“Steph Curry is the worst player to ever play the game of basketball”

In a “Saturday Night Live” skit, the actors portrayed “First Take” analysts as Stephen A. Smith and Kendrick Perkins. The two debated Steph Curry after his Game 3 win in the Western Conference finals.

ESPN’s “First Take” is one of the most popular sports debate shows in the world. “Saturday Night Live,” aka “SNL,” has done several skits on “First Take” over the years. Their latest edition is hosted by actress Natasha Lyonne. She played Michael Rappaport in the skit while the “SNL” cast played Smith, Perkins, and Molly Querim.

When asked to choose between Curry and Luka Doncic, Smith, as portrayed on the show, said:

“Today, I have to declare that I’ve got Steph Curry because he’s the greatest shooter of all time. And he can, and I personally have seen him do this, shoot a ball from San Francisco got into first class on the plane, and six hours later, the ball fell into the basket at Madison Square Garden.”

Smith often praises Curry’s shooting ability. He’s not shy about calling him the greatest shooter in the universe and that God ever created. “SNL” amplified and exaggerated his monologue to show his love for the baby-faced Assassin.

On the other hand, Perkins is known for hating Curry. He picked the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round to beat the Golden State Warriors because he was too tired to see Curry. He often refers to Curry’s lack of Finals MVP title as an argument against his greatness. Perkins, as depicted in the skit, says:

“Stephen A., with all due respect, Steph Curry is the worst player to ever play basketball. I mean, sure, he scored 32 points last night, but my man, Luka got 40, and then he withdrew eight cookies and added some sauce. Your man Steph is too short. The boy needs a ladder to comb his own hair”

@nbcsnl This is too good! 😂😂😂

After the Golden State Warriors won 109-100 in game 3 against the Dallas Mavericks, much debate surrounding Curry’s greatness broke out. The two-time MVP is on the threshold of his sixth NBA Finals appearance and could claim a fourth title. Many sports programs around the world began to argue whether Curry deserves to be on the list of the 10 greatest players of all time.

Kendrick Perkins shifts gears and praises Steph Curry

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals

Kendrick Perkins recently did the unthinkable and praised Steph Curry after his Game 3 performance against the Dallas Mavericks. He was asked what another title would do for Curry’s legacy, and he said it could land him in the NBA’s Mount Rushmore. Perkins believes the final MVP title and fourth NBA title will make Curry one of the four greatest players of all time.

On ESPN’s “GetUp,” he said:

“When it comes to Steph Curry, if he goes on to win another championship alongside MVP of the Finals, one is, it will put him in the top 10 of the greatest player conversations of all time. Two, it will make him the number 1 score to play the game.

“If he goes on to win a fourth NBA title with the Finals MVP, forget the top 10 list, forget the greatest point guard of all time, he will be on NBA Mount Rushmore. Period. “

Steph Curry will replace Magic Johnson on @KendrickPerkins‘NBA Mount Rushmore if he wins his fourth NBA title with MVP in the Finals 👀 “Forget the top 10 list, forget the greatest point guard of all time, he will be on the NBA Mount Rushmore. United!”

Perkins brought up the fact that Curry is one of only four players in NBA history to have won multiple titles and has multiple scoring and MVP titles. The other three are Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. However, Perkins has LeBron James instead of Chamberlain on his Mount Rushmore.

Curry made it 3-0 against the Mavericks in the Western Conference final. Although there was one more game left to win, no team in 146 attempts came back after being 3-0 down. It looks like the baby-faced Assassin is on her way to the sixth NBA Finals in eight years.

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