can “freeze” your muscles in place, there are plenty of alternatives that help prevent signs of aging without having to succumb to an in-office procedure. Naturally, as any skin care professional or dermatologist will tell you, SPF and sun protection are paramount in any skin care routine. “90% of our aging comes from sun damage. Without it, you might as well forget about it. “According to Nurse Nancy, there are a few key active ingredients that will give you the clearest results and come closest to the topical injection you’ll get: peptides, retinoids, and acids.

“Biomimetic peptides (a type of peptide) can mimic the way Botox works because they can go through the skin and relax the muscles a bit,” she says. This type of peptide is nicknamed “Botox-Like” because it is similar to natural peptides in the body. Peptides are responsible for signaling our skin to produce more collagen – which we lose as we age. Therefore, the application of peptide-infused products acts like a “topical Botox” by transmitting nerve signals to hinder the formation of lines due to facial expression and movement.

Now into the acid. “Acid products like our Party Peel work to soften fine lines, improve texture, and fight dullness by exfoliating our skin over time.” Essentially, these chemical exfoliants work to slough off rough, dead skin, revealing brighter, more even-toned skin underneath. While exfoliating is a surefire way to improve your skin and prevent early signs of aging, it can also be harsh – especially if you have sensitive or reactive skin. While medical-grade and in-clinic peels will give you faster results (with some downtime), using AHA peels at home will give you the same results — you’ll only have to Wait a little longer to see the benefits. “Our Party Peel is safe for sensitive skin because we formulated it with an oxygen delivery system. Normally, scrubs work best when the skin is completely free of product and stripped of moisture, but the “exfoliating bubbles” that form as you apply allow the product to penetrate better, all without even having to peel the skin. “

While exfoliants and peptides are key if you’re looking for the benefits of injections, protecting the skin barrier (i.e. not over-stripping with excess product) is also key. importance. “There are many ways to age us. You can’t have beautiful skin unless you have strong skin. We lose hyaluronic acid and collagen that helps keep our stratum corneum intact as we age, so it’s key to maintaining a healthy barrier with active ingredients. and humidity,” she said. Finally, when you apply your product, do problem. “Our skin has its own circadian rhythm. Our skin tends to close during the day and then it opens at night and replaces all of our lost water.” This is exactly why it is often recommended to use active ingredients such as acids and retinoids before bed (note.) If you are looking for a non-invasive way to fight wrinkles and firmness, then these products are the next best thing.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to everyone, and we only recommend products that we think you’ll love as much as we do. CLEARSTEM, Elemis and Peter Thomas Roth are sponsors of STYLECASTER, however, all products in this article have been independently selected by our editors. Please note that if you buy something by clicking on the link in this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Courtesy of Elemis.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

This anti-wrinkle moisturizer instantly plumps and revitalizes skin. It’s so effective that 95% of users say it’s “the best anti-aging cream they’ve ever used,” according to a user test. One reviewer wrote: ‘It transformed my dehydrated skin in a matter of weeks and there is a noticeable difference in wrinkles and lovely plumpness.

All thanks to the cream’s unique combination of mimosa (an anti-inflammatory agent), brown algae and rosehip, which work together to de-puff, hydrate and soothe the skin.

clear feedback

Courtesy of CLEARSTEM.

BOUNCEBACK – “No Botox Serum”

The name says all you really need to know. CLEARSTEM’s innovative BOUNCEBACK serum is basically botox in a bottle. This three-peptide formula is made with collagen-derived stem cells and soothing botanicals that can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles — see your doctor. Best of all, it’s safe for acne-prone skin and can even reverse the signs of scarring. It’s basically the definition of magic and worth every penny.

pro strength retinoid serum peter thomas roth

Courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth.

PRO Strength Retinoid Peptide Serum

Skip expensive and time-consuming doctor visits and opt for this intense, professional-grade retinoid serum instead. Peter Thomas Roth’s PRO Strength Retinoid Peptide Serum boasts an expert-grade concentration of 10% Granactive Retinoid and 5% Hexapeptide Complex, which work together to reduce signs of wrinkles and prevent needles.

Frownies Patch on the face

Courtesy of Frownies.

Frownies Patch on the face

These old-fashioned face patches were a popular pre-Botox product for movie stars and models.

Regular Glycolic Toner

Courtesy of The Ordinary.

Regular Glycolic Toner

This seven percent glycolic acid toner is a great choice for sensitive skin.

STAR STYLE | Products like Botox

Courtesy of Dermelect.

Dermelect Bounceback Forehead Wrinkle Treatment

This wrinkle-removing gel cream is packed with anti-aging antioxidants and polypeptides, the Bounceback treatment is designed to target the “11 lines” and expression lines on the forehead (the two most common for Botox and neurotoxin injections). If you are preparing for the injection route, this velvety soft formula is a great alternative.

Olay Regenerist Microsculpting cream

Courtesy of Olay.

Olay Collagen Peptide Microsculpting Serum

This affordable serum is infused with collagen peptides to help lift and contour over time.

Differin amazon

Courtesy of Differin.

Gel Differin Adapalene

This previously prescribed-only retinoid is the closest thing to an RX retinoid like Retin-A (tretinoin) and it’s also great for acne.

The breakdown of the route party

Courtesy of The Route.

Makeover Party Route

“You can use it at home right before a party or a first date without the risk of irritation. Just turn it on for a few minutes and you’ll be good to go,” said nurse Nancy.

Phyto Dermalogica Serum

Courtesy of Dermalogica.

Phyto-Nature Firming Serum

This powerful firming serum is filled with Botox-like peptides that mimic the same proteins our bodies naturally produce.

Elta MD Mineral Suncreen amazon

Courtesy of Elta MD.

Elta MD . Mineral Sunscreen

Nurse Nancy prefers mineral SPF to chemical, and this non-greasy formula won’t clog pores and cause breakouts.

The Route ice cream everything

Courtesy of The Route.

Multi-action active day moisturizer for everything

This all-in-one day cream (note: also has a night version), contains all the active ingredients and moisturizers you need for glowing skin and a healthy skin barrier.

The Golden Rule of Routes


Next Generation Retinoid Golden Rule

Unfortunately, retinoids are known to cause flaking and irritation, but the Golden Rule uses a next-generation retinoid formula that delivers the same anti-aging effects without sacrificing skin.

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